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Nudist resort changes hands

A Brunswick County resort that caters to an alternate lifestyle has closed its doors - for now. The Whispering Pines Nudist Resort opened near Ocean Isle Beach about 35 years ago. According to the resort's website, Whispering Pines has been sold and is now under new ownership. The year round resort is temporarily closed while the new owner makes repairs and upgrades. The resort is scheduled to reopen - still as a nudist resort - in March.

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this was the first club my

this was the first club my wife and I went too in 1981. it was called apollo then >since we live if Fl. we not go to cypress cove. But we still have warm memeries of it.. It started another life style for us. We have a private pool in our back yard, and never wear clothes unless neccessary. Being in Fl that is most of the yeae... M%m

I think its great we can

I think its great we can have a choice has this place opened again yet?

Whispering pines

Stayed here last month was treated very well the hot tubs were down but owners were scrambling to get the place up to speed asap Nice spot easy to find and I would return again in a minute.

Nudist colony

Fine and dandy. Not my lifestyle, but then, I don't require others to be my clones. For those who are victims of, at least, verbal and mental abuse because of their choice to live a nudist lifestyle, you have to remember that this state advocates verbal, mental, physical, and/or sexual abuse against others, especially children, based on specific religious beliefs against even preceived sexualities. It isn't a surprise that there are those who would tear you donw for YOUR differences as well. I noticed the hat and shoe reference. Some very stupid individuals didn't notice the BRIM, which many individuals wear such caps to shade their eyes instead o wearing sunglasses. And shoes are worn on hot days to protect the feet from being burned. DUH! Some folks are just so much more interested in abusing others that they have actually lowered their IQ points even further. But, that's NC for ya. Andrew

Andrew, If you dislike NC so

Andrew, If you dislike NC so much then move and don't come back.

So how soon are you leaving NC?

You're a one-trick pony. Every post you write is crying the blues about being abused. Boo-hoo-hoo! If things are so bad in this state, I-95 and I-40 offer a quick exit. Might I suggest that you try relocating to San Francisco?


Hey, even better, why don't you start a spinoff of NAMBLA? You can call it "Child Abuse Lovers Of America". I find it absolutely hilarious that advocates in favor of Child Abuse are telling those opposed to Child Abuse to get out of the State. Like I said, it does say a lot about this state and the sick, obscene, immoral, guttertrash trying to perversely affect the children and even adults of this state. Tell ya what, you're so brave, go stand outside the various abuse shelters and mock, condemn, and demean them for trying to help abuse victims. C'mon, you want these "pansies" out of the state. Go ahead, openly, publically, and loudly demand they leave and demand even more legislation protecting the Rights of Abusers. Whasamatta? Are YOU the "pansy" now? Andrew

As a nudist reading this

As a nudist reading this from NYS, at least a few people get the idea that it is not about gawking at attractive bodies. Nudism is about being one with nature and enjoying life as we were made. It ends up getting relegated to private resorts and camps because the average American cannot get past the idea of being grossed out. Thankfully, there are places like Haulover Beach in Florida which is a County operated nude beach, where this kind of narrowmindedness is not the prevailing thought. Joe

Joe, thank you very much....

...for substantiating my claim that most nudists do indeed "gross us out." BTW, I'm about as natural a guy as you can find and never once has clothing stopped me from being "one with nature" or enjoying life. The birds sing just as sweetly, the stars shine just as brightly, and the rain on the roof sounds just as pleasant. (Plus, I really look good in a tweed jacket and jeans.) I'm confused however, with your claim about enjoying life "as we were made." I've noticed a lot of nudists wearing shoes and hats. Are babies born with shoes and hats? I think not! That sort of undermines your argument about it being natural, and raises a counter-argument that you're just a bunch of exhibitionists and voyeurs. If you want to get back to nature as we were made, ditch the shoes and hats, and face the fireants, stone bruises, pine cones, and skin cancer as bravely as Adam and Eve (or Australopithecus, for the Athiests among us.)

You really do grasp at it

You really do grasp at it sometimes, Common. Here it is in a nutshell; if you like your clothes, by all means wear them. Those of us who enjoy the freedom of being nude while sunbathing and swimming are happy to have a place to indulge ourselves. You don't have to understand it, or like it.

In none of my posts....

...have I expressed any confusion or dislike whatsoever. ALL of my posts have had one recurring theme - old people shouldn't run around naked. It's like a Speedo bathing suit on a guy. Unless you're under twenty, thin and muscular, you can't pull it off.

Land of the Free!

This is the United States of America, "Land of the Free" and "Home of the brave"! We have to put up with ignorant peoples comments and actions only if we enter into their ignorant lives. Naturist are a peacefull loving group that enjoys the comfort of natures fresh air, sunshine, water, trees, stars and moon.

You don't have to be naked to enjoy

I don't leave the house without clothes on and I am a peaceful, loving person who enjoys the comfort of natures fresh air, sunshine, water, trees, stars and moon.

Why are you lying?

But you did express confusion in your other post, when you said, "I'm confused however, with your claim..." Care to explain, or are you content with the depth of this hole?

Okay, you got me!

I am confused as to why you people can't see (or care) what you look like.

I understand that you are confused

The reason that you cannot understand is because YOU are incapable of looking past it. The rest of society is not as narrow minded. I don't find the 88-y/o in front of me at the check-out register either physically appealing or repulsive. Why should I find them either of these if they were wearing purple or green or pink or skin?

If you are short-sited enough to judge people by how their skin looks then apparently you also have problems understanding how we "weirdos" also have a "unique" ability to look past things like skin color.

