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Obama back in NC Sunday

READ MORE: Obama back in NC Sunday
Barack Obama spent Sunday campaigning in Fayetteville. The Crown Coliseum was packed with more than 8,000 people. "It felt like part political event and part revival," said one attendee. The crowd roared when Obama mentioned the Colin Powell endorsement. Obama repeatedly stressed the need to get out and vote, and for his supporters to take advantage of early voting.

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The problem in the country

The problem in the country is the extreme hatred that is posted here and everywhere. Since when do we as AMERICANS not have a right to our own opinions without being berated by folks who don't believe the same way. The framers of OUR Constitution gave a lot to secure our rights & freedoms. We should agree to disagree without jr high name calling. I believe as I do and you believe as you do. Leave it at that. There is nothing wrong with a healthy debate there is however a problem with all the hate that is being spewed by all sides. Why aren't we all on the same side the side of American......Doesn't mean we have to agree on the candidate!

US Consitutional Requirements!

I agree with you 100% And, I also believe in full disclosure by all candidates. Currently there is a challenge filled in the US Courts that are demanding just a few things that I feel are not too much to ask. Or really better put, not too much to demand. There is a rumor that states Obama is not a legal born citizen. This rumor could simply be put to rest with the display of a certified copy of his birth certificate. Not a copy on the web but a true certified copy to the court. Also, the rumor goes on to state that Obama attended school in a country that would not allow anyone to attend except citizens of that country and that were Muslim. If, that rumor were true, Obama through his mother would have had to forfeit their US citizenship and upon return to the states would have had to apply for citizenship. In that case, he would be a naturalized citizen. Also, that means he would not be eligible to hold the office of president. Obama, his camp, and the DNC have filed all kinds of motions to dismiss the allegations. Why not just present the documentation that not only denies these allegations but proves them wrong? Pretty simple is it not? So as a tolerant and proud moderate that is happy to claim no allegiance to either party I must ask, why all the cloak and dagger? Just simply prove the allegations wrong and be done with it. Until I see Obama address this head on and prove it wrong, I have to believe the allegations have some credibility. After all, if the rumors are false, certified documentation would prove them to be. Come on Obama, prove the allegations wrong or, withdraw! A certified berth certificate should not be all that hard to present. The one on the web could easily be doctored in photo shop. Take that one to the courts and let the judge decide. After all the challenge is, a constitutional question.

But there's a reason for the hate

The reason that productive, working members of society hate liberals is because they want to take what is ours and give it to simpletons and sc**bags. Stealing is stealing. The only difference between a liberal and the mugger on the street corner is that the mugger is probably in better shape and gets the pain over quickly. Similarly, a lot of Conservatives incur the wrath of liberals because they think they have a right to tell women what to do with their bodies. The bottom line is that everyone has forgotten that this nation was founded upon individual freedom AND individual responsibility. It's not my job to feed the lazy and the incompetent, and if you want to have an abortion, it's none of my business. If we'd all agree on that, the hate would evaporate.... ...but that will never happen.

It is now more important than ever..

to vote for the candidate that has the best interest of THIS country in their heart and mind. McCain has proven his loyalty to the United States of America. B. Hussein Obama for President??? Of the United States???


McCain For President!!!


Yeah, ok. Vote for McCain cause he is losing anyway. When a four-star general has your back and does not doubt your ability to run this country I would say Colin Powell probably knows just a little more than YOU McCain supporters. Heck, I bet Powell even knows more than Common on here.

Go Read

you might note that General Powell walked into the United Nations and built the case regarding weapons of mass destruction. Funny how he became teflon and allowed that to slide right off of him. Where was he when President Bush stood and took the heat brought on by General Powell? So Far, Senator O'Bama has not shown much talent in picking his "team". His 3 Senior Economic Advisers were the trio who led Fannie Mae to the brink of failure and cost the TAXPAYERS NINE BILLION Dollars. You may need your fingers and toes to count that high. This is the guy who, on Meet the Press suggested our National Anthem should be replaced by the former theme song for coke. You guys are going to have to do better than that. So good for you if you think General Powell has Senator Obama's back.

