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Not the first time Banks involved in murder according to WPD

READ MORE: Not the first time Banks involved in murder according to WPD
Jaqualah Banks was charged yesterday with the murder of Daryon Walker outside Snipes Academy, but her record began long before that, despite the fact she's only a teenager. Banks is 19-years-old from Newark, New Jersey. People we spoke with say she was staying at the Houston Moore housing development, and that's where her local run-ins started. Jaqualah Shonsa Banks is being held in New Hanover County Jail without bond. She is facing charges for a shooting incident at the Houston Moore development, a hold-up at Hardees, and now the murder of 19-year-old Daryon Walker. Police said the young woman is facing a tough prosecution. Sheriff deputies asked Jaqualah Banks if she wanted to interview with us. She agreed, but when they brought her up to intake, and we asked her if she knew Daryon Walker, she declined. Walker's body was found in November, outside Snipes Academy. Before that incident, police believe Banks was involved in the shooting of an 18-year-old man outside Houston Moore. Police said she sold him drugs, then robbed him, then shot him in the head. People in the community were talking about all three incidents, but not to police. Wilmington police chief Ralph Evangelous said, "We can hear the speculation, we can hear the rumors, but we have to deal with facts." Police also charged Juan Bethea of Wilmington with Daryon Walker's murder. Both are being held without bond at New Hanover County Jail.

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"she was staying at the

"she was staying at the Houston Moore housing development, and that's where her local run-ins started. " Well isn't that a surprise. Houston Moore is a public housing complex. I find it amazing that all the crime and non-cooperation with the police is tolerated. If we the people own and control these projects, why can't we put some requirements on the residents that use them. I guess new regulations, taxes, and requirements are just for the taxpayers. Since we're broke, just close them down. It wouldn't be long before a project somewhere else would be more appealing, thus solving our problems.


do you find it amazing? Crimes occur in the projects every day. The folks who live there; the folks who complain about the conditions there, just burrow underground like the Ground Hog on February 2nd. Others prefer to march in obervance of some antiquated incident from 1898 rather than join with the Police in trying to reduce street crimes like this or lower the teen pregnancy rate; or work to keep guns out of schools. Nope, better to get the warm fuzzy feelings than to stand and deliver by doing something in their own neighborhoods. And, builds a better case for increased entitlements.

An inspiration of hope

After being single these past seventeen years, just when I'm about to give up and resign myself to a life alone, a gentle angel like Jaqualah comes along and gives me hope that there really IS someone out there for me.....


at least you'll know where to find her on visitors day. And you won't have to provide for her upkeep; the state will take care of that.

Northerners go home??

What in the world does being from up north have to do with anything?? I am from detroit and not in a million years would I do any of the things that this lady has done. I guess I could make the comment of you being a stupid hillbilly from the south but that would bring me down to your level and I dont think that way. I hope she gets the time that fits the crime. And my heart goes out to her family that probably did not raise their daughter to turn out like that.

they need to put them away

they need to put them away im pretty sure they are involved in other murders


From the story "People in the community were talking about all three incidents, but not to police." And these will be the same people that will bitch that the police are not doing enough to help them. If they won't help themselves, why should we care or help? They can't be people, only animals act like this.

itz sad

itz really ad how a young boy life was taking and how his family and his mother has to suffer and god rest his soul and to his mother im praying for you it know she still is taking it hard because her son is gone.

it is truly sad

that last shooting might have been avoided had a few of the residents in the Project had the spine or stones to step up to the plate; tell police what they knew; and then helped Police in their investigation. If she is found guilty of that final shooting, everyone in the Project, who knew anything about her involvement in the first shooting, should join her in her punishment. I wonder if that qualifies as accessory after the fact? At the very least, if they are not going to be law abiding citizens and assist the Police in serious crimminal investigations, throw them out of the Project. If you're going to live on the Public Dole, then contribute to solving the Public Problems rather than sit on your butts and talk between yourselves. Gommer would say For Shame; For Shame. A family lost its son in part because someone was not forthright enought to step up to the plate and assist the police.

look at the eye balls on her

look at the eye balls on her ,she is the kind your mother warned you about she hangs in corners and around bends under crevices , where the light is dim ,waiting on her prey and lord dont turn your head or look away, dont wear a flashy gold watch around her or gold jewelry her eyeballs will swell up and be on the point of poping out, like a kitten when you dangle string to it or shine a flash lite entranced in her mind how she is gonna get you to her advantage to rob,murder you,so she can wrap her nasty dope dealing, street corner fingers on your family jewels , the kind when you are at a park or grocery shopping and you turn around to get something and you notice they have been staring the whole time at you from a hidden lil crevice smoking something or with a nededle , amazed ,entranced at how they could have worked hard, went to school or the military and minded there own business ,and had a car ,nice clothes ,a phone , a family , a bank account, a job,a pet, a friend

you are right non thugist

Thank you non thugist! You say what most of us think. You are right! Keep ur eyes open, there's lots more where that came from. Be careful people. Hopefully one day the cycle will stop.


Just take your northerner children back home RIGHT NOW. Quit trying to displace them from the north to down here, and expect them to "fix themselves" with your southern people. She should have never been down here in the first place. Send her packing and don't make our defunct jail system pay for her to be here. Let her freeze in a jail up north. GO HOME, LOSERS!


How long is there going to be North vs. South banter? I guess ignorance really is bliss!


It has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with anything here. It's just that the south NEVER really got over being beaten by the north way back when. I have to laugh when I see confederate flags hanging outside peoples homes still. BTW, I AM from the south, how 'bout that!