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NRC to review uranium-enrichment plant plan


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is formally reviewing GE-Hitachi's application to build a uranium enrichment plant in New Hanover County.

The NRC said in a release the company's plans passed an initial acceptance review. The agency also said it has requested more information from GE-Hitachi.

The licensing review will include an environmental impact statement, public comments and technical safety review.

Click here to see the GE-Hitachi application, minus certain classified and sensitive portions (e.g. proprietary information).

The NRC's acceptance letter and request for additional information are available in the agency's ADAMS online document database by searching for accession number ML091960561.

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UH OH...

Tree/Bunny huggers...enter stage left.

Where are the tree huggers

I wonder where are all the tree huggers on this one. I can see more issues with this than a cement plant....

Been wondering that myself

Been wondering that myself. Where are all the Titan Tyrants whose panties are constantly all awad over their "environmental concerns"?

Will be out soon

I'm sure they will hold a march, sit in or some other silly act to draw attention to their cause.


Yes maybe more jobs but I would like to know if we are at any risk living here!!! Uranium!! We are already in the 50 mile radius for the nuclear plant............just a thought.........

Please - a few more exclamation points!

You are at far GREATER risk under the current situation, having enriched uranium shipped in on the highways for assembly into fuel rods at GE.

Don't panic....

They've only been processing uranium for fuel rods for the last 40 years.....

I can assure you that you

I can assure you that you get more damage from the sun everyday than GE's uranium. And, yes, it will bring quite a few good paying jobs to the area.

More jobs on the way?

Sounds like more jobs coming to the area. I like it. =)