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Number of non-smokers with lung cancer on the rise

READ MORE: Number of non-smokers with lung cancer on the rise
The number of non-smokers who develop lung cancer is growing every year. There are 170,000 cases of lung cancer in the United States each year, and 10% of those are found in non-smokers. Wanda Carmichael has worked in the restaurant industry for more than 2 decades. She was diagnosed with lung cancer last year. She said, "My sister, brother, and my friends smoke and on jobs they smoke, but I never smoke. Even going to clubs, they smoke, but I never smoke." Carmichael said she did not know non-smokers could develop lung cancer. Dr. Kenneth Fink, Carmichael's Oncologist, said, "It's really caught our interest, this other 10% that are not smokers." Carmichael said nonsmokers seem to have a better prognosis compared with the smokers who get lung cancer due to better overall health. Carmichael takes an oral treatment for her cancer which she said has been very beneficial. Today Carmichael is feeling good. She said she now works during the day to avoid heavier amounts of smoke.

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The truth will soon be known

The truth will soon be known by everyone. Lung cancer doesn't come from the ancient plant tobacco (4,000 year use by humans) it comes from breathing in Carcinogens 24/7 from the hundreds of cars and trucks in use every single day. If you have an open mind, this published study may interest you: Tobacco protects against lung cancer. "Inhalation Bioassy of Cigarette Smoke in Rats" A. P. Wehrner, et al. (Battele Pacific Northwest Labs, Richland WA) Journal of Toxiology & Applied Pharmacology, Vol. 61: pp 1-17 (1981) "The results show that the highest number of tumors occured in the untreated control [non-smoking] rats. The next highest number of tumors occurred in rats subject to sham smoking, i.e. rats which were placed in the smoking machine without smoke exposure, and the lowest number of tumors occurred in the smoke-exposed rats. Among the latter, the largest number of tumors occurreed in rats exposed to smoke from cigarettes having the lowest level of nicotine."

It's all about the odds.

Smoking increases your odds of getting cancer. It doesn't mean that people who don't smoke won't get cancer. It doesn't mean that people who smoke will get cancer. It's like seatbelts and airbags. They don't mean you'll survive an accident, they just increase the chance that you'll survive. If you feel like you can be the odds, smoke away!

I am not surprised to hear

I am not surprised to hear about this as the number of risk factors for lung cancer is also rising. Whoever is familiar with asbestos exposure cases know what I am talking about. Also you can always find mesothelioma information to verify my saying.

Secondhand smoke causes many ailments

Secondhand smoke does cause cancer in some circumstances. There have been several successful lawsuits and workers compensation cases where non-smokers have won large sums of money for lung cancer caused by exposure to tobacco smoke. However, heart disease and respiratory problems are much more common serious consequences from long term exposure to secondhand smoke. Anyone who says that secondhand smoke exposure is acceptable hasn't been paying much attention to what science has been showing us over the last few years.

Lung disease among non-smokers

I quit smoking 26yrs ago. The best decision I ever made & I left my ex husband too at the same time. When I quit I could barely walk a block without having to stop & take a breath, I was 20 then. I've seen too many people suffer from smoking & that suffering can be prevented by quitting. Smoking raises health risks that are too many to count. Yes, there are a few that slips by without serious health issues but those are few. My work, home, car & families' home are all smoke free. Plus with cost of living so high I'm unable to afford to go out to eat or to a bar. The ones who believe that smoking doesn't cause health issues need to go back to school. Besides it stinks to high heaven.

Doctors see connection between passive smoking & artery di

In medical studies it is most concerning for doctors to find that the smoke that gets into the lungs (whether or not it culminates in cancer)--through smoking or through passive inhalation (non-smokers)-- has an adverse effect on the red blood cells specifically in the arteries. There are 'agents' in the smoke that actually prevents them from doing their job. Even non-smokers who have been in a smokey atmosphere for less than a few hours--bar/nightclub full of smoke--have shown that the time it takes for these red-blood cell attacking agents to exit the body is too long for one to say smoking has no noticable ill effect on the body. Those who continue apparently do not mind.... breathing heavily, smelling nasty, having dingie teeth, burning their money, or having to repaint their ceilings every couple years.

Just a sample of what Titan will bring

Lung disease is one of the largest risks to people exposed to a cement kiln operation. No, they don't have to work there, but live anywhere downwind of the operation. Titan Cement is trying to bring more lung disease causing agents to our region along with other toxic environmental contaminates. Time to tell Titan NO!

The folks in Virginia seem to disagree

The Titan kiln outside Roanoke is winning environmental awards:

Then move to Virginia

Please feel free to move to Virginia an don't let the door hit you on the way out!

Since you trust the EPA so much

Thanks to loopholes in the Clean Air Act, cement plants are poorly regulated. The EPA was sued four times in the past ten years by a number of states and environmental groups for failing to regulate mercury emissions from coal-burning industries. North Carolina ranks in the top ten states with the highest mercury releases. In 2006, EPA toxic release data ranked New Hanover County with the sixth highest mercury releases in the state.

This is what we have been

This is what we have been saying all along. Smoking WILL NOT, DDOES NOT, and NEVER WILL cause you to get cancer. Every human body contains dormant cancer cells. At any given time a child or adult can develop active cancer cells without changing any part of their lifestyle. It is not a result of smoking or even the absurd notion of second-hand smoke that causes the cancer. My father-in-law died recently of gall bladder cancer....never smoked a day in his life. My grandfather died at 90 years old and was a 2 pack a day smoker (non-filtered) since the age of 12. Smoke'em if you got'em.

I agree with you. Even

I agree with you. Even though I know smoking isn't good for a person, I don't think it is as big of a leading cause of cancer and other diseases as they say. I had two great grandparents who both smoked heavily and lived to be in their late 80's. But on the other side of the family, my grandfather and all 8 of his siblings died from emphyzema in their 40's and 50's. Most of them didn't even smoke. Hereditary? Definitely.

The dickens you say....

Hey... I have a rocket I need repaired. You sound like just the person for it.

I can do it, sure thing

Since of course I know absolutely everything about everything I can repair your rocket and that guidance thingy you have on it too. Want me to set your VCR for ya?

Yes please...

That blinking light has been driving me nuts for years!!! :)

Thank you Old Smokey!

For finally talking sense. All them scientist types with their degrees, tests, statistics and decades of autopsies don't know what they are talking about. What have scientists ever done that worked anyway? Since you sound like a deeply intelligent individual, I would like to discuss my multi-decade strategy for exposing the lies that scientist have told about our world, specifically that it is a round ball. As everyone can plainly see, the world is a flat plane, perhaps held up by turtles. Perhaps you can help me in my campaign to bring truth to world?


ban smoking in all buildings...please ban smoking in all buildings...please ban smoking in all buildings...while clicking my ruby red slippers.... Smokers are RUDE...there is NO reason they cannot wait until they get out of an eating establishment before they light up...a couple of restaurants I won't even go to because of the smoking. Then you have to walk thru a PLUME of it to get INTO most buildings...stick them in the back beside the dumpsters!

You Stay Home

People who smoke have the right to smoke anywhere they pay to go just like run down smokers but there money spends just like yours. so why cant everyone just get along for a day


But I bet you go to a bar where they smoke??


as a non-smoker will concede that bars should be allowed to have smokers....if I put myself in that environment...thats on me so I AGREE with you on need for it in restaurants though.

smoking in bars

My lifestyle does not include going into bars whether they are smoking or non smoking... There are better things in life for those who choose to find them