Poor Zippy

So you failed math class in elementary school. If you do a count of the generals that back the two candidates you will find McCain has an overwhelming lead. So, hold to the one disgruntled former employee of the White House all you want. Everyone needs a token.

VOTE FOR Barack Obama FOR

VOTE FOR Barack Obama FOR PRES!!!


Ummm, no. Not now, not ever.

Taxes and Social Security... When does it stop?

1. Regardless of who gets into the White House, he will have to raise taxes if he plans to make a stab at fixing the deficit. I'm so sick of hearing lies from those who run for office. 2. You wonder why folks don't want to vote? I dare say part of the reason is because money will more than likely buy the presidency. Which lobbyists are in Obama's corner with all he's spending? How many middle class Americans do you think would have a prayer at winning? 3. That being said, what we need is someone who won't continue to push for income tax the way we have it now. I'm sick to death of paying out 30% of what I earn only to be told I can't retire until the age of 66.5... (if I even live that long) and that may even increase. And I don't want to hear the talk about how much longer people are living! Even if folks do live longer, I've seen enough folks in nursing homes to know it's not the kind of life I'd want to live as my "retirement years." It seems if we work over 30 years or so, we should be able to enjoy our social security. But since our government has deemed it necessary to "borrow" so much of the social security's savings, then dispense a good deal of it to pork projects, welfare projects, and God only knows what else, there's simply not enough left for folks to retire at a reasonable age. Pretty soon, they'll just say there is no retirement at all!! Yet, it's my understanding Obama wants to take even more tax dollars and give it to folks who haven't earned it! Why? So I'll have even less to live on? I have a ton of medical bills, a small middle class house, one vehicle, and have to watch where I go so as to not use up too much gas! I worked very hard for my education and continue to work sometimes 6 days a week due to nursing shortages. There was a time I looked forward to retiring at age 55 and that's been changed. I doubt I'll see retirement... just like my late husband who died at age 63. Where did HIS money go? And what happened to the idea of changing our tax laws? That seems to have gone by the wayside. As far as I'm concerned, we need to have a revolution in this country just like the over-taxed Brits who finally had to make a stand (if you know your history I don't have to spell it out). I'm not a disloyal American. I love my country... but at the rate it's going, I'm not so sure there will be much left to love in 50 to a 100 years from now. That may seem far away, but it's your grandchildren who will suffer and possibly your children. We've sure lost a lot since our forefathers wrote the Declaration of Indepence. Any chance of regaining the freedoms of democracy and ridding ourselves of this slow train to socialism?

Not an ice cube's chance in Hades

Democracy only works when 51% of the electorate are intelligent, productive members of society. Once the Four S's gain the majority, the slow collapse will have begun. I fear that we will see that on November 4th, when THEY elect a man who has come right out and said that he intends to "spread the wealth around." God help us if the Democrats gain a super-majority in the Senate! I do not blame the Four S's, as they know no better. I blame the Republicans who spent the last four years as if they were TRYING to hand it all over to Pelosi, Reid, and Obama.

What I want is the best for the job

I want the best president for the country right now. I am not concerned about us having the first black president or the first woman vice president. Problem is, most of our voters are basing their decision on the media take of "the first black president". If you are voting for Obama, or even McCain, do so because you believe in what they are doing, not who or what they are. Furthermore, do you actually think that the president has all the say? No, he doesn't. Change needs to start with the counties and states politicians, until then, the white house will never get straight, regardless of who is in there. I don't believe any of their promises, and I feel that despite who gets into office, we are going to see that we were fooled.

go home!

who cares....go home....we have no need for idiots in john mccain president!

I am home!

You're right, we don't have a need for idiots in NC, so you should go back home, too. From a lifetime NC resident who supports Obama!

Vote McCain?

I thought you said we have no need for idiots in nc.... Plus, have you seen the man's smile?! Kinda reminds me of the Grinch. BARACK THE VOTE!

Here we go again

Again the ignorance of Barack Hussein Obama's supporters is abound. To let you know McCain's smile is not perfect. Why? he was wounded and tortured during the Vietnam War causing nerve damage and several other physical problem. This happened will fighting for the freedom that gives you the right to make such ignorant comments. Grow up all of you.