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Obama rally in Fayetteville Sunday

The battle for North Carolina will continue into the weekend as Barack Obama will hold a rally in the Fayetteville area on Sunday. The Obama campaign has announced that singer James Taylor will play here in Wilmington at the Greenfield Park Amphitheatre next Tuesday evening. Tickets are free and will be distributed at the Government Center patio off College Road Friday afternoon beginning at 2:00 p.m.

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I need tickets

Does anyone know how to get tickets for James Taylor at the amphitheater tonight? We were out of town Friday.

ok, are democrats really

ok, are democrats really that bad? i mean, we only want to give money to those who need it, not money to iraqis who hate us and want us dead and to failed corporations while their ceo's are flourishing in the lap of luxury at the expense of me and my family. god forbid i want to help out that struggling family out so they can send their kids to college. i know there are some losers, but must of them are getting voted out. mccain has been my senator for over 20 years, and this guy does not get better with age. he is a real turd. all you from the land of funny accents have no idea what you are talking about when you support this man. dont feel bad, you can always get glass belly buttons from walmart in case you want to see the light.

You left yourself open

Those of us from "The Land of Funny Accents" didn't send this guy to Washington in the first place. I believe that would be, yes, your people! Why don't you condemn your very own people from the "Land of We Can't Control Our Own Borders and The Land of We Wear Those Ugly Southwestern Ties With Two Strings" since your folks put this clown in a position to run for President in the first place. By the way, Lute Olsen smells like rotten corned beef. And your best looking export is that midget David Spade. Get back to making Arizona not so lame, and then we'll talk about North Carolina. And will you guys ever figure out Daylight Savings Time?

Obama vs. McCain. No contest.

Obama is NOT going to take our guns away. It isn't even possible because of the amendment. He is lowering taxes for us - 95 percent of all taxes (and don't try to tell me that any of you posting here make above 250k a year lol.) Obama was indeed born in the united states. I have seen the newspaper clipping announcing his birth. He is protestant, not a muslim. He is an intelligent man with absolutely NO EVIDENCE of questionable acts in his career. McCain. Even in McCain's most forgiving, unbiased biographies, you can see who the real questionable one is here. He barely graduated college because he was a drunk, and a womanizer. He only graduated because of his father's and grandfather's reputation which was the only thing keeping his head above water period. He was a good soldier in the war, and I'll give him that - but that does not make him intelligent enough to run this country. Also, if you read his biography it becomes very clear why he is running for president. He always had an inferiority complex and this is his way of proving hes just as good as the rest of his family; and hes NOT. He also supported 90 percent of every horrible decision Bush made. His voting record in the senate is 90 percent! He is 90 percent Bush. Here he is in this video showing how much he supported Bush Now think hard, do you want this senile lunatic running our country into the ground? We don't need four more years of Bush. Look what it has done! We also need to bring our troops home. Support the troops, bring them home. Obama is ready to do that. McCain will continue to let them die over there. McCain is also ready to get us into a war with Iran, and if you have looked into it, you know it isn't going to be another Iraq. We will die on American soil when Iran fights back. It's in all of your best interest to vote for Obama. Make it so.


These troops are the ones that protect fredom of speech. Unfortunately, it also is for someone to say things in your comment. Why don't you thank a troop for letting you be free in the USA.

Obama vs. Gun Owners

From the 2008 Philadelphia candidates' debate before the Democratic primary: "Just because you have an individual right does not mean that the state or local government can't constrain the exercise of that right." (Gee, I wonder if that applies to freedom of speech or freedom of the press, in Obama's mind?) How about this ditty? "I am consistently on record and will continue to be on record opoosing concealed carry." And of course, there's no need to even try to ban guns if you make them too expensive for most Americans to afford (Obama voted to raise the federal excise tax on firearms and ammunition by 500%) or insure that you can't get ammunition for them. (Obama voted to ban the sale of all centerfire rifle ammunition.) You people can't have it both ways. He can't SAY one thing, and VOTE the complete opposite.

Boy are you clueless

"...with absolutely NO EVIDENCE of questionable acts in his career." Boy does this show just how mentally challenged you are. Right on par with all the others voting for Obama.

James Taylor Is Lame

I've seen fire and I've seen lame. This self-righteous liberal is so terrible that he makes me want to pull a Suzanne and kill myself rather than see his show. I wish he would only go to Carolina in his mind and leave us the hell alone. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall - this guys views are stupid during all. Just like Williams Ayers committed his misdeeds when Obama was seven years old, that's also the last time James Taylor wrote a good song. Is James Taylor Sampson? He was only good until he lost his hair. Shall I continue? Yes, I shall. This guy's obviously in the tank for that crappy insurance company where he sings "Our hometown. Where we live. Where we work." How can he be trusted with this mundane conflict of interest? I mean, the guy made INSURANCE more boring! How can you do that?

