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Occupancy tax dollars on the decline in NHC

The Cape Fear Tourism and Visitors Bureau reports that occupancy tax collection in New Hanover County is down almost eight percent during the fist four months of the year. That number tends to be the best gauge of tourism in our area. Those numbers need to rise dramatically in May and June, the end of the fiscal year, or total occupancy tax collection rates will decrease for the first time in eight years. “People may have forgone a trip last year and are willing to make a trip this year. So we don't know what it's going to look like for a while until the season plays out,” said economist Woody Hall. Even with the decrease, Hall says southeastern North Carolina is fairing better than many other tourist destinations around the country, due to the fact this area is considered a drive-to location. That makes it difficult to evaluate whether less people are visiting, or they're just spending less money.

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Calm down, everyone. I'm

Calm down, everyone. I'm SURE that the wonderful City Council has a contingency plan just for this situation. After all, wasn't it mentioned on this site before that if tourism numbers fell off due to a weakened economy or rising fuel prices that this would happen? Remember, our Mayor said that this would be not supported ever by our tax dollars. I trust him implicitly. Oh, and by the way, a guy in Brooklyn just gave me this great deal on a bridge. All I have to do is get it to Wilmington....

No contingency plan...they

No contingency plan...they were gonna make us pay for it from the your sweet bippy on it ;-) Since we as citizens will most likely pay for the completion of the C.C., I want to have a Hog Show there with imported mud for them to wallow in.

Ah Shucks! Wasn't this tax

Ah Shucks! Wasn't this tax supposed to pay for the new Convention Center with hotel stays from visitors/etc.? Where's my check book so I as John Q. Taxpayer can make up the difference to the City Council to help this project get completed now tourism and their tax dollars are on the decline.