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Obama supporters gathered today in Wilmington

While the line grew in anticipation of Senator McCain's speech, Obama supporters gathered just a few blocks away. Nearly one hundred people turned out for a rally on the Wilmington waterfront, including Senator Tony Rand. Speakers criticized McCain's economic policies while poking fun at his relationship with President Bush. Senator Rand said Senator McCain has focused economic relief efforts in the wrong areas. “Senator McCain has said that we should buy the mortgages from the banks. Well, I think we better do more to help the people who are in danger of losing their homes.” Rand said we need more college graduates to go into the social service field, like Senator Obama did. He said Obama hopes to lower education costs so graduates are not forced to take higher paying jobs just to pay off their loans. After the rally, Obama supporters knocked on doors to promote the campaign.

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I can't wait to see Barack

I can't wait to see Barack win this election and all of you ill-natured, hate-spewing idiot redneck McCain supporters crawl back into your stupid little holes. Thank you for sealing the deal, Colin Powell!

Typical ignorant response

It doesn't suprise me that an Obama supporter should respond in such a manner. It just shows your true IGNORANCE. If you would do your own reseach, instead of relying on the media, maybe you would be more concerned about where he has come from and where he received his influences. Oh and big deal Powell supports him, McCain has the support of 5 former Secretaries of State. And just a reminder the last time the people voted for change, we elected a democratic congress and the economy has done nothing but plunge ever since. Congress has more control over the economy than any president ever has. And remember all the promises they made. Gotten no where, done nothing. In the middle of the economic crisis, where were recess. He may win and if so pray for us all! But please keep your ignorance to your self.

WWAY What a disgrace!

This comment is directly to WWAY, who edited out the name Barack Hussein Obama in my comments. That is his full and proper name and people need to be reminded of that. It truely points out your biased. Shame on you!!!

get back on it

Please guest duder, get back on whatever medication you should be taking. Sounds like you are the hate-filled one here.


change you will submit to. the antichrist has spoken!

vote for biden

a vote for oboomer is a vote for biden. its just a matter of time before he takes over running the helm know it and so does everybody else!!!!!

you are kidding me

Let me get this straight. Sen. Obama wants to cut taxes for 95% of Americans. 40% of Americans don't pay taxes and and he wants seniors making less than 50,000a yearto ot have to pay taxes, so who does that leave to pick up the tab---- That's right it'sthe same middle class thtbhe claims he is fighting for. Iam definitely not one of the top wage earners in America, but they bare already paying more in taxes than 75% of Americans. Sen. Obama is smoke and mirrors and we will find thisout when he is elected. God help us



You must be confused!

You must be confused because under the OBAMA plan 40% of the the 95% of people that he says would be getting a tax break will actually be getting a refund of taxes they never paid. THAT IS WELFARE. Thanks but no thanks. The only hand out that I want is the one at the end of MY arm. Look at your tax return or the tax return of someone that you think is "middle class", see if there is a Schedule EIC attached. If there is and these folks are getting a refund based on EIC (earned income credit) this is also WELFARE. This is money given to folks by the Federal Government that someone else worked hard for. Another of the liberal democrat's changes to the tax code that put us one step closer Socialism. Spread the wealth? How about get a job, have some personal responsibility, and take care of your own family instead of looking to the Government to bail you out (not personally of course but generally speaking) When I couldn't make quite enough money to live as comfortably as I wanted, I got a second job. Under an Obama administration the welfare roles would grow because companies and corporations can't. Money rolls down hill folks. Poop floats! Jimmy Carter tried this approach as well, give poor people more and they will do more with it. Jimmy Carter left us with 12 1/2% inflation and 21% interest rates. Bill Clinton tried it. He left a budget surplus as a ruse when mandates were left unfunded. Barack Obama will try it again and it will fail miserably. Poor people are not poor because they want to be but because of the choices that they made and because the mind set that the government will write them a check, give them food stamps and pay their heating bills. Why do for myself when the someone else will do it for me? This mindset is a larger burden on our country than drugs and violence combined. Educate yourself and those around you. Maybe even buff up on Reaganomics...


UUuuumm...its MOSTLY the Democrat social programs that allow immigrants to get what they do. Riddle me this...Obama wants to TAX any small business that makes over 250,000, which isn't a lot, AND those who are know the people that own businesses....WHO do you think is going to pick up the tab for THEIR higher taxes....let me answer that for you......WE ARE..NO small business OR the rich are going to pay for higher taxes..they will sit down with their accounts person and figure out what percentage their goods need to INCREASE to pay the difference...and it gets passed on to US...sounds like you are just gullible... You might want to check ole Johns record on voting against his party on issues before you just believe what someone is telling you. Obama...he hasn't even served a full term as a Senator yet...and the time he HAS been Senator has been spent running for President...he doesn't even have enough of a voting record to even be TRUSTED on ANY issue!

Obama: shady background and no experience

Why can't Obama supporters detail any of his initiatives, plans or achievements when asked? All they do is parrot the chant "Change". They don't know what he is changing or why! Obama has no experience, is an extreme liberal, will raise our taxes, believes/funds entitlement programs, does not support our military, has NO foreign experience, has associations with radical organizations etc. etc. He believes we, the working class, should support those who won't work. He will break the back of the working class. I believe many are voting for him only because he is a minority. Tragic and misguided thinking. Wake up, he is not qualified!


