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Number of people applying for food stamps is on the rise

There is more evidence that the economy is taking its toll here at home. Lines for the state Food Stamp Program are growing, and many of those are apparently first time applicants. In June there were 960,000 North Carolinians on food stamps. Now, five months later that number has jumped to more than a million; an increase of 90,000 food stamp recipients.

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I am most certainly NOT lazy

I am an 18 year old college student at UNCW. BOTH of my parents are in jail. I have straight A's in school. I am drug, alcohol, and nicotine free. I have a job and work on top of being in school. I need a cell phone to keep up with my job and internet connection to keep up in school. I receive student loans and am leasing an apartment with the only person that I can trust, my best friend who is also a student at UNCW. At the beginning of Fall semester, we both applied for food stamps because as a college student that is trying to pay bills and stay on top of student loans, it's sometimes tough to make ends meet. Although I have a job, it can be hard to pay for food. I do not party and I am a youth leader and the praise and worship leader at my church so I am not spending my money on things I don't NEED. I am not sexually active and don't do the party scene. I am NOT lazy and intend to stay on food stamps for as long as I NEED it. As soon as I don't need them, I will not apply for them to make room for someone else who might need them. I'm not looking for a hand-out. I just need some extra help. I don't have parents to ask for help from. I am proud to be an American, especially knowing that my government is willing to help people like me in times of need. Please understand that many people are like myself and need help, not just a hand-out. That's what the government designed the food stamp program for.

Food stamps

My comment is real simple. Food is a human right. There is no one that doesn't NEED food. The measure of any society is how it cares for for it's citizens. We pay taxes to ensure security, that includes food security. I see fascism creeping into America under the guise "what's good for us". The government (actually it's the insurance companies) sets standards as to how much we should weigh, what our BMI should be, how many calories we should consume in a day. When the government controls the very thing that gives've got the beginning of fascism. After reading some of the petty remarks on this forum, I see petty people, mired down in petty jealousy and wanting to control because a person is poor. With 1 in 10 American's receiving food stamps, that's a lot of control. Oh careful what you wish for! Now, ya wanna talk about Monsanto and genetically modified food? Educate yourselves!

Govt assistance

Ok...I am a single white mom with a job. I have one kid and he is on medicaid and gets wic. does that mean i am lazy? no. it just means i need a little help. i dont think anyone should have to up and sell every fancy belonging they have to get assistance. what if some things were gifts? should i have to sell all that was given to me for assistance? hell no. but in turn if someone goes so far into debt because of spending habits then no they shouldnt really be getting wic or ebt. it should go to those who truly need it. those who are too lazy to get a job of any sorts (and mcdonalds will hire anyone btw) need to stop playing the system. assistance should go to working people who barely make it by on what they are paid. not some lazy person who just sits around and breeds than a rabbit just to get help. that goes for all races. because i have seen some lazy folks from all walks.


Does your child have a Dad that should be paying child support and supplying health insurance? A lot of men get away with giving no help to their kids, but the women should be more careful who they let father their kids. Not saying you did that.

My child has a father. but

My child has a father. but I am one that does not want his help for the fact that i believe him to be a danger to me and my child. Granted I do agree that women should be more careful and I wish i had been more selective. But I still wouldnt change it if i could.

No, YOU are not lazy.

You are a single mom, and you have a job. I believe that social assistance SHOULD exist for those like yourself. You are trying to care for yourself and your child, and you are working towards that end. You are proof that a woman can hold a full time job (minimum of 40 hours per week) and still raise a child. Salaries in this area are notoriously low, and you should not be penalized for that. I have no problem whatsoever with tax dollars going to help you and those like you. You don't want a handout, you just need a little help. I suspect that if your circumstances changed and you found yourself making enough money to care for yourself and your child and save for the future, you would stop any social assistance that you could. THAT is what the system was originally intended to do. No, YOU are not lazy. You are the example that others should be following. Take the assistance if it is truly needed, stop receiving it if you don't. While I don't agree that someone receiving assistance should have to sell ALL of their belongings, I do think they should consider all things carefully. Does someone receiving food stamps and disability REALLY need to be driving a Cadillac Escalade? Absolutely not. Blessings to you and your child, Ma'am.

Thank you for your support.

Thank you for your support. I know that once I no longer need the help I will stop receiving it. You are right in that is intented to help get you going and that is it. It isn't a tool to be used the rest of one's life and I know there are others who need it so much more than some of those who have it. I am thankful for what I have received and I don't know where I would be without it. I am very close to not needing it anymore and hopefully by next year I will be on my own. Again thanks!

