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Oak Island mayor served with assault summons


OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) -- Oak Island Mayor Betty Wallace was served with a misdemeanor criminal summons this morning. Court records show it is for simple assault against a woman named Cynthia Melton.

Reached by phone this afternoon, Wallace said the summons stems from a family dispute following the death of her father this week. He was buried yesterday, six weeks to the day after Wallace's mother was buried.

Wallace says Tuesday her sister Lynise wanted to get her belongings from their parents' house. Wallace says her brother, the executor of their parents' estate, had told his sisters that no one outside the family should go into the home. Wallace says when Lynise arrived at the house, her friend Cynthia Melton tried to force her way in. Wallace said she stopped Melton from entering and Melton stayed on the front porch, but the situation upset her sister, who filed a report with Oak Island Police.

"I've never struck anyone in my life," Wallace said. "I've never grabbed anyone in my life."

Wallace said this has nothing to do with her job as mayor. Instead, she said, it was a situation between two sisters.

According to court records, Wallace is scheduled to appear in court August 31.

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Read Again

When you read this story..please note Mayors sister is the one who called the police,NOT Ms Melton,on Ms Wallace.And also the story says Ms Melton stayed outside respecting family wishes.Let the courts decide it!

For the Mayor to be such an

For the Mayor to be such an honest woman 1)why did Betty Wallace throw her own sister out of the house that the sister had lived in over a yr to take care of her parents 2)why did Betty Wallace call her brother in front of the police officer telling they would have to get eviction papers on her sister to put her on streets homeless.Lynise Hicks stayed at Island Resort courtesy of Mrs Canning,the owner,because she had no where else to go.Ms Melton just gave the sister a ride to the home because Hicks had no vehicle,thanks to the mayor.That is real family love now isn't it.Ms Melton has been guilty of nothing except helping out a friend.Sounds like to me this will all be settled in court.Maybe whoever wrote other comment just has a grudge against Ms Melton.Ever thought being Mayor has gone to Mrs Wallaces head.

Melton is a FRAUD

Cynthia (Cindy) Melton is nothing but a FRAUD! I hope that the courts can see through this non sense. Just a looney woman that is trying to make a name of herself.
Cindy Melton has been involved with many incidences in the Oak Island Southport area. She is over-dramatic, and just looking for someone to pick a fight with.

I feel that this is unacceptable for the news even.... as the only reason these charges were filed was in hopes to have a detrimental effect on the Mayor.

I would like to extend my respects for Betty Wallace. She has been pushed around from day 1 because she was an HONEST Oak Island citizen that stood up for the entire community to improve the town.

Best of luck Betty, and as for Cindy, no wonder you lead such a miserable life.... your actions have their consequences.

Why don't we wait and see

Why don't we wait and see how this works out. There are at least two sides to every story. So maybe before anyone starts throwing around charges like fraud it might be best to let the courts sort this out.
After all everyone's actions have consequences right?


Everyone's actions have consequences, we are still waiting for the previous Mayor to get his... or even just pay his shell corporations property tax bill...