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Obama promises supporters change has come

It was a long, hard fought battle. After his historic election as the nation's first black president, Barack Obama is promising supporters that change has come. Obama addressed nearly 125,000 people at Chicago's Grant Park about an hour after his projected victory. Obama told the crowd his win proves America is a place where all things are possible. He also delivered a message to people listening around the world. "To those who would tear this world down, we will defeat you. To those who seek peace and security, we support you. And to all those who have wondered if America's beacon still burns as bright, tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals, democracy, liberty, opportunity, and unyielding hope," he said. Although the popular vote remained close, with the two candidates separated by just three or four percentage points, Obama won a resounding victory in the electoral college, soaring past the 270 votes he needed and outpacing John McCain by better than two to one.

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America the what?

Ok I was a McCain supporter. And I am dissapointed he lost. I could care less that we have a black president. Skin color isn't what is important. Ethics, morals, and what will be done to fix our coutry's problems is what is important. Yes it has been known that Obama has socialist views. BUT the president of the US does NOT have all the power that everyone thinks. Congress can over turn ANY decision. It only takes 2/3 of congress to do so. I do not care for his policies on the military. I do not think that closing down multiple bases is the answer. If we are going to pull out of Iraq, we need to do it carefully. The new Iraqi government is like a baby learning to crawl and walk. You have to get them on their feet and let them get their berrings before you let them off on their own. Financially corporate tax cuts would be a good idea. Why? Because if you cut the companies taxes then they save money. That can then allow them to cut the prices on products and/or hire more employees. Then you have more people making money which in turn will become more people spending money to stimulate the economy. Simple yes but it will not happen overnight. Who knows what will happen. But just remember that history repeats itself and the government can only do what we let them and well the people elected Obama. Whats the old saying? I believe it goes -- We made our bed, now we must lie in it.

Voters should take a test

We should no longer allow people to vote because they are a certain age, race, or gender. We should have a competency test to see if a voter understands the following: Foreign policy knowledge Economic knowledge If this were in place.....all of the voters that voted for Obama because he was black (would not count), and the college kids who voted for CHANGE (and their dad's paid their college tuition b/c of true capitalism)...would NOT COUNT. If we had a true political test for voter registration.......Obama would have lost. You all asked for're going to get it.....higher taxes for everyone and a quick collapse to our economy.

Most of you haven't even a hint of what socialism is and does!

I see a lot of postings here with the discussion of socialism and it is prefectly clear that most here are completely ignorant of the true consequences. Let me give you ALL a brief and concise example since history is so ill instructed these days: I recently completed a trip to Europe. One of my stops was in Sweden for 3 days. That is a nice visit. Everyone seemed to live the same socio-econonomic experience. Their housing, transportation, clothing, etc. was all very similiar to each other. No wealthy people strutting around and arriving at dinner in their Rolls and I only saw 3 of what seemed to be street people, one of which was black. Everybody had what they needed and were pretty much equal in most aspects. The day of arrival, my meager dinner cost me the equivelant of 175 USD (US Dollars). The next day, breakfast was 125 USD. It cost me 295 USD to have my laundry done. EVERYTHING was prohibitively expensive, just for regular everyday things. Socialism will strip away the very basis of motivation that this country was founded on. You work hard, you get ahead. You're a lazy bum, you take what is given to you. Anybody can be anything they want in this country, but it has always taken work, determination and enthusiasm. Socialism removes those requirements and thus the motivation to be competitive and strive to get ahead. The blacks in this country have always had the opportunity that they think has just now arisen. Obama does not empower black people any more than socialism does. The empowerment was there the whole time for all of you, it has been your choice to live the role you have chosen in America. Nobody ever told anyone that Gangsta Rap, wearing your pants 5 sizes too big and sporting a set of 22's on your caddy would ever win you an election to the white house, some things are just common sense. So think about it citizens when you put your kids in college. Learning to say "paper or plastic?" will get you just as far in society as learning to be a surgeon. No competition, no additional pay, no frills, no big house, car or servants! Welcome to SOCIALISM!!! Give up your money, give up your spirit, give up your guns, go home at the end of the week with your little bag of beans and do as you are told!

It is a sad moment for America

I find it very disturbing as a veteran that the president elect (obama) just stood there while the national anthem was played with his hands together down by his crotch instead of having his hand over his heart like the rest of the Americans that were sharing the stage with him. I guess he had a problem with the "I pledge allegiance " part of the national anthem. The man is a disgrace, and he is supposed to be the commander in chief of our military?

