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Officials preparing for snow

READ MORE: Officials preparing for snow
The North Carolina Department of Transportation was closed Monday, but trucks were already equipped with plows in anticipation of impending snow fall. At Wