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Oak Island drug roundup leads to hundreds of charges

READ MORE: Oak Island drug roundup leads to hundreds of charges

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) -- Several Brunswick County law enforcement agencies joined forces to crack down on drugs in Oak Island. Almost 300 felony indictments. More than 50 misdemeanor charges. It took 21 months, but officers say Operation Ocean Storm blew away the drug industry on Oak Island.

"This is a small community. Sometimes it takes a long time to get in, to be able to do what we did," Oak Island Police Chief Van Eddinger said.

During the operation undercover investigators bought 160 grams of marijuana, 75 grams of cocaine
and more than 100 pills ranging from Xanax to Ecstasy. All together the drugs have a value of almost $65,000.

"Whether you're on this side of the bridge or the other side of the bridge, we're coming to get you, and we're coming together as a team," said Charlie Miller with the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office.

The operation revealed almost 40 drug dealers. Tuesday officer arrested 29 of them. Charges range from felony trafficking to misdemeanor motor vehicle charges. That leaves the Brunswick County District Attorney's Office with plenty of work ahead.

Police say the operation also provided other information that lead to the arrest and prosecution of unrelated crimes.

Donna Sutton
Wanda Rankin
Patrick Rankin
Angela Richards
Jake Hemeon
Kirby L. Clark

Jennifer A. Bradford
L. Scott Yandle
Perry Willetts
Jennifer McCorkle
Brandon McGinnis
Stuart Marmon
Lance Tenenof
Ira A. Harwood
William R. Midgley
Jesse Overman
Rodney Hammond
Brian Sanders
Randall Deaton
Grady Stegall
Timothy Holmes
Kevin York
Susan W. Leigh
Shane Walsh
Kenneth Roberts
George Saunders
James Bisson
Clint Skipper
Paul Westbrook
Joseph Bishop
Kenneth McGinnis

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Haha, they think they did

Haha, they think they did such a great job with these busts but the funny part is, They only revealed 40 drug dealers. That took 21 MONTHS for that!!! You have got to be kidding me. My friend lived their for a year or so and knew more then that. Talk about a horrible undercover cop.

you know u are real quick to

you know u are real quick to say something but i dont see u out there busting ur ass to take care of us right u anit are u out there taking the time away from ur family to go undercover prouble not so befor u want to be a smart ass and say something back off and leave them alone they are doing there jobs and i am thankful for them ever day and i feel bad for there family not knowing whats going on if they r coming home or not and thank God they do the job they do not only am a duger dealers child i have a child of m own and i hate durgs it ruin my family and i know that if they do something about that is one less to sell to my son thank yall for doing ur jod and maby the one running their hole needs to close it and be more thankful

"Let's Make A Deal"

I bet the defence attorneys will be rushing to Mr. "Let's Make A Deal" Gore before he leaves his prosecutor's office!

Operation Ocean Storm

I do applaud the officers for getting some of the drugs off the street. But I must ask, how much did this Operation Ocean Storm cost the taxpayers? The Chief hires an undercover agent and I can only imagine what his salary was, and I know he did not work for free for 21 months. And for the drug industry on Oak Island being blown away with this operation, they have only scratched the surface to the real problem. There will always be a drug problem here as long as there is demand. Do the police really need to hire someone to go undercover when all they have to do is start listening to the residents and we will tell them where the drugs are.


How much is one life worth. I don't care if the operation cost 100 million dollars as long as one of those bags of heroine or pain pills are of the street and we are not attending a funeral for a kid who died because he took it. Worried about money, you people make me sick!

So are you volunteering to

So are you volunteering to go by dope from the dealers, prepared to record the deals so there is evidence? Of course the officer didn't work for free. He is a town employee, just like the other officers. The residences know where the drugs are but are you really believing that an arrest can be made on your word that the dealers are hanging out on such and such street. Good job to the Oak Island PD!! Do some research and see just where the money came from for the operation. You might be surprised that it wasn't tax dollars at all. This won't stop the drug trade and never will but I bet nobody's selling dope today!

Operation Ocean Storm

I am confused as to your comments about the undercover operation. You appear to want something done about the drug situation but are angry that it was. Yes an undercover officer was needed because unfortunately the police can not just knock on a drug dealer's or user's door and say "Your neighbors say you are dealing and using drugs you are under arrest." They have to have proof. They need evidence to make charges stick. And to get to the major players in a drug ring you have to go through a maze of people sometimes. Does this cost money? Sure it does. Would you have the Chief not do anything at all because of the cost? Telling the police when you suspect there is drug activity is very important and I would encourage everyone to do so, but it is only a small step in a long process in getting drug dealers and users off the streets. I think it is great that our reports of activity has not been ignored and personally hope to see more and more operations like this throughout our county. As for it being an election year, and the DA's office being busy, if they can convict all of the people arrested, then the operation was truely a success.

some people will complain about anything...

Knowing where the drugs are and getting evidence to prosecute are two different things. I know Government wastes money in many ways, but using it to get as many illegal drugs off the street as possible is NOT one of them. This is proof that nothing is good enough for some people.

Yes it is actually necissary

Yes it is actually necissary to hire someone to do that. The reason being, these fine upstanding drug addicts, I'm sure, have been arrested before and are familiar with the regular officers and detectives, so there for they wouldn't be "undercover". Another reason being, you need someone dedicated to particular investigation. You can't take away from the regular staff or else people will get mad because their cases aren't getting worked. With that being said, just be glad that they are getting drugs off the street and out of our kids hands. No, they will never stop the drug problem, but they can make it as difficult as possible for them. Who cares how much money they paid them. I would rather know that my tax dollars are being put to good use. Don't forget, officers, cheifs and any other town official are tax payers also. They are not exempt from that. I guess it doesn't really matter though cause officers will always be "damned if they do and damned if they don't".

Must be election time."This

Must be election time."This will leave the Brunswick County District County Attorney's office with plenty of work ahead" Is this really how we want to handle this as a society? Look at how much money has already gone into this operation. What will the future cost be?The war needs to come to a end,lets go to plan "B".

the police detectives are

the police detectives are mad they were cutting into their funds.


Good work officers. Thank you.
Rom 13:4