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Oak Island to restore vegetation line

OAK ISLAND -- The decision to allow people to build closer to the water is getting positive reactions on Oak Island. Sections of Oak Island were devastated in Hurricane Floyd, especially its beach. After a number of beach re-nourishment projects Oak Island town officials are giving some beach front homeowners the option of rebuilding or adding to their property. After Hurricane Floyd coastal management officials deemed certain parts of the beach unstable to rebuild on and designated a vegetation line. That meant homeowners on or in front of that line were only allowed to repair or maintain their homes, and could not make any additions to them. But after a unanimous vote from the Coastal Resources Commission, the vegetation line will be restored back to where it was in 1998, before Hurricane Floyd. Now more than 40 homeowners will have the room to upgrade. Oak Island Mayor Johnnie Vereen says natural disasters are things you can't predict, but, giving people the right to build on their own property is something you can. Vereen said, "It doesn't take a hurricane to remove a house. If they burn down they'll be able to rebuild and people are entitled to that, they bought the property." The new line extension is scheduled to come into effect sometime in April. A month later, town officials hope to further extend the line of vegetation to encompass as many as four hundred homes if the town of Oak Island will continue an annual beach nourishment project.

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Oak Island

It's a shame that economics & ocean front property has become a priority over the environment. Who's going to be paying for the beach renourishment to protect these expensive properties & when the hurricane comes to this area who is going to pay for protection then? They will be right back to where they were after Floyd. Just because someone purchases ocean front property doesn't mean they can build on it. Let's do what's right instead of what's profitable.

Oak Island

Shame on the greedy goverment of Oak Island. You will now sell off your best resource for a few bucks..greedy officials. What you need to do is slow down and realize that the city is a mess, our police department is a mess, over runs on buildings, officers spending more time hanging out at the station then working, 911 operators with attitude, BandE's by the dozen, drugs running rampant, money not wisely spent...STOP WORRYING ABOUT SELLING OFF THE ISLAND AND START PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS CITY.

We need to renourish the

We need to renourish the beaches and the coastline of the U.S.A. If not, the coastline would eventually be starting somewhere over the rainbow in Kansas (millions of years from now but it still would happen). BILLIONS of dollars are spent on tourism at the beaches and that money needs to be put back to where it started from---the beach.