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Obesity on the rise in North Carolina

READ MORE: North Carolina 16th most obese state
Obesity rates throughout the country are up once again. It seems North Carolina is doing more than its part to keep up with the trend. Apparently this year it is a little heavier than last. According to a new survey, obesity rates are up across the country. North Carolina did nothing to deflate the increase with its rates up 1.5 percent. But with fast food restaurant after fast food restaurant, it can be difficult to monitor your calories and portions. Tamlyn Shields works UNCW Obesity Prevention program. She said “Well fast foods tend to be higher in calories and they tend to have the larger portion sizes so you can super size everything." Avoiding fast food can be difficult for several reasons. Sometimes it is just a matter of convenience but other times people seek out fast food because of a comfort that comes from a bond formed at a younger age. “They have been advertising to the kids. Luckily the past few years they are at least offering healthier choices. So they have the apples now and the milk.” said Shields. There are organizations like the YMCA that are trying to help people to break bad eating habits and get moving. “If you want to be a healthy person and you want to have energy throughout the day and just lead a healthy, valuable life then exercise is definitely the key.” said Brooke Campese, a personal trainer at YMCA. And people in the Port City seem to be aware that balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle. “All your doctor's visits, the last probably two things he'll tell you after everything else, exercise and diet.” said one YMCA member. For those that are nervous about a first gym experience, Campese said it can not hurt to look. “Go and get out and go to a gym, take a tour. Come to the YMCA and take a tour, see what our facility has to offer.” With North Carolina now the 16th heaviest state, the times say to get serious and stop clowning around. Shields said it is important to make exercise a routine like brushing your teeth and kids need to learn the importance of nutrition and exercise early. New Hanover County schools are working on a new physical education program called Spark to Maximize Activity for school students.

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The irony of advertising

My favorite part about this article is the ad on the top right - FOOD FINDER.


Scientific studies show that vegans aren't the most HEALTHY eaters on the planet. Second, I will NEVER go vegan...I WILL EAT YOU before I start eating just plants...I bet I can eat a burger a day and STILL stay fit....fitter than you I bet! Lots more than shakes and burgers cause you to be overweight. In addition...what is it with people any way...if people want to be overweight..SO FLIPPIN WHAT. People drink and smoke...just as unhealthy.

Thank You! I couldn’t have

Thank You! I couldn’t have said it better. I am a healthy person, I exercise regularly and get my nutrients but I eat what I want, everything in moderation. I will never give up my medium rare sirloin with a baked potato I’m not going to give that up for anything. A little meat on your bones is just fine. And to the person talking about “fat people are disgusting” did you ever think that it could be a medical problem. There are plenty of reasons for a person to be overweight other than they are lazy and eat all day.

Medical problems are almost

Medical problems are almost always related to diet(Diabetis, high blood pressure, gout, body oder) so technically fat people are lazy discusting slobs that refuse to do what is right for there body.

fat slobs

well to tell the true I work in the medical field and there reason for some people to be fat and they can not help it. But,most are fat because of over eating and problems with how their body response to the food, many people try to lose weight and don't. being over weight is like being an addict. Its hard and most can not kick the bad habit of wrong foods, but then again you can not live with out food and one candy bar is a drug and you need more.

ha ok

When has body "oder" odor been a medical problem? BTW: it is Diabetes, disgusting & their. Is bad spelling a medical condition too? Perhaps you need more protein for better brain function.

Medical problems are related

Medical problems are related more to genetic disposition than they are diet. And some people who are overweight are in that position because they have thyroid or other metabolism related issues that prevent them from losing weight no matter what diet they try. People in chronic pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, or from past injuries also tend to be overweight because they are physically unable to exercise or because they cannot manage the pain. Since by your apathetic attitude and inability to spell we can assume you are not in a health care position, we will simply ignore the comment. By the way, I have encountered numerous SKINNY people who have body odor and are also disgusting, lazy slobs, so based on your assessment, what is their excuse?


Go vegetarian, lay off the burgers and shakes, have an apple instead of a snickers bar. It's really disgusting to see a fat body squeezed into clothing supposed to be for someone 5 sizes smaller.....


Its also disgusting to see anorexic looking woman. Nothing worse than a bony skeleton with no shape to her thinking she is all that and a bag of chips.

Mrs. Vegan

Its ALSO DISGUSTING to see grown women in clothes from the Limited Too...

Definitely, it is.

Definitely, it is.


What's disgusting are people with size 4 bodies and size 20 mouths! People need to be encouraged not discouraged by people with ugly attitudes. There are many reasons other than burgers, shakes and snicker bars that people are over weight. Also there are a few that I'm sure can't afford new clothes. I know quite a few people loosing weight at this time and are working very hard at it! Maybe that disgusting person you saw has already lost 50 lbs. and is waiting to loose 50 more before buying new clothes!

