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Obama holds Town Hall event at UNCW

READ MORE: Obama holds Town Hall event at UNCW
WILMINGTON -- It's been a big 24 hours for local Democrats. Hillary Clinton visited Wilmington yesterday. Today it was Barack Obama. Some voters called it a historic day at UNC Wilmington. After more than 30 years of voting Verell Small came to Trask Coliseum Monday to see the first candidate to ever motivate him to cast a ballot in a primary election. Small said, "I never thought I'd live to see an African-American get this far in the process." Fifteen months into the process as Obama pointed out. For more than an hour Obama drew rousing ovations and even laughs, explaining his motivation for running, dismissing his Democratic opponent for the larger picture and promising to unite his party for change. "I didn't get in the race to run against Sen. Clinton." Obama said. "I got in the raise to run against high unemployment." Obama spoke of tax relief for the working class coupled with ending tax breaks for the wealthy, the need to solve decades-old problems like substandard healthcare and rising oil prices, as well as environmental challenges and ending the war in Iraq to focus on the war on terror in Afghanistan. "Democrats are going to unite and make sure a Democrat wins in November," Obama said. You can take that to the bank."

Excitement over the visit began this weekend

They started showing up bright and early. Obama volunteer David Grace said, "There was a line all the way to Red Cross for a couple hours there." Obama campaign volunteers say thousands of supporters came by their headquarters on Third Street Saturday morning for tickets to hear the candidate speak this Monday at UNCW. High school teacher David Jackson said, "I just feel like he is a candidate I can trust, and I think he's going to be the one that reads the fine print and makes the right choice." Obama is the favorite in this primary race. It's the first time the North Carolina primary vote has mattered in more than 20 years. Obama supporters of all ages, races and genders said they were excited to participate. UNCW senior Jordan Pike said, "This one election is the first election for students and for everyone where they feel like they can really make a change." Wilmington resident Lori Orantes said, "To shake things up -- for change. I'm tired of the status quo and I want things different." The primaries aren't until May 6. Experts say if Obama wins in North Carolina, he still isn't guaranteed the nomination. Obama campaign volunteers say they expect to fill Trask Coliseum today. The event begins at 1:00 p.m. Doors open at 11:00 a.m. There will be a limited number of tickets available at eight this morning at the corner of Government Center Drive and Racine Drive in Wilmington.

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Rev. Wright

Let's all remember that Sen. Obama chose to follow Rev. Wright. Never did Sen. Obama say that he never attended another Mass at Rev. Wrights church after the comments were made. Now he is trying to correct that mistake because he didn't have the integrity to walk away from Rev. Wright when he made those comments. That tells alot about a person. Walk away when no one is looking, because it's the right thing to do, or walk away when people are watching because that is what you are expected to do.

Obama and Wright

What confuses me is Obama supported Rev. Wright and his sermons for 20 years without controversy and now that he is running for President he discredits and turns on Wright. So what convictions would Obama provide for the US when he can turn on a dime????

Wright said it all

Rev. Wright said it all the other night on TV when he was asked how he felt when Obama said he was distancing himself from Wright and didn't agree with all the things he had said in his sermons. Wright said it didn't bother him because Obama was just saying what a politician would say, just like he was saying things a pastor would say. So can we take this as Obama was lying like all politicians do in order to save face, and if he wasn't a politician would he be up there supporting Wright and his "RACIST" statements? I think both are the case in this situation. He is lying and he does support the racist Wright, oh, pardon me, I mean Rev. Wright. BUT not while he is running for President, because he knows he needs the white vote to win.

NOW he says he is upset

Obama just said on CNN that he was upset with Rev. Wright. Why didn't he say this weeks ago. Now that he is trying to save face. Really look at this guy before you vote, He wants change but, what does he want to change. If we are the" greatest nation." why do you want to change it? Smoke and mirrors.

If you look at Wright's

If you look at Wright's previous comments IN CONTEXT he hadn't really said anything "wrong". Offensive, maybe; wrong, no. The reason why the senator has come out now is after the National Press Club speech. Wright really showed himself to be a self serving "entertainer" and it really upset Obama. Obama's speech today was of a personal nature and he was personally hurt by Wright's antics yesterday. Everybody in the world knows that we are the greatest nation in history and that the past 8 years have not shown that. The change that needs to happen is to restore our image and standing here at home and in the world.


Some of the coffee shop crowd told me that they were so inspire by his speech. Which part was most inspiring, the part in which he said change or the part in which he said change or was it the part in which he said change? Oh, that speech he constantly makes about giving the middle class a break and rolling back the tax cuts on the wealthy...I didn't realize that making $31,850 a year was wealthy? He voted yes on the Democrat's Senate budget proposal that will increase taxes on anyone make that amount and more. Wow, hey I'm wealthy!

Coffee (response)

Sir/Ma'am, if all here is change,change, change when Senator Obama speaks, then I suggest that you open your ears. The man discuss details of his tax plan, energy policy, and foreign policy. He discussed his faith and hope in God and his country. The inspiration comes in because his ideas appeal to the masses and really hit home with people. As far as your wealthy comment ... I have never heard, nor do I believe that $31,850 is considered wealthy by anyone. We all owe to ourselves and our nation to become more informed on these things before we get online and try to tear someone down.


I have to agree with KJ. If out of the thousands of words he said you can only come up with the word " change " then maybe that's all you want to here. He does not say $31,850.00 is wealthy, He says anyone making under $50,000 would get tax breaks and seeing that the medium income in this country for two people is about 45,000 Yes 45,000 I would think a lot of people would be happy. But the people that don't want to here what he says hide behind ignorant statements like he was sworn in on the KORAN even if there is a photo of his hand on the Bible. Or that he is MUSLIN even if its proved that he is not. I am sick of people that think he is a fake. The one thing about going to see him is you get to here what he wants to do for YOU. I'm out here in Pender county and think race is a big part of it. My daughter was in the Dominos Pizza in Burgaw yesterday and the guys working behind the counter were saying that he is hiding the fact that he is a Muslin, that he was sworn in on the Koran. They also said if they were in the White house they would fly the Rebel Flag. They have no idea that his mother was a white woman from Kansas USA. Its such a shame that some people can't get the hate out of their hearts. And I wonder why the pastors in the Churches down here don't talk about the race problem a little more. After all Jesus did not have white skin but rather brown skin as he was Jewish. And I don't recall anywhere in the Bible that God is black, white or yellow. But I do think is states we were all created in his image. I don't recall that it says only white people are created in his image. Lets get over the color of his skin and just listen to what each of them has to say and make your mind up that way.


Then you had better listen a little closer to what Obama says.

NO where trying to take over

NO where trying to take over iraq !! station Soilders for a long time there and use that other stuff as an excuse we could of been ended the war if we wanted to we are america !! we want to do what we can to GET Oil !!! !!


Are you living in La-La land somewhere? Last time I checked...Iraq oil isn't flowing into this country...find some other Kool-Aid from somewhere else and come back.

WWII 1940 - 1945 !!! Im

WWII 1940 - 1945 !!! Im sorry 5 years !! but how long have we been in war now hmmmmm 2001-present hmmmm 7 years and counting with IraQ spending billions !!! to help them build there goverment and econmy back up while ours is going down


Saddam deserved what he got. I agree that needed to happen the FIRST time we were there...but it didn't. Second, I also agree that something needs to happen with the money we are pouring to that country. They need to start paying us back..OIL would be a good start at this point. HOWEVER, make NO MISTAKE IF..AND GOD HELP US IF IT HAPPENS, BUT IF Clinton or Obama get in...they WILL NOT yank troops out of Iraq, it will be more of the same because they will be in a position where they don't want to make a mistake....if they pull out troops out and something bad happens like mass murdering...guess who gets blamed....Make NO MISTAKE...our troops are in Iraq for a while to come.

Changing Good For What?

As much as any individual or any group condemns this country, I believe these citizens, (and those choosing to live illegally in this country rather than their own country), know how fortunate they are to live here. They do not want to give up their citizenship for any reason! They are enjoying the greatest lifestyle in the world, and well they know it! So, what do they really want to change? I wish it would be their citizenship.


I rode past UNCW today and saw the misinformed masses drooling at the chance to see a racist,unqualified's sad to see, that even after Obama stayed in a racist, hate America hate whitey church for 30 years, and only quit when the public saw that dolt wannabe minister of his spout his ignorance and people still support him...sad sad sad.......

You are joking? Right

More time with the under handed Clinton's in the WhiteHouse? How about the people they have had dealings with? Money in their pocket is all they are after. They were broken (So they said) when they left the WhiteHouse and since they have made over a 110 Million. Line their pockets didn't they... Wonder way they got all that money? So they can repay the favor down the road.. Anyone will be better than the Clinton's. I have voted for Obama and if he isn't running then my vote will go to the McCain


If people cannot separate Obama from his pastor, then they are the one's that have the problem; not the Senator. If people would listen and try to understand other cultures and others' words IN CONTEXT, the church concerns would really be a non issue. Rev. Wright is his own man and can go on as many speaking engagements as he would like. I would love for him to go away, BUT this is America and he is free to do as he pleases. I think that people who don't like Obama for whatever reason are using this as an excuse not to support him, but if the church flap never occcured, you'd just find something else to disparage him over.


The truth is, had that been a white person and his or her pastor had made those same statements regarding America and other races, that person would not had stood a snowballs chance in hell of getting elected. Seems its only white people who are racist all others are justified.

One who does not have a full

One who does not have a full understanding of history would compare a White person making such statements with a Black person. A person who understands our history will know that you compare the two. Apples and oranges. Not to mention the fact that Wright's comments were initially taken out of context and now it's blown up into this mess.


A MINUTE!! IF YOU sir think there is a difference between racism based on if a person is black or white YOU have a problem. I don't care about HISTORY as it is the past. There is NOTHING none of us living NOW can do about it. There is ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE, racism is racism no matter if it is by a one eyed one horned flying purple people eater! There is NO excuse for it, NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT COLOR YOU ARE. What did Wright do when the heat got on him...he pulled out the race card. Rev. Wright IS A RACIST plane and simple!

Rev. Wright

It's hard to take out of context a plain and simple statement. Wright is plain and simple a racist, and Obama sat and listened to him for 2o years.

Very true!

I, for example, "disparage him" over the fact that he's a Socialist, intent on punishing all but the lowest economic strata with punitive taxation. have to wonder why he'd sit and stay in that church for decades if he didn't agree with a nutjob pastor who obviously hates this country and has no bones about telling the world of his hatred. Of course, Jerimiah Wright is looking out for his pal Barrack, by now stating that Obama is running for office and is only saying the things he said to get elected. With friends like that.... Bottom line, as the old adage says, "You fly with the crows, you get shot with the crows." For twenty-some-odd years Obama had Wright as his pastor and spiritual mentor. You don't stay in that situation unless you agree with that person. Two crows from the same flight.

To Matt Williams: Boohooo.

To Matt Williams: Boohooo. Seriously, a historic presidential candidate spoke, not just in your town but practically in your back yard, and you are going to whine about being late for class? Do you know how many students there today considered themselves lucky to have the chance to skip class to attend? I don't know what "final" you had, but UNCW's exams do not officially start until Wednesday. You claim your first notification of this was in an email this morning. Yet, if you had watched the news as much as you claim, you would have known of this last Thursday night. I'm very disappointed that a student of what I thought was a fine institute of higher learning is actually whining over having to walk a little farther when the reason for that exercise is because, again, an historic presidential candidate visited that student's campus.

I belive you missed the

I belive you missed the point of my comment. I fully understand the importance of having a presidential candidate speak in our "back yard." However, right now, a college education is the most important thing. Also, those you claimed "skipped" class to attend probably didn't have a final that day, if they did, and if that final was given in the same building as this event, do you really think they would be "skipping class?!" Also, you are a bit misinformed on when UNCW issues their final exams, each department reserves the right to give their finals during reading week, so before you start using the word final as a euphemism, you might want to get your facts straight. In addition, next time you respond to a comment about college education, you might want to proof read your own for grammatical errors.

I believe I missed no point

I believe I missed no point in your comments. Your whinings do, in fact, appear to miss the importance of having such a candidate speak at your school, and your comments about having to walk an extra distance make you look especially lazy. You may have had a test that day, but as your test was not in the time UNCW has specifically schedule for exams, those helping plan this event had no way of knowing it would interfere. I'm sure your professor can find a time to reschedule during the many days the university HAS set aside for finals. Again, if you watched the news as often as you claim, you would have had several days to contact your teacher with questions about this event and its impact, instead of claiming to have been surprised Monday morning. All of which does not address my deep disappointment in what your college education is teaching you if this is the best argument you can make in defense of your whinings. A college education should be teaching you the value of having the chance to hear a presidential candidate speak practically handed to you, yet you act as though they are two separate, competing interests. As for your comment of, "In addition, next time you respond to a comment about college education, you might want to proof read your own for grammatical errors," I would suggest that before you attempt to correct others' grammar, you learn the difference between a comma and a semi-colon, that "proofread" is actually one word and the correct definition of the word "euphemism."


I am a senior at UNCW and majoring in Parks and Recreation. Our department is located in Trask Coliseum, where Obama spoke today. This was the most ridiculous and unplanned slap in the face to students who attend. This is the last week of school and today many students had finals, including me. First of all, we(students) pay over 200 dollars per semester for parking passes, in my case, my pass is for Trask; without a pass, a 50 dollar ticket will be placed on your vehicle; however, today, the public was granted full use of our parking lot, and I along with MANY other students had to park over 2 miles away. I was 15 minutes late to my final, along with many others; Not to mention the absolute hassle we went through trying to get into the building to take our exam. I dont understand why this Town Hall event couldn't of waited until school was out. Our classroom is directly outside of the gymnasium where Obama spoke, all we could hear during the final were people screaming like the Rolling Stones were here. Kind of hard to concentrate during that. I have nothing against WWAY, or Obama, I enjoy your coverage most every night, I just wanted you to know that this was an extreme headache on top of the stress of our final. UNCW has not heard the last of this. Matt Williams P.S. The first notice we had about all this going on was through an email this morning. Poorly, Poorly planned.


Dude, the town hall didnt wait until classes were over because the early voting would have been over by then and the primary would have passed! I also agree with the other writer that this had been advertised for many days prior to the event. It wasn't a last minute thing.


First, Obama could do MUCH WORSE. Consider a 3 percent tax increase. Also consider all of the "plans" that he has...they all give MORE FREE stuff to those who don't work. Guess who gets to pay for that? PEOPLE THAT BUST THEIR HUMPS EVERY DAY trying to work for their families! I have no problems giving someone a helping hand that needs a step up...but at some point it becomes STEALING from my family to take money for doing nothing. As far as Bush goes, tweetle dee and tweetle DUMMER could have done MUCH worse. Remember it was CLINTON that showed these idiot terrorists that we didn't have a backbone when it came to getting our butts whooped up on. Remember Somalia? We tucked our tails and RAN..I would have let the dogs out on those people after that event! There is only ONE WAY to stop these Muslim extremists...that is to kill them before they have a chance to kill us! They have already stated that their goal is to destroy us...what more reason do you need to hunt these animals down? Would you rather just hand the country over to them and start praying to Mecca? I'll be DANGED if I EVER pray to Alah or ANY God by force! The two Democrats running for office will do the same thing Democrats ALWAYS do..raise taxes on the working class to pay for those who don't wish to work or better themselves. The Governments job isn't to baby sit grown adults. You want a better life...flippin pick yourself up and make it happen! You guys wanting to vote for Obama had BETTER educate yourselves a little and do some research on his past and where his heart TRULY lies. Want change? If your congressmen doesn't do what they are supposed to be doing in office...VOTE FOR THE person running against two years..if he isn't doing the job...VOTE AGAINST on and so forth..EVENTUALLY the monkeys ripping this country apart in the Capitol will get the idea! We are letting them do this people...more of the same because we are too lazy to do anything about it!

Whew! sure are a ray of sunshine. Maybe you could lighten up on the caffeine? How about real solutions, instead of complaining so much?


I GAVE you a solution in my last paragraph... ILLEGAL Immigration Social Security TWO of the most important things and NEITHER of them...actually NONE OF THEM will touch it..neither will our government. More of the same...they make it LOOK like they are doing something while actually doing NOTHING. "REBOOT 2008" thats my campaign slogan!!