Its a sad moment for America

He didn't have his hand over his heart. Well sir if you were in the military, then you should know soilders in uniform don't put their hand over their heart when honoring the flag or during the pledge of alligence. I would like for you to show me in writing or better yet the law that states you must have your hand over your heart when pledging or honoring the flag. Just because a man, woman or child doesn't have their hand over their heart doesn't make them any less american. Besides America is the land of the FREE and the home of the brave. To say a man that doesn't put his hand over his heart is quite babyish. How many times have you put your hand over your heart everytime the national anthiem is played or better yet WHEN YOU THINK NO ONE IS LOOKING????????

You are right....soldiers in

You are right....soldiers in uniform stand at attention and salute. Obama did neither. It's a known fact that Obama has something against the Pledge. I really don't have too much against Obama, but this is one HUGE issue I do have with him.


The Boy Scouts of America are not taught the salute to the national anthem. Not defendning, just stating what a Scout Master told rerecently. I teach Americanism in schools and would like to have Mr. Obama in one of my sessions. I do teach the anthem and how to properly salute.

response to where did you get your info from

I have plenty of info to back up what I said, regardless it would go in one ear and right out the other. PS. I do know that his father was from Kenya but that does not mean a thing.


I am so tired of hearing that Obama is African American. Do the research people!!!! He is 50% Caucasian 87.5% Arab and 6.25% African American. His father was 87.5% Arab and the rest African American. We made history alright!!! He want's change for this nation along with all of the liberal democrats that go against moral values. He may have one, but he did not win the real battle. (GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL)

Add much?

By your count, Mr. Obama must be superhuman: 143.75%!! You have just proven my point about ignorance. Thank you for the vindication. Now, get over yourself, lick you wounds, and let thinking people have a go at it. Wild guess here: you voted straight Republican ticket!!

50% plus 87.5% plus 6.25% is

50% plus 87.5% plus 6.25% is 143.75 % which equals one and a half people...which doesn't make any sense...much like your argument. What if he is Arab?...honestly, so what? He is an American citizen and has every right to run and win the presidency of the United States-which he did by a landslide (that's a lot of devil worshippers, isn't it?). It's scary that this much ignorance and intolerance still exists in this country, and very sad. Has anyone read the bible lately?. I am sure you wouldn't have voted Jesus into office with his long hair and his association with sinners-YIKES!. Please stay in North Carolina with your backward views, go to your church and keep your hateful views to yourself. I love liberals...LONG LIVE LIBERALS and their progressive thinking.

where did you get your info..

Barak Obama's father was 100% AFRICAN. He was from Kenya you know in Africa. Where on Earth did you get the idea that he was Arab?

man with the plan

The second amendment will be on the way out. I wonder if obama will take the oath of office with a bible or the koran? Just wait and see how many people are jumping for joy after the first year he is in office. Part of his plan was to have minimum wage go to $9.50/hr by 2009 (from his website)-I guess that means Burger King will be selling burgers for $20.. so they can pay their employees. This election was a "racial thing".

Re: Man with a plan

Since you appear to have had your head in the sand he will use the bible as Obama is a Christian and not a Muslim. To some people the election was a racial thing but to most it was a change thing!!

the need for research

The internet is your friend. Barak Obama is not a Muslim for one. For two if he was a Muslim what would be the problem? I am so sick of the ignorance in regards to the religion of Islam.

Islam reaps as ot sows

If Islam receives too much negative press, perhaps Islam needs to leave the Tenth Century and join the world as it exists? When a poltical op-ed cartoon can cause riots in which dozens die and millions of dollars in property is destroyed, don't be surprised when people cast a suspicious eye toward Islam. When books are held back from publication for fear of offending Muslims or authors face death fatwahs upon publication, don't be surprised when people say, "I don't like Muslims." When Muslim employees demand alternate religious holidays in place of secular American holidays, or special foot-washing stations be installed at a facility, don't be surprised when I say, "I will not hire a Muslim if he's the only applicant. I'll do the work myself." Oh, please don't think that I hold Christians or Jews exempt from the same standards. Whatever your religion, when you try to tell me how I will live my life because God demands it, you can rest assured that you will be ignored.



