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Number of local gun permits shooting skyward

READ MORE: Number of local gun permits shooting skyward
The number of handgun permits issued in New Hanover County so far this year is more than double the number issued in all of 2008. This handgun craze has many people wondering, why now? Handgun sales are on fire in part because of a fear that the new presidential administration will ban certain weapons. “When they're afraid they can't get something, than they've got to have it,” said Ricci Wright of Shooter’s Choice. People also say there's a need for protection. "Simple guns you wouldn't think you would have trouble getting, your everyday handgun, revolver and stuff like that, they are hard to get now, really hard. We run out of stuff now, that we would not have run out of before,” Wright said. That's good for business, as long as everything stays legal. “Guns that have been stolen, guns that have been illegally obtained, even though somebody had then lawfully at some point, they had fallen into the wrong hands,” said Deputy Chief David Conklin, Jr. of the Wilmington Police Department. If gun users are educated and experienced, law enforcement and gun shop owners agree, one bad apple shouldn't spoil the bunch. At Shooter's Choice, all customers are screened for statewide criminal history. Dealers there use discretion when selling guns to people with no experience because they say when guns get in the wrong hands, that's when problems arise.

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I know that this is probably

I know that this is probably a moot point. But I believe that the right to bear arms was written into the second amendment because a young country such as ours was unable to afford an army. The people were called to war and had to bring their own weapons. How many of you are seriously willing to pick up your deer rifle and go fight a war? Die for your beliefs and your country? Fight to the death for your right to bear arms?

wife and mother

I am a wife and a mother of 3 and I would do what I had to do to protect my family, and I think that it is terrifying to think that there are people out there who are trying to take that right away from me!

what is ridiculous is that

what is ridiculous is that if they make it illegal for people to have guns, the criminals that are using these guns for violent purposes are still going to be able to get weapons, because they are CRIMINALS and don't get things legally anyway! you only succeed in punishing and impairing law abiding citizens rights and abilities to protect themselves and their familes. making things illegal doesn't stop bad people from doing bad things, they will do bad things no matter what laws are passed. Because they aren't abiding by them to start with!

Keeping Our Rights

Giving up a basic right upon which this country was founded is more dangerous to our democracy, than gun ownership to law abiding citizens, is to our society. Anti-gun groups will have our average citizen at the mercy of the government and the criminal. Guard your rights...and do not be so eager to relinquish them.

I don't own a gun, but I

I don't own a gun, but I support all my neighbors that do and would like to reserve the right to purchase one if I deem it necessary. God Bless the 2nd Amendment and the vision that our Founding Fathers had. It is amazing how quickly we forget and how easily we are persuaded to give up our freedoms.

Gun permits

Gun owners are the most ridiculously scrutinized & demonized segment of the population. It would be considered unethical,dumb,irrational,illegal etc. to persecute any other segment of society for excercising their rights. Gun owners have politely gone along with all the draconian tactics by the power hungry law making mob for many years, there could come a time when they do not. While I don't believe everybody should own a gun, I support the right for law abiding americans. And I commend the gunshops for going the extra mile using there discretion when making a sale. No other group that sells anything would turn down a chance to make money like I've seen gun shop owners do on more than one occasion. Despite all the warts of the 2nd Amendment & our free society, they're both vital & precious.

2nd Ammendment

People are exercising their second ammendment right before the country is turned from the current socialist state to communism. Thank you first time voters. I thought it the US was free. Those freedoms are being taken one by one. HR 45 Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sales Act of 2009 has been flying under the radar. If it passes, God help this country.

Second Amendment RIGHTS

The right to bear firearms is an original, basic right upon which this country was founded. History had taught our Founders that when only the "government" (whatever type that may be) bears weapons, the "government" can turn into tyranny and dictatorship. Not to mention the fact that criminals, and we have plenty of those in this country, will also have guns. Disarming average, law abiding citizens is not the answer. Recently Australia disarmed their law abiding citizens, and their violent crime and robbery rates sky rocketed immediately. Please look at history, study the facts associated with firearm possession, consider the right of self-protection, and stop blinding believing liberal propaganda.


Have we learned nothing about the danger of handguns and it's direct relation to umm...let me think...what are guns made for...oh, yeah...violence? Hand guns are not inexpensive and I find myself wondering how many people that have made these purchases in the last few months have also been complaining about taxes and bailouts.


Danger from handguns comes from criminals not the law abiding citizens that are obtaining permits to purchase a hand gun. To purchase a handgun in NC, you must apply to your local sheriffs office, giving personal information (including drug or alcohol arrests) and character references. The sheriffs office then runs a check of your background, court and public records and ultimately contacts your references. After the permit is granted from the local sheriff, which can take 4-8 weeks, you may then legally purchase a handgun. During the purchase process, your information is checked again through the FBI database. The word being used here is legally. The criminal that has a weapon does none of the above. I do not hear a complaint that the government either local or federal is doing everything to keep society safe with existing laws on the books. Take guns from the law abiding citizens, that will cure the problem. I have a legal concealed weapon permit and do carry. I do this because the government cannot guarantee my safety. Part of being a law abiding citizen is the payment of taxes. It appears that you also wish to take away the legal right to protest about taxation. That is why you see the TEA parties and persons obtaining legal gun permits. We have the right to do both now, but for how long?

You missed the point I didn't make clear

I understand the process and paperwork involved with purchasing a gun. The question I ask you is where are the criminals obtaining the guns? 99.9% of the time they are obtained through theft which brings up the point: If handguns were eradicated, criminals wouldn't have a readily available source (i.e. theft) for weapons, thereby drastically reducing, if not eliminating, your "necessity" for protection. It is impossible to predict or speculate on an individual's future mental health. As we have seen more and more over the last few months, previously upstanding or respectable members of society have obtained guns legally and taken the lives of their families before turning the guns on themselves. People are not born criminals and there is no way to know if/when a person may cross that line. If they cross that line after purchasing a gun then all of the "precautions" taken by paperwork and criminal background checks don't amount to anything. Additionally, in many cases where guns are used in an attempt to defend one's self, the same gun meant for protection is the very gun turned on the victim. So, as you can see, handguns really do more harm than good (this belief is supported by many resources). I fully support an American citizen's right to protest; our country was founded on the belief that the power should be the people's. Some people do not realize that taxes benefit programs that we utilize on a regular basis (education, roads, etc.) without which, we would suffer. The criticism was not directed at the majority of educated citizens exercising their constitutionally protected right to protest, but aimed at the uninformed individuals that scream about taxes one day and purchase a $500+ gun the next. Nonsensical.

So your logic.... that since criminals break into homes and steal handguns, handguns should be outlawed? What a mind! How about outlawing burglaries instead? Oh...wait...they're already illegal, and criminals ignore those laws. Here's an idea I toss out to every gun control fanatic - I'll back outlawing handguns if you'll back EXECUTING everyone caught with one after they're made illegal. Are you willing to accept that trade-off? Caught with a handgun, get put to sleep? Probably not.... What you fail to understand is that anyone not in the least dissuaded by the judicial consequences of robbery, rape, or murder are not going to give a hoot about any gun control law, which naturally carries a lighter sentence. There is GREAT truth in the saying, "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns." BTW, I'm alive today because I had a handgun at hand when I needed it.

Hmmm, let me think

Let's think, where did obuma come from? What are the guns laws in Chicago? What are the gun laws in DC? Now, do you really have to wonder why people are buying guns?