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Obama and Huckabee win in Iowa, now it's on to New Hampshire

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) -- Several of the presidential contenders, including Iowa caucus winners Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee, will campaign today in New Hampshire, where voters go to the polls next Tuesday. In Iowa last night, Democrat Obama finished well ahead of second place finisher John Edwards, saying the result is a defining moment that proved the cynics wrong. Republican Huckabee says his win over big spending Mitt Romney proves the power of people over the purse. In second place on the Democratic side, John Edwards says the results show that voters are choosing change over the status quo, and he is ready to fight for that change in New Hampshire. Finishing a close third, Hillary Rodham Clinton told supporters she is ready for the rest of this campaign, and she is ready to lead. The Republican runner-up, Mitt Romney says he plans to come back to Iowa in the general election as the Republican nominee. And Republican Fred Thompson says he still has "a ticket to the next dance." But Senators Chris Dodd and Joe Biden are dropping out of the White House race after poor showings in Iowa. See the results here

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Educate yourself before you vote

This is a wonderful resource. Compare the candidates, read their speaches, see their financials, check their voting records. Very interesting stuff:


His record in Arkansas regardin ILLEGAL'S puts him in the "none of the above" group!

Mike Huckabee

Lets Win Mike Huckabee!

I'd rather have Bush serve a

I'd rather have Bush serve a 3rd term than have Huckabee lead this country. He's a religious fruitcake.


NO. We DO NOT need another bible thumping president. Bush has screwed things up enough. Go Hillary.

She's freakin' scary. You

She's freakin' scary. You better find someone to pray to if she's in office.


You're so right, let's let you athiests run the world. That's a grand idea...a load of people who don't believe anything will happen if they live like complete sinners. I can't wait. If you get hillary clinton, then you've gotten exactly what your hell-bound self deserves.


Not like you: Hummm sinners? You mean like most of the presidents we have had? Being an atheist I am probably less of a sinner than most of you thumpers. I watch you all and most of you are hypocrites. It would be a nice thing to NOT have ones mind cluttered with fantasy men in the clouds and worrying if he is going to send me to burn in the fires of hell for eternity if I mess up.... But remember he loves you and he needs money !

all of us, hypocrits???

I remember reading a comment you posted about ordering your Christmas gifts online. Being the non-hypocritical atheist that you claim to be, I would've figured that you would've saved YOUR money this year. You must be one of those "Sunday atheists".


SO what? I have family that do Xmas. Xmas here is for the kids w/ Santa ,no religion comes into it even though it is a religious holiday for you all. Do you do Halloween? Thanks for reading my posts.

I enjoy your posts... they make me laugh....

You mean Santa, the fantasy man? Seriously, I don't mind if you or anyone else celebrates Christmas. I'm just trying to make a point. It seems to me, according to the posts I read, some atheists believe that all Christians think that they are perfect or are all bible thumpers trying to convert anyone who will listen. Everyone sins.....anyone who says otherwise is lying (also a sin ;)). The difference is that according to my beliefs I am forgiven. As for your question about Halloween, no, I do not participate because it's not something I believe in. But, I won't condemn anyone who does because how a person chooses to live their life is their business. Stereotyping in general just irks me, that's why I replied. As far as reading your posts, I do enjoy them... the ironies are hilarious when compared to one another. Take care....


For real. How many of our so called "Christian" presidents have had their jollies while in the white house with other women? SINNERS !!! Not to mention the under the table illegal acts. It is so funny how you christians think your poop don't stink. LMAO


She just pretends to be a bible thumper when it suits the crowd she is speaking to. What a poser fake she is. Bush has done more to keep us safe as a nation and she would work to immediately undo that.

I agree

Yup, go hildabeast, go far away and take comrade edwards with you.

Would you prefer a Quran thumper?

Bush has had to deal with what the Clinton's didn't. A Democrat led Congress has to take some of the blame as well.

But yea, Huckabee would be a

But yea, Huckabee would be a terrible choice.

Yea because she's JUST the

Yea because she's JUST the person to unite the country. Can anyone imagine a more polarizing figure than Clinton?? Talk about dividing the country.....

Hillary..... & Presidential candidates & religion

Yes, I agree Hillary would be a polarizing leader by her very nature, AND, by her strong political crusades. Yes, that's the right word for her social and financial agendas for our country. Any time you launch crusades, you cause division. She also wants to leave her "Clinton Dynasty" mark in history,(this, I imagine is an ego thing) at our country's, and certainly our taxpayers' expense. Once again, we have a fabulously wealthy candidate, representing the poor man, at the middle class taxpayer's expense. Now that's a favorite crusade! Oh yes, remember, out country was founded on the principle that religion and state, or government, should be separate...but it also was founded on the ideal that no one should be punished for religious belief. We seem to forget the second part more than the first. Let's keep religion and government separate, but let's also not persecute candidates for their respective religions!