I lived in Wilmington from

I lived in Wilmington from 1985 as a child to 2004. As a former resident, I see that the same die-hard, iron fisted, racist still exist...but time is running out for you. People have spoken, and change has been made, and besides, we barely made it thru 8 years of Bush, who has the mental compasity of a retarted monkey. Color doesn't matter, we a ALL AMERICANS, and it is a BEAUTIFUL THING.


Have any one of you stopped to think that Mr. Bush really is not the bad guy? He has had to deal with a democratic house and senate. Plus, he has tried to clean up Clinton's mess.

Re: Well Nana

When Bill Clinton left office we had a budget surplus and no war. The only mess George Bush has to clean up are messes he created!! That is what happens when you have the Frat President run the country.

He had a republican congress

He had a republican congress who did his bidding for six out of his eight years in office. You can't lay the blame at congress' feet. And Clinton left the country in pretty good shape, economically speaking. The Bush administration policies of deregulating the financial markets contributed greatly to the current mess we're in. Not to mention the 10 billion per month were spending in Iraq fighting the war on terror. There weren't any terrorists there before we went in. Had we fully directed the war towards Afghanistan, we would probably have had much greater success in fighting these terrorists. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, but the republicans would rather you not remember that.


If you knew your history...9/11 caused this country to start circling the drain. BUSH did NOT start the war...THEY did...BUSH did NOT approve the war...CONGRESS did along with a TON of Democrats. I might or might not agree with the situation in Iraq, I actually think that country needs to start paying on their own. HOWEVER, 9/11 might not have even happened had CLINTON had someone pull the trigger on Bin Laden as he had MULTIPLE chances to do so. Bush got shafted when 9/11 happened and it snow balled from there...same thing would have happened if a Democrat was President. HERE is the difference between the left loons and the right.....I WILL STAND BEHIND MY matter if I agree with him all of the time or voted for him. I won't be driving around with bumper stickers to trash him either...the WORLD sees what we do and it makes us look STUPID when we treat our elected leadership like you guys did Bush. Whether you like Obama or not...he was elected democratically by the people. Whether you like him or not, you have to continue to participate in the system, be heard and help steer the country in the right direction.

Most people who did vote for

Most people who did vote for Obama voted for him because of the economy, from the comments that I am seeing. I feel sorry for them when the reality starts to set in. Obama already started downplaying expectations yesterday as far as what he is going to be able to accomplish. The tax cuts you can kiss goodbye. In fact, taxes will probably go up. We have a national deficit in the trillions of dollars. It is likely to stay that way through his entire administration. Ending the war in Iraq is not the magic bullet, and he has even backed away from his timetable on that. I saw posters on other sights who believe as of late Jan., 2009, they will all have free health care. Obama backed away from that two months ago, except for minor children. His only consideration for adults is that he wants insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions when a person first obtains health insurance. If you do it through a new place of employment within their guidelines, they are usually covered anyway. In no way is it fair to other insureds at a company to have to step in and make up the slack through higher premiums for someone who has worked there without insurance for years and then suddenly wants it due to the diagnosis of an expensive illness. So there will definitely be a lot of people in for a rude awakening there. I saw a post yesterday where the writer stated Obama would pass a law today outlawing racism and now it is the black man's turn. I believe there are numerous laws nationwide addressing bias based on race, gender, religion, etc. There was an earlier post on here about two cases of black on white crime. If it was white on black crime, the assailants would be charged with a federal hate crime, and that law has been in effect for some time. It is supposed to work both ways but I don't believe we'll ever see that. If people think Obama can outlaw what others think and feel, they are living in a dream world, and there is plenty of racism on both sides. The reality is that an estimated million more homeowners will lose their homes, unemployment will continue to rise, there won't be the expected tax cuts or free health care or anything else that was promised. The present economy has to be fixed first and that is going to take several years. Look back at FDR and the New Deal. The country remained in a recession/depression until World War II. You are talking about 8 years. The government simply does not have the power to instantly fix the economy. Maybe Obama can promise us all the same things when he runs for reelection in 2012.

God Help Us All

Yes Obama has won and we are on to a new era.I hope that you folks know that all that glitters is not gold. He has promised the sun, the moon , and the stars, and there is no way in this world he can do it. Alot of people are going to be very disappointed when all those promises don't ever come to be. For those of you who are christians, watch closely because God will be removed from every form of government, and in every aspect of life. I truly fear what is to come for the United States of America. I just say God help us all.We are in for a heck of a ride. Let's see what you think of Obama in four years.

Wake Up and Smell What Barack is Cooking??

Let's not point the finger already, give the man a chance to get in the White House and do his job. We can't expect him to make change happen just like that, come on now let's be real. It takes time just like everything else takes time. Give the man your support and focus on our country not the president because he can't do it all by himself. He need our help/support as people of America so stop swinging low blows at the man and be happy for your next president OBAMA!! Can u smell what Barack is cooking?? YES WE CAN!!

I can smell it!

We can all smell what Obama is cooking! We've all been searching for the toilet paper ever since!

Smell what he's cooking?

I fear I know what he's cooking, and it will be wealth redistribution stew with a big slice of gun control pie for desert. There will be side dishes of weaker defense and new hidden taxes, such as the looney carbon cap and trade. That said, I'm not the least bit upset with HIM. He is what he is. He never hid the fact that he's a Marxist. My resentment is directed toward the people who voted for him, especially those of reasonable intelligence who knew better. A good portion of my first career was dedicated to keeping the Marxists from defeating this country, and you people handed the keys to the White House to a self-admitted Marxist on Tuesday. It's awakened old feelings that I haven't had since I returned from Vietnam. "Why did I waste my time trying to keep you idiots safe?" In 1972 I could easily handle being insulted and having girls walk away from me because my hair clearly indicated that I was military, and being military just wasn't cool. This time of course, there's much more on the line. I'll dedicate most of my efforts to deferring income and finding every loophole I can in the tax code to shelter money from being included in that wealth redistribution stew. You won't get another dime from me. I'll do all I can to educate people to try and place limits on the Marxist agenda in November of 2010. I'll do all I can to have them wake up and totally reject Marxism in November of 2012. Sigh! Perhaps so many young voters wouldn't have fallen for the siren's song if the Soviet Union hadn't collapsed when they were too young to remember. They never knew the old devil, so now they're in bed with the same devil. This one simply wears a nicer suit and speaks English.

Oh Commonsense...

I'm really so grateful that you were in Vietnam fighting for our country, but you really should not let your time over there misguide your sense of the bigger picture. I don't think it's wise to allow your paranoia and your outdated ways of thinking to affect your trust in people. Come on, "Marxist"?, really?! Seriously, that is the epitome of ignorance. You make it sound like we're going to hand over private enterprise to the government in an effort to establish communism, when in fact, it's more likely we will pull great ideals from socialism. After all, all communists are socialists, but not all socialists are communists. And why is it such a horrible thing to think that our country might be run in such a way in which cooperation, rather than competition, guides economic activity? We're fighting a different war now, and don't be afraid to jump on the band-wagon of change. Mark my words, the next four years will be the best four years our country has seen in a long time; full of accomplishment, achievement, and will reestablish a sense of pride again for all Americans. Your thoughts?

Actually, there is something

Actually, there is something wrong with cooperation. People no longer want to try to better themselves. The reason: Why better myself when you are going to take care of me? This country was founded on free enterprise and that my friends is what will keep this country alive, not cooperation.

One more note...

There ARE no great ideas to come from Socialism. It is an inherently flawed system. The poor don't try because the government will care for them, the rich don't try because the government will simply take it away. Everyone stops trying, and economic collapse soon follows. How do you feel about the tax rates in Western Europe? How do you feel about the fact that with income tax rates exceeding 40% almost everywhere (plus a whopper of a VAT) countries are having to cut back and cut back and cut back again because they simply can't afford to carry the dead weight and pay for the eternal free lunches? Herein lies the basic difference between Obama people and Libertarians" I don't want ANYTHING from you. What is yours is YOURS. It's not mine. You, on the other hand, want what is mine. You want to take my money and fund other people's healthcare. You want me to buy them food. You want to take whatever YOU think I don't "need," and use it however you see fit. In that regard, you are a thief. Stealing from the rich to give to the poor is still stealing....and the Constitution doesn't provide for the government playing Robin Hood. The Constitution says that Congress can tax income from any source, but nowhere does it say that you can tax two people at two different rates. Indeed, the Fourteenth Amendment clearly states that you and I will receive equal treatment in law. So you big government pro-Socialists can go on and on about your "new ideas," but guess what? Stealing isn't a new idea. It's been around for a long time, and it's inherently wrong.