"Time for change!" is the chant. The change they are speaking of is all you will have left of your paycheck after they tax the hell out of it.


you obviously know nothing about politics and base your decisions on cleverly scripted obama ads. why do you libs pride yourself on your "knowledge" when all you do is retell a story you picked up from a 30 second tv ad? you slackers are the armpit of this nation.

I think its hilarious that

I think its hilarious that McCain just might win this election based on the fact that he's run his entire campaign based on one fact... that the american public is waiting to be fed, and whatever the media feeds them, they will eat.... Has he ever really spent any time making good on most of the claims he's made??? He's the epitomy of a douchebag who's willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants without any real contribution to his victory. Palin, of course was just to pull in every last person dying to see a woman get into the white house, nothing more. She's young attractive and easy to manipulate, just the american public, and sadly, he is getting exactly what his calculations predicted- panicky, close-minded people, only focused on the negativities he throws each and every week. Who cares if Obama doesn't know what he's doing, obviously, noone does why do you think there was need for a bailout plan? McCain is tryin to get in there to do one thing, keep the bush administrations work in progress, and nothing else, because thats what he believes is right. Is Obama the wrong candidate just because he thinks differently, I think not. Open up to what is really out there, and stop letting what you don't want to face up to hinder you from protection yours and your family's future. It's okay to step out into something new, don't keep letting somebody tell you what you know for yourself.




...not as stupid as someone mispelling McCain when it's been published everywhere!


not know where caps lock key is and not know how speak inglish is unedumacted and usually a liberal.

Yeah, great idea!

"Rand said we need more college graduates to go into the social service field, like Senator Obama did." Sure. Then you can wait tables, tend bars, and do volunteer work until the day comes that the Democrats nominate you to be president.

Funny how all McCain people

Funny how all McCain people ever seem to do is criticize Obama with nothing of merit to say about McCain. I saw more hate and anger in that crowd of McCain supporters than I ever care to see again. Obama offers hope and inspiration that is long overdue in this country. Check it out for yourself at

No, you are wrong on that

No, you are wrong on that one. all Obama offers is what he cannot provide or make good on. "Little Hitler" sure has everyone pumped up. That's what foreigners love about this country. You can practically tell us anything and we will beleive it. Mccain will win North Carolina and you guys have tax hike mike to thank for that one. After what the dems have done to this state for 8 years, do you think we will be dumb enough to elect one president?


Nothing to say about McCain having merit? He was tortured in North Vietnam for 5 years. He served his country with distinction in the military. He has served his country in congress and fought govt waste and bias. "Obama offers hope and inspiration." You better hope that's not all there is because you can't eat that, or spend that. People better wake up. Just because he's the media darling today, doesn't mean he can lead this country. What has obama done? Oh yes, he taught ACORN how to strong arm banks for contributions, and made them give loans to people who couldn't afford a home. He is at the center of this economic catastrophe. Free health care, everyone in a home whether they can afford it or not. These all have price tags, and I hope you can afford paying for everyone, and being taxed heavily to do it. Free, Free, free. I don't vote for someone just because they're the flavor of the month.


The worst thing any American voter can do is to vote for Obama. This country does not have the time for any "ON THE JOB" training.


Tell that to Palin! What are her christian beliefs again?

re: Obama

If we don't have time for "On the Job" Training...then what's with you republicans voting in George Bush in 2000. Obama can't screw anything up any worse than that idiot did.


Since neither candidate has held the office of either President or Vice President, both will be experiencing "on the job training." No candidate, in this election or any other, that is seeking the office for a first term has what would be considered "practical experience" leading an entire country.

He's more qualifed and

He's more qualifed and educated more than Palin and McCain both put together.

Ah no. once again the

Ah no. once again the uneducated liberals speak up. Mccain has a far longer tenure than Obama and so does Joe Biden. Obama is no more educated than any other politician.


ANYONE that ACTUALLY believes that McCain is like Bush...really doesn't deserve the right to even vote.

Obama the socialist

People who lie and cheat will one day pay the price and get caught. People are hearing but not listening and understanding. O and his side of the democratic party want to move us to socialism. Why the people of this country can't see this is beyond me? How can the black community vote for him just because his black? Is this really going to make a difference in the way things are now? Are not the issues more improtant than the color ones skin?? If this community thinks Bush is/was bad, wait until O is finished with them. The only person he cares about is himself and implementing his socialist agenda. What makes people think the government should take care of them from cradle to grave anyhow? Do you really think and believe these rich politicians[they are all millionaires by the way]are going to raise their own taxes? Think about this. The upper 10% of wage earners[over $250,00] in this country "contribute" to the US Treasurey 70% of the revenues[taxes] taken in each year. How many of you know this fact. Any person elected to congress and "retires" after one term or 30 will get all their full congressional pay and benfits for retirement when they leave office. Yes even those who have been thrown out!! All I can think of where I see O is I will have less money in my purse with all the taxes he is proposing. I want any supporter of O to list the 3 significant changes they are expecting from him if he is elected!! I mean 3 concrete things which haven't been tried before and which are different than anything Bush has done to make life better for you and I!! I spent 23 years defending this country from the likes of this man. Nakita Kruschev, once premier of Russia, said in a speech before the UN back in the Cuban Missile Crisis, Russia one day would just walk right into Washington and take over. Well this is what I see happening with O. I just hope everyone will be happy with his government when they will be telling you when to go to bed, when to work, got to the potty, how much you have to give to the poor and how much land you can have; not own. He is going to "redistibute" all you own to the poor so everyone will be equal. Enjoy the new United Socialist States of America with him. rlg

And people are suppose to

And people are suppose to believe a freak like you????? Please!