For someone who doesn't

For someone who doesn't enjoy James Taylor, you sure know a lot

Obama and Guns

Refused to sign the brief supporting an individual Second Amendment right in the Heller case. (DC Right to Bear Arms) Against Right-to-Carry. (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 4/2/08; Chicago Tribune, 9/15/04) Director, Joyce Foundation -- one of the most anti-gun foundations in America. (Politico) "I think it's a scandal that this president [Bush] did not authorize a renewal of the assault weapons ban." (Illinois Senate Debate #3: Barack Obama vs. Alan Keyes, 10/21/04) "Clinging" to guns -- how Obama described "bitter" gun owners at a San Francisco fundraiser. Ammunition ban supporter. Obama voted to ban almost all rifle ammunition commonly used for hunting and sport shooting. (United States Senate, S. 397, vote 217, 7/29/05) Limiting self-defense. Obama voted to allow the prosecution of people who us a firearm for self-defense in their homes. (Illinois Senate, S.B. 2165, vote 20, 3/25/04) Put them all together they spell R-A-D-I-C-A-L. Don't buy his lies of political convenience, folks - check out his voting record! This is the most anti-gun presidential nominee in history, and with a Democrat controlled Congress, you KNOW what will happen to your rights.

good bye

who cares....go has no use for john mccain president!


B. Hussein Obama is as close to worthless as it gets. Anybody that serious goes out and votes for this loser should have their head examined. He is a hustler and a cheap one at that. If elected, he will be the biggest embarrassment that this country as ever had. I still say he is a Muslim. I want to see him eat some pork. Hey, hey, ho ho, BHO has got to go.....hey, hey ho ho BHO has got to go....


I work half the week in Fayetteville, half in Wilmington. Thank God I will not be in Fayetteville for this welfare lovers convention. And thank God I will be back in Fayetteville by the time james taylor brings his food stamp show to Wilmington. This works perfectly!

All this bipartisan pandering and bickering causes me conflict..

To those who don't know me - they'd see the long hair and the tie-dyes and assume I'm some kind of bleeding heart liberal....I guess I am in a way - I believe that man is extremely charitable and will not stand by to watch others suffer, and Americans have proven time and again that they are some of the most giving folks on the planet. I'd give my last dollar to help a brother or sister truly in need, but I resent the government taking my money and determining for me who is most deserving. I let my church do that, I let the non-profits that I donate my time and money to determine that. I truly believe in the 'teach a man to fish' VS the 'give a man a fish' attitude towards life. BUT.. I also believe that the gov't forces us to give a lot of handouts to people who have stopped wanting to learn how to help themselves...for whatever reason (and I'm not even going to go into that now). They feel that we owe them something for whatever reason (won't go into that either, most folks have heard them all). Those who refuse to learn how to fish - for whatever reason - well...then you'd better find another way to eat. Here's what bothers me...and you'll see my conflict.... Music has always been a big part of my life. It brings me great joy, gives me a great appreciation for the talents that God blesses each and every one of us with - and helps pick me up in those times when nothing else seems to be going right. I love(d) nothing more than dancing in a field with my fellow Deadheads at a Grateful Dead show...mellowing out on a beautiful evening listening to Peter, Paul and Mary...listening to Bob Marley preach to me about the light of goodness that we all have in us..even listening to Bob Dylan murder so many of the beautiful songs he wrote that he should've just let others sing (I've heard the same comment made about Willie Nelson, too) all made me feel good at the time, and all I was concerned about was the music. Now all these musicians at one time or another have expressed political views that I may not have agreed with - but that didn't make their music any less I supposed to hate them because I don't agree with their political views? Should I burn their records in the streets and call the radio stations and their advertisers and tell them I will no longer support them because of this person's political views? OR should I be glad that we all live in a country where we're allowed to have dissenting views, and thank God that we're not all the same? I personally love James Taylor. I think his music is beautiful. I think it's amazing - that like so few others in the world - he has managed to overcome his problems (heroin addiction), and done something positive in his life. He should be an inspiration.... Yeah, I don't agree with his political views....he takes a big risk by putting that out in public....ask the Dixie Chicks what something like that can do to your career......but, as a fellow musician and a fellow American - I can agree to disagree with him on his political views......It's what makes this country great that we are allowed to have that kind of discourse without fear. We may not all agree on the method, but I'm hoping that we're all voicing our opinions on what we feel in our hearts is the right thing to do.... All this bickering reminds me of the old Wile E Coyote cartoons when he and the sheepdog met each morning for a cup of coffee before they punched the clock.....once they were clocked in, they were arch enemies - but when the day was over...after all the explosions and attempted murder and various evil-doing towards each other - they both realized that they were just doing their job the way they thought it should be done...and went back to being civil towards each other..... I wish they would remove the D and the R after every politicians name on the ballot.....I wonder how many voters would be confused as to who to vote for? Would folks start voting on issues when they didn't have a party line telling them what they are supposed to think?

Tell liberals to just leave us alone

They want to take our money away, they want to take our firearms away, they want to tell us what kind of car to drive, they want to tell us what we can do with our own land. Liberals are basically power-mad little Napoleons who think God put them here to run everyone else's life. I'm more than willing to let them get abortions and use all the drugs they want to. As a matter of fact, I ENCOURAGE them to abort their offspring and use drugs.