Food Stamps on the rise

Before handing out food stamps require the recipients to cancel cable/satellite, cell phones, internet service, sell their computer, if they drive a gas guzzler require them to trade it in for a small, fuel efficient car, smoke, drink alcohol-quit, drug test, electronic toys, expensive jewelry, big screen tv-sell. Require them to do everything they can to eliminate the accesses and when they are living only on the basics then pass out the food stamps. But they have to prove it. That goes for every other social service in this nation. I believe that if you can afford to smoke or drink or watch cable tv then you can afford to buy food.

AMEN to that! Be nice if we

AMEN to that! Be nice if we could require them to get their tubes tied (or get a vacectomy) so they can quit having children they cannot afford (just to get the welfare checks and keep from having to work). I have seen TOO MANY welfare mothers over the years whos children had so much more than mine did and I worked for a living. The reason they had so much more was because while they were collecting everything the state had to offer, their drug-selling boyfriends were living with them, so they had lots of cash and all the latest technology that was available. Such a shame.


It might seem draconian to some but anyone who can't afford children on their own should be FORCED to have their tubes tied. Hey it can be undone if their situation changes but until then...NO KIDS for taxpayers to support. If you can't provide a good home, education & food for your children...why would you even consider having them?

food stamps

Some of the people have kids we have a life to some of us maybe if we get this white ugly men out the house we probaly can get some where ok so do not talk about the people that u say are lazy it is just u white people are taking all the jobs ok so if u where us how would u feel ok some of us is trying so u need to shut up and stay with yours maybe Obama will help us BLACK PEOPLE ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't feel it is "white people taking up all the jobs" it is people of all races who carry themselves a bit better then you have shown yourself to be. Go to school and get an education and you will have many more opportunities regardless of your race.

A Big Two On A One To Ten Scale!

As keeper of the coveted troll-o-meter, I regret to inform you that your post only registered a two on its one to ten scale. Yes, you got some bites but time and time again, this same rant appears. It is so old has turned to oil. No doubt you are white and trying to tie negative stereotypes to black folk. Try again, this time something more original please?

Ridiculous and repulsive

Your comments are utterly ridiculous, and your generalizations are repulsive and indicative of the way our society is sadly personal responsibility. According to your statement, you take no responsibility whatsoever for the condition you find yourself in. You don't have the things you want in your life and you blame "ugly white men." I wish I could go through and point out every single grammatical, spelling, and punctuation error in your message, but it wouldn't matter because you would not understand. Do you think maybe the fact that you haven't gotten anywhere in your life has anything to do with the fact that you are barely literate? No, of course you don't, because it's easier to blame someone else than take responsibility for the failure that is your life. You compound this by adding that Obama will help you, so not only are you not taking responsibility for where you are in your life now, but you're already expecting someone else to do it for you for the rest of your life. As a hardworking, tax-paying citizen of these United States, I am frankly quite sick of taking care of you and those like you. Clearly you have access to a computer, which tells me that you are not as bad off as you want the world to believe you are. Get off your back, get out of bed, and get a job. I see plenty of black people working, so your ridiculous comment that white people are taking all the jobs is yet another of your pathetic attempts to blame someone else for the failure that you are. I am a proud Cherokee Native American, and my people continue to be oppressed, far more than blacks in this nation. Don't even try to argue that point with me...are YOUR people forced to separate from the rest of the nation on reservations? NO. However, rather than choosing the route that YOU did (laying around and whining) I chose to make something of myself and prove that I don't need anyone's help to stand on my own. People like you make me want to vomit. Do the world a favor: Get up and get a job and get off welfare, or take yourself out of the gene pool. The world doesn't owe you a damn thing, and unless and until you come to understand that, you will always be the colossal failure that you are now.

I like you.

I like you.


First, if you are going to comment, please use correct grammer and sentance structure. You are rambling in your statements. Everyone should be accountable for their actions. You made reference to 'some of the people have kids', that was their choice to have children and not take in consideration how to pay for them. I take issue with that if the only reason you voted for Obama is because he is black, then you are sorely mistaken that he 'is going to help out the black people'. He is President of the United States of America not just 'the black people'. As far as being 'lazy' I have seen white, black and hispanic population not taking care of themselves or their families. If everyone would use a few neurons and think before their act and have a plan to take care of their own families this country would not be in the mess it is in right now.


you have got to be kidding me... you sound very uneducated bringing up the race thing.....mabey that is why a real job is out of your league and that is why you take offence to lazy people on food stamps.If you are not a lazy person then why get so upset and bring up the "WHITE MAN" bringing you down. Grow up


isn't really evidence that the economy is taking it's toll. This may be evidence of people becoming lazier and more dependent on goverment handouts. They need to drug and alcohol test all of those who receive handouts. No nicotine allowed either. Oh and we should search their homes and inspect their cars to see how "bad" these guys have it.

food stamps

spreading the wealth....don't ya see?....the end of the beginning....don't ya see?