Yes, if a nice looking person walks past us, we notice them. That is true in the mall, on a regular beach, a nude beach, and (shudder) even at church. However we are capable of not being "repulsed" by people just because they chose to wear white after labor day, or nothing before it.

So how do you explain....

...this compulsive desire to expose your body to people? Are you one of those natural show-offs? Did you always have to dominate the birthday party, even if it wasn't yours? Do you drive a lime green car? Speak loudly in restaurants?

Possibly it's just my background (which involved many years of trying hard to remain invisible), but the LAST thing I want to do is have people notice me. I SURE as heck don't want them noticing me because I'm running around naked.

I work out all the time and am in great shape, but I'll soon be fifty-eight and I can't pull it off.

BTW, neither can you if you're over forty. BLECCCCH!

WoW "Commonsensenotcommontoday"

Why do you hate so much? Enjoying nature in a pool and walking on a trail without the confines of clothing is wonderland. It it is not your thing then just don't do it. What someone looks like on the outside is immaterial. My family have met the most wonderful people at natural resorts. It is refreshing to meet and talk to people who accept you for who you are. Every once in a while there are people who come to the natural resorts with the same outlook as you. They are usually the ones that are asked to leave. You will one day be old and not as attractive. We will still treat you the same. Even if it is not returned by you. This is how the people that enjoy the natural life style approach life. God bless and have a wonderful day.

Summer Fun?

Sounds nice...just watch out for what Brunswick County is famous for during the summer...Poison Ivy, Ticks and Mosquitos. LOL..lets be careful down there!



Even Stevie Wonder Would Barf

I thought about building a nudist colony that only allows attractive people to run around naked all the time. Then I remembered that kind of place already exists - it's called a college dormitory. I hope those kids are still living it up like I did back then. I hate getting older and fatter. But at least I'm real about it and won't join a nudey farm and hurt the eyes of other older and fatter people. It's not like being old and fat makes you want to look at other old and fat people, does it?.

it's not about them

Nudism is not about looking at other people. Nudists enjoy the way they feel being naked. People like you whose focus is dressing and acting a certain way to please others just don't get it. A true nudist would have a wonderful day all alone on a beach or walking in a forest. Nudists don't need the opinions of others about their appearance to give them self-worth like you do.

Once the novelty and the

Once the novelty and the nervousness wears off, no one really notices each other. It's not about oogling each other, its about being free from the confines of clothing; just like nature intended.

Nude Resort

If nature intended us to be disrobed then how come it gets to cold????? Au naturale is fine for those who want to participate but keep it where it doesn't offend the rest of us!

Hahaha...You have a point

Hahaha...You have a point about the cold. I prefer a blanket to clothing, but that's just me. As for keeping it where it doesn't offend the rest of you, I suppose that's what their doing. Stay out of the camp, and your delicate sensibilities won't be compromised.

Important rule to remember about U.S. nudist resorts

99.9% of the people would look much better dressed.


Laughing.......... this is so OUT there and so nasty....Common don't forget your bug spray, oh and your towel.

And also

Remember to use sunscreen everywhere!


What rock do you people live under? Before you make such snide and juvenile comments, you really ought to go out and give it a try. Most of the comments here reflect the juvenile attitude so common in this country that being nude is nasty, and should not be permitted by the "good" people. Most nudists don't give a hoot how you look, but how you act...and what sort of person you are. Clothing doesn't define them, or you. Give it a try...just for a day or a weekend. You'll have a hard time finding a more relaxing and freeing way to spend a few sunny days.

The rock I live under is called reality

Been there, done that. As a young man I was lucky enough to go to Black's Beach on occasion, as I was dating a young lady who hated tan-lines. Trust me, I never once felt that there was anything "nasty" about those California Girls the Beachboys sang about strolling around naked. Unfortunately, they were in the minority. Most of the sunbathers were middle-aged and elderly men who didn't really NEED a bathing suit when viewed from the front, thanks to an immense roll of fat. The middle-aged and elderly women made their contribution by showing the horrible effects of time, gravity, and childbirth on the "overly endowed." I've seen stories on Sixty Minutes and similar shows that clearly indicate they don't escape that same visual blight. Let's face it - no one with a brain disputes that we are a visually oriented society. Attractiveness sells. We all prefer to be around attractive people. Things we find unattractive generally repel us. Similarly, no one disputes that we are now a nation of obese people. So what in the world makes you think that "naked obese" is any less disturbing than "obese" is already? Like it or not, other people DO see you. Other people ARE judging you. I had no reservations about going to that beach when I was a young Marine dating a real hottie, as I had a body that was the envy of Greek Gods and Renaissance sculptors. I'm fifty-six now and even though I maintain my conditioning and can still pass the PFT I had to take as a young Marine, I would never in a million years run around naked. The six-pack abs are still there, but camouflaged under a half inch or so of fat. The adductors and obliques absorb hours and hours of working out, but still aren't good enough to take to the show. (Micro-love handles are STILL love handles.) The triceps are as strong as ever, but that extra half-inch of skin showed up over time and simply won't leave. My body fat percentage is around sixteen percent, which qualifies as lean for my age, but I still wouldn't walk around naked. Why? I own a mirror! You can fight everything except time! Most of all, I feel no compulsive desire to get in the world's face and declare that, "I'm different!" I feel no need to be cool, or pretend that I'm still young and attractive. There is no inner drive to be a non-conformist simply for the sake of being a non-conformist. If you, however, feel a need to show your wrinkles and rolls, sags and stretch marks to the world, then go to your little camp and have fun. No one is saying that nudism should be outlawed.....just restricted to private locations where normal people don't have to see you waddle and jiggle around naked.