Right on, sister!

"There are many reasons other than burgers, shakes and snicker bars that people are over weight." Excatly right! There are also potato chips, pizza, ice cream, and the MOST reliable of all, not having exercised once since you graduated high school and finally escaped phys ed. Actually, in the absence of some pathological condition (such as a forty pound tumor) there is only ONE reason that people get obese: A total lack of self-discipline.

Commonsense, my dear, I have

Commonsense, my dear, I have followed your blogs since forever and usually marvel at how much you seem to know about EVERYTHING, but methinks you have traversed into an area about which you're not quite as learned. People do gain weight for a variety of reasons other than overeating and no exercise. Thyroid disease is one. Medications taken for various illnesses are notorious for causing weight gain. There are many others, but I won't bore you with the list.

Thyroid medication means you work out HARDER.

See? Here you go selling me short, but I do know about thyroid issues. My TSH is through the roof, but my T3 and T4 are perfectly normal....but it's been that way for years. (My theory is that my brain is SOOOOO huge, it compresses the pituitary gland.) Anyway, getting back to reality, when my doctor wanted to put me on medication, I declined his request for three reasons: 1. Three-quarters of thyroid problems are found in females, and I didn't want a girly disease. (And yes, I will gladly die if I ever develop breast cancer....or else I'll force them to refer to me as "the guy with cancer in his pectorals, likely from doing too many declined flies or too much time on the bench press.") 2. As long as T3 and T4 are normal, who CARES what the TSH is doing? If my thyroid eventually starts to burn out and T3/T4 levels drop, THEN we can start medication. 3. (Getting back to the point) Being well aware that thyroid medication can pack on the pounds, I had no desire to increase my calorie expenditure and readjust my calorie intake to make up for the new metabolism. I work out four days a week now, down from six days a week when I was forty-five. If I started the Levoxyl he wanted me to take, I would have had to increase my workouts and quite honestly, in my mid-fifties, my muscular-skeletal system can't take more than four heavy workouts a week. So, yes, I know that thyroid medication can make you gain weight, but that simply means that you turn up the self-discipline, and reduce your caloric intake or increase your caloric expenditure. Gotta go! Time to shower and shave, and that takes quite a while with this huge goiter....(JK)

re:thyroid meds

Next time you get tested, ask your doc to test your free t4 and free t3. The "non-free" tests are scientifically obsolete and a waste of your money. Thyroid meds don't make you gain weight because they are replacement hormones that your body lacks because your thyroid doesn't produce them either at all or at a deficit. Your body requires those hormones so your cells can convert nutrients to energy. There are many reasons why your blood levels of t4 and t3 would be adequate and your TSH high - pituitary and hypothalamus issues (like tumors) being two of them. If you have a goiter (a swollen thyroid) then your gland is straining to produce hormone or because your immune system is attacking it. Have your doc check your TGAb levels and your TPO levels to rule out Hashimoto's disease. Also, if your levels are swinging due to your gland "burning out" then your levels may be high one month and low the next. When your gland eventually burns completely out, full replacement hormone will be required. If you fail to take hormone and your thyroid does not function, you WILL die, slowly, but surely. As far as "work out harder when you have thyroid issues" goes, keep in mind that if your cells are not getting the hormones they need to convert nutrients to energy, you may not have the stamina to work harder because your body can not do so, because their bodies are using available energy for basic body functions. When your body functions (metabolism) slow due to lack of proper thyroid blood levels, issues may develop like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, diabetes, heartbeat irregularities, and so forth as your body functions slow. Proper treatment can resolve some of these issues.

You're one of those really serious people, aren't you?

I do not have a goiter. (JK indicates "just kidding.") My free T3 and T4 are fine, and they do not vary at all. I'm in terrific health. Thanks for your concerns.

Have you heard of Thyroid

Have you heard of Thyroid problems??? Personally, I can care less what other people look like. If someone is over weight and they are happy with themselves then who cares what others think. The problem I have with overweight people are the ones that are overweight, complain about it all thet ime, and then order the triple whopper at Burger King. I am 6'01" and weigh 205lbs, I work out 4 or 5 days a week. By doctors standards I am overweight, but I am very happy with how I look and would not want to weight under 200lbs.

What part of....

..."in the absence of some pathological condition" confused you? Would thyroid problems constitute a pathological condition? If you are 6'1" and weigh 205, you are HARDLY obese. I am the same height and weight fifteen pounds less than you, so I too, am overweight by the height/weight charts. But with body fat of 18% at my age, I'm not losing any sleep over it. The fact remains that few obese people are that way because of thyroid problems. They simply consume far too many calories for the amount they expend.

Give me a break!

Are you implying that people won't lose weight because they can't afford a new wardrobe? The money they save on food can be used to purchase new clothes.