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Obama team urges delay in DTV switch

President-elect Barack Obama is urging Congress to postpone the digital switch. We already made the transition to digital television; the rest of the country is scheduled to on February 17th. Obama's transition team co-chair John Podesta is concerned many Americans who rely on analog TV sets won't be ready. The incoming administration is pushing for a delay, in part because the government is having trouble issuing enough coupons to people for digital TV converter boxes. Some officials also said the government is not doing enough to help consumers make the transition.

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Let's not forget

those most affected by this are those who voted for him. How can they know when to stand in line for entitlements and wealth redistribution if they don't see the announcements on the tellie? Of course, on option is to make cable or sattelite TV service an entitlement.

SurfCityTom, are you really

SurfCityTom, are you really that ignorant? Review the numbers, many highly educated people also voted for Obama...

Just because they are

Just because they are educated does not mean they have any sense. Haven't you ever heard of "educated fools"?

He's right, Tom!

Remember, two of the "Four S's" assume some level of education: The saps (or suckers, if you prefer) and the Socialists. Obama was their annointed Messiah. They feel really guilty about being successful and secretly loathe themselves. That's why they're all so fired up about wanting the government to relieve them of their money. A successful person voting for a Democrat is identical to a woman inviting a known rapist home for a few drinks. Why do it? You *KNOW* what's going to happen!

True, but you do know that

True, but you do know that slightly over 95% of the black population voted for him?

I don't think 95%...

of the black population voted, but 95% of the blacks that voted, voted for Obama.

You are correct...I didn't

You are correct...I didn't explain my point very well.


do you assume that the ones most affected by this are the ones who voted for him? How exactly do you know this? I would like to know. Please explain.


Hahaha! That's a good one!

How long have we've known

How long have we've known this was going to take place??? If you aren't ready then it's your own fault. Let the President-elect worry about more serious issues.

Are you kidding????????????

You mean of all the concerns in this country and world, it is an insult that ANY of our ELECTED govt. officials spending any time and energy to make sure everyone can get their TV. What so the people can not obtain the bias media? Disgusted!

DTV Switch

If this is an issue for the people, then elected officials should spend time on it. Just because it's not a concern for some doesn't mean that it's not for someone else!

are you serious?

this has been on the Board for over a year. Right now elected officials need to focus on the economy. That will have more impact in our country than worrying about a few who chose to ignore all of the publicity over this change.