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Oak Island workers may get bonus


OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) -- Some residents in Oak Island are upset with a proposal that would give all city employees a $750 raise. Town Manager Jerry Walters proposed the bonus at a hearing Tuesday.

Walters says the one-time payment would replace the annual cost-of-living raise that is customary and would save the town money. Even so, some residents say raises of any kind just are not right in this economy.

"We didn't get raises. Why should they?' Donna Sykes said. "If they're not happy, let them go somewhere else and find another job. $750 coming out of my pocket, I don't like that. They should cut back, downsize and forget about raises for anybody until things get better."

The Oak Island Town Council will have a budget workshop May 20 and a public hearing June 1 to discuss how to balance the budget.

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bonus for town employees

When I drive by the police "palace" and the new town hall I get physically sick at the over spending that the town government has been doing over the past half decade. The town employees should be glad they have a job. As a state employee I have seen a .5% REDUCTION in my salary last year,and expect to see at least the same REDUCTION this year.I say to the town employees;
suck it up and tough it out!

ToOI Budget

As an OI resident and property owner I oppose the Managers proposed budget. It is the largest budget in Town history at nearly $30 million. It includes an 18% property tax rate increase and a 23% property tax revenue increase over last years approved budget. It has undisclosed utility rate increases. While the Town Manager uses terms like lean and shared sacrifice this budget is all about more spending and growing the Town government. The ToOI is not a job bank for the friends of the Town. Town employees serve at the pleasure of the Town Manager, the Town Manager serves at the pleasure of the Town Council, and the Town Council serves at the pleasure of the Town's voters who are residents and largely property owners. It is the residents and property owners who are at the top of the priority list and whose interests are not reflected in this budget.


First of all, I think these employees deserve a raise. Keep in mind, not only has COLA been cut the past year, but merit raises was cut as well. These workers arent the highest paid folks in the world, and catch hell on a daily basis from the citizens for one thing or the other. City employees have bills just like everyone else and a smart manager would realize some type of incentive now will prevent robbing Peter to pay Paul sometime down the road. Sure, I can agree maby give a COLA and not a Merit, that would be reasonable. Keep in mind, insurance adjustments are already being made, therefore more money coming out of the employees pocket. And finally, something I would srongly consider is eliminating some un-needed positions such as a PIO, an Arborist, excessive recreation positions, excessive community resource positions, etc. That would be an excellent way to save money. If you didnt want to take their job, move them in other NECESSARY positions that are vacant. There are ways to save money and keep some happy medium with current employees.

Bonus? In times like this?

As a resident of Oak Island I am furious over the handling of the town's finances. It has been bad in the past, but each new administratiuon promises changes. WRONG!!!

Now they are talking about huge property tax increases. What about huge spending reductions? Bonuses for town employees is just one example of the wasteful spending down here. I haven't had a "cost-of-living" increase to my pay in 2 years either. I'm just thankful I have a job. They should be as well.

This town is full of other examples of wasteful spending: the huge police dept and new town hall, the new fire stations that are over-the-top, buying the Yaupon pier, the sewer system, etc.

These people need to get a grip and realize tht this is a small town and not a big city.