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Obama wins North Carolina; Clinton eeks out Indiana


Obama wins North Carolina

RALEIGH (AP) - Barack Obama says he knows the marathon struggle for the Democratic nomination has caused "bruised feelings on both sides" but predicts the party will unite by November. And his campaign is dropping broad hints that it's time for the 270 remaining unaligned party figures known as superdelegates to get off the fence and settle the nomination.

Speaking at a victory party in Raleigh last night, Obama also sought to answer charges that he was having trouble winning in big states that will be important in the general election. He characterized the North Carolina win as "a victory in a big state, a swing state." North Carolina is the nation's 10th largest state in population.

Obama told supporters he won by overcoming "politics of division and the politics of distraction." He said Americans "aren't looking for more spin; they're looking for honest answers."

Clinton gets narrow win in Indiana cliffhanger

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Hillary Rodham Clinton has eked out a narrow victory over Barack Obama in Indiana's Democratic primary. The tallies from 99 percent of the Indiana precincts show Clinton with 51 percent to Obama's 49 percent. That margin is a little more than 22,000 votes of the more than 1.2 million cast.It was a cliffhanger. The outcome wasn't clear for more than six hours after the polls closed. The uncertainty stemmed from slow counting in Lake County near Obama's home city of Chicago. Before the race was called for her, Clinton

declared victory and told supporters "it's full speed on to the White House."

Obama wins the most delegates Tuesday

WASHINGTON (AP) - Barack Obama is less than 200 pledged delegates shy of the number needed to secure the Democratic presidential nomination. He won the most delegates Tuesday night. With a few yet to be awarded, Obama won 95 delegates in North Carolina and Indiana. Clinton
won 76. Obama could reach a majority of the pledged delegates in two weeks, when Kentucky and Oregon vote.

About 270 superdelegates are yet to be claimed. They are the party and elected officials who will automatically attend the national convention and can support whomever they choose, regardless of what happens in the primaries and caucuses.

Obama has argued for months that superdelegates should support the candidate who wins the most pledged delegates. Clinton says the superdelegates should exercise independent judgment.

Clinton appeals for cash to keep her in the hunt

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - There are signs Hillary Clinton is mindful of the fragile state of her presidential candidacy. Clinton made a direct fundraising appeal to backers to help her compete against Obama's better-financed operation -- unusual remarks at a victory party. She told supporters in Indianapolis, "I need your help to continue our journey" and referenced her Web site.

Her speech seemed to lack the boisterous spirit that marked her events in the run up to Tuesday. And she didn't linger on the "rope line," where fans crowd her to shake hands, sign autographs and pose for pictures, after ending her speech. She spent some time greeting supporters but then quickly left the building.

Clinton lost to Barack Obama by a wide margin in North Carolina and managed only a slim victory in Indiana, a win she's holding out as evidence that she still has staying power in the race.

Race still plays a role in Democratic fight

WASHINGTON (AP) - Race again played a pivotal role in Tuesday's Democratic presidential clashes. Exit polls show whites in Indiana and North Carolina leaned solidly toward Hillary Rodham Clinton
and blacks voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama. Almost half said they were influenced by the focus on Obama's former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Obama again failed to gain ground with a crucial voting bloc that has consistently eluded him -- working-class whites. But he pieced together coalitions that also included young, first-time primary voters, the very liberal and college graduates and sizable minorities of whites.

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blue-blooded Southern White man?

How about red blooded American ?? We're here in rural Pender County. We are WHITE working class and in our 40's. And guess what we both voted for the one we could relate to the most. Who is the most honest and who we would like to see as the Next President of the United States. Yes we voted for Obama ! Not because he is black/white or male/female we voted after much research and reading. Yes I did not like what Wright said. But I did not vote for Wright. I will not vote for just a party anymore but for a person that I fill is what I'm looking for. I wish people in my area could get past the color of some ones skin. it is so negative and so counter productive. Just close your eyes and here with your ears what the person is saying and as far as picking your pockets I don't feel any better off with Bush even if I did vote for him the last two times. I fell for the middle class tax breaks also. But with the cost of our medical, auto and home Ins and the price for my kids to now get into college I am not better off I am worst off. If you are a working class man or woman out there then just do the math. And try to pray about the racist issue within your heart as I'm pretty sure God and Jesus are not black or white.

You're 100% correct!

