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Officer won't be charged in shooting

WILMINGTON -- A Wilmington Police officer who shot a man during an illegal video poker gambling raid last week will not face charges. District Attorney Ben David says Officer Andrew Lazzaro was justified in using his gun in self-defense. David says the only person who committed criminal activity during the incident was Joseph Inman, the man who was shot. Inman is charged with operating a video gaming machine, among other charges. David says Officer Lazzaro used his training properly after Inman displayed a loaded weapon. "The law says you can use deadly force if deadly force is threatened against you, and with respect to the procedure, 100 times out of 100 times we will employ the SBI to come in to conduct a thorough outside review to ensure all procedures were appropriately followed. And here I find that they were," David said. David says there may be video evidence available at some point. Officer Lazzaro is on paid leave, but now has the OK to return to work. Inman remains in custody under $205,000 bond.

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what the?

i wonder if wpd thought about the illegal gamblers in there that were gambling? did any of them get arrested? NO,they just went in after the HIM and just bc he runs it, it takes others(money) to run it to,so who is really at fault? if it was a crack down shouldnt they all get arrested,if there is a drug ust they arrest all susects. no they went in there fired shots and yes the MAIN MAN did get hit in the process, but what is it going to prove? NOTHING. Yes he might be in prison for life but there will be another in his place. just like everything else still is. what the hell is going on in our counties? world? something has to change.


Officers go in to a situation like that armed and ready because they have no idea who is there and what kind or if they are carrying weapons. Gambling is big money and criminals will go to any and all lengths to protect their ill gotten gains. It seems to me the people who yell about the police and the DA or any form of law enforcement are the ones who maybe commiting the crimes in the first place. When you deal with criminals and go in on a raid it's past time time to be nice, by this time the police already know or highly suspect criminal activity so they go prepaired for anything to happen. As for Peyton Strickland and his friends they have proven they are willing to beat an innocent person for a $300.00 playstation they were to lazy to go out and get a job and earn the money to buy it. SO SHUT UP about him getting shot you play the game you pay for the ticket.

Ben David

Glad you got this one right for the officer! Maybe since the Governor did not like your last attempt to railroad a cop, you thought more about this one. Funny, how politics work in your DA career. I guess you path to Raleigh isn't paved as well anymore. Did you go and meet with the victims family this time or was his dad not a big political role in Raleigh? You finally made your first good/right decision as a DA.

Go Figure

Scenario 1; A man breaks into your home, you shoot him in the ass, he dies because that's where his brains are, you get arrested and charged because he was running away. Scenario 2; NHCSD knocks on the door while you're playing PS3, you go to answer the door, your dog gets shot and you get shot in the head through the door by the NHCSD swat team, oops, mistake, and no one gets charged.(Peyton Strickland) Scenario 3; You get arrested and put in jail for not completing community service, a jailer slams you to the concrete floor and breaks your neck, then puts you in a van and drives you to Raleigh instead of the local hospital, you die from the injuries, no one charged. Video camera in jail just happened to be broken, officers get to (re-create) what happened, you loose again. (Gary Rumor) Point being; If you break ANY law, you stand a chance of being shot or killed by law enforcement. If you brake the law while holding public office, you'll be given every opportunity to prove your innocence and receive full pension after being charged, convicted and get out of prison after a short term. (Thomas Wright, Jim Black, Meg Scott Phipps...)

Let's go even further

One doesn't even have to commit a crime for police to shoot to kill. There have been many cases of police shooting citizens "in error". Even breaking into the wrong homes and killing citizens, such as similar to your scenario 1. Except that the citizen, thinking it was a robber, threatened to shoot the individuals breaking into their home, those individuals actually being the gung ho police, and getting shot for defending their home, no matter what the person defending their home used (baseball bat, knife, gun). And, it's always justified. And based on some of the folks' opinions here, the cops wouldn't have broken into the home unless the person was a criminal, even if it were the wrong house. After all, the police can do no wrong, right? Dontcha just love sheep? Andrew

Breaking in

And this has happened here when?

Anytown, USA

Anytown, USA

Good job Ben

Good job Ben, let the police do their jobs.


That's not a surprise at all. Play video poker, and you're a dangerous criminal who should be shot. Play the NC lottery, and you're benefiting the state (since, according to recent articles, you certainly aren't benefiting your local schools). BTW, how did the officer KNOW, before checking it afterwards, that it was a "loaded" gun? I guess it's like Deputy Long "OMG! He has something black in his hand! :: bang bang ::" Oops! Lucky for the officer involved, the same didn't turn out to be true. Oh, wait... luck wasn't involved. As with Strickland, they had enough excuse to blame the victim. Inman may not have been a saint in the innocence dept., he was carrying a weapon though he was a felon, but the REASON the officers went there in the first place was for the video poker machines, not for the illegal weapon. And the officers went in armed to shoot the "dangerous criminals that are video poker players". One has to wonder if, when this officer shoots his next citizen, and they prove to be unarmed, will this incident with Inman count against him or will it be as if he never drew his gun? Andrew

Are you serious?

This shooting has nothing to do with the lottery or poker machines. They guy pointed a gun at an officer, forget about why they were there, it doesn't matter. So let me get this straight, you go to the mall and come out and a guy is pointing a gun at you to rob you, and you would say, "wait, hold on Mr. Robber, let me check to see if your gun is loaded before I give you my wallet". You are an idiot.

Tell ya what...

Tell ya what, when the police come storming into your home and, after shooting you or one of your family or friends, and they claim "Oh, I thought they had a gun", we'll "forget" what their excuse was for storming into your home (or even place of business" because, after all, the police are always right. And hey, you musta had loaded gun, 'cuz, hey, they are always right, right? Andrew

Thank God!

Some people would feel pissed off after hearing this due only to the fact of past offensives where police officers have had numerous shooting lately....i.e. hire more officers to catch these dudes before they rob, steal, buy/sell drugs to our kids, and before they can rob those banks. Maybe that will solve the problem, or atleast relieve it. 10 years ago, when we were faced in a situation, not one thought came out of my mind but this, "I ain't letting no mo' fo' end my life today" Where I am, there are shootings everyday and you never see the public criticize the officers the way this town does. It's rediculous. I'm almost scared to say that it's my's ebarrassing!


Great, I'm glad this didn't end the way of Deputy Long and how he got shafted. Thanks WPD