It's not about the color of his skin. It IS about the color of his politics, which is as red as the star on Che Guevera's beret.

I guess I am a racist. I

I guess I am a racist. I will have to vote for McCain. I know, it will be a third term for Bush, but, I think he will do the least damage of the 3 that are in the running. I KNOW I will vote for McCain if Obama and Clinton end up on the same ticket. Face it, the American people just don't have any choice this time, except who will do the least harm.


this just goes to show you the train-of-thought that society in general has today. lord help us!

I agree. if those Idiots

I agree. if those Idiots that voted for him gave a dam about their country, I think they would have given it more thought.


It is almost 2am and I can't access you. YOU ALL KNOW I am first to access you. Loves. darnit, change the server. I am doing without the paper on this, and I am hating it. I am hating to tell you about this on another forum. Come along now, quit all the cheering for Obama and let us hear from our peers at WSN. (Feel free not to print this one, guys, but I have to hope this one stabs the paper in ribs for selling out.)


WSN, where are you when I needed you..... please stop using some NY server to do our business. WWAY has taken over the up to the minute updates. SHAME ON YOU! I know you are NY owned, but WOW. Loves, they are owning coverage..... at the national level. MSN is giving it and minutes later.... so is WWAY. Come along now, looks like the layoff did not payoff. Higher ups need to figure about this. Silly NYT..... trying to take over a local paper with TONS of intelligence in and of it's own. Let Wilmington talent have it's own paper. And it's own server or some crap. OMG WWAY????????????????? What is the world coming to? Oh, yeah....... (Hair standing on end, and JUSTIFIED.)


Kudos to you *no I am not a Republican.... You were the first I could access to the easiest to read updates on the polls. NICE work..... Must be some newbies up in the WWAY house::)) You don't have to post this, as this was meant for the meetings in house, really. Nice work on the editing, as well. And don't let me ever see a HUGE DEAL like a sub in the river be neglected again. I am fixing to take over someone's job if I see it again. And I have a resume to back that promise up. Good job, though, on what I have seen tonight. Thank you for paying someone overtime to see that this was displayed professionally. And, for that matter, displayed so well that all the YAHOOS that post here can PURE T understand who won. Y'all can take the rest of the day off. Great job.


This blue blooded southern white man voted for Obama and so did many of my white friends.. I think WWAY stating that "blacks" were key is an irresponsible and unture statementand borderlines on being racist.. But just my opinion that will most likely be censored..

So if you're a blue-blooded Southern White man....

...why did you vote for a man who wants to loot your wallet and take away your right to own a firearm? Are you a masochist? Do you feel guilty about being a blue-blooded Southern White man?

Re: "borderlines on being racist????"

No....white vs. black turnout figures are simply that...Just figures. Being racist is blaming everything on whites (like the good Rev. Wright) so that you don't have to even put forth an effort. Let's not create problems by overreacting.

Who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John McCain will be our President............Obama and Clinton move out of the way............

Obama garnered 93% of the

Obama garnered 93% of the black vote, which accounted for over a third of the total primary voters in NC. If 93% of white voters had cast their ballots in a bloc, would it be "divisive" to report on that fact?

re: Obama garnered 93% of the

If you're white and voted for Clinton you're a racist.... If you're black amd voted for Obama, you voted for the best candidate.... go figure ! ! !

what hurt hillary most was

what hurt hillary most was not the black voters, but the farmers. North carolina is still a big agricultural state and not once have i heard her address the agricultural and farming issues.

What really hurts is the fact..

That Clinton and McCain have had years to make a difference to some degree but both have failed in most respects. Now we have a fresh candidate who has the heart and eloquence our country needs at this time to get back on the right track. Calling McCain "The third term of Bush" is almost spot on when you look in depth at his practices and partnerships. THAT is something we CAN NOT afford to risk as it would end up butchering our country even more and put millions more at risk for loosing their homes, their food, their transportation, and completely endanger our children. I personally am a white male who has been in military service for 6 years now. With recent layoffs to the reserves and guard and now the possibility of the Army running out of money within a few months scares the piss out of me (Far fetched? look up the story on routers). We NEED a complete overhaul of what we're doing right now and two of those candidates have had their chance now let's try opening our minds a bit further and get over the childish racism remarks as the media is only exploiting YOU for ratings. We need change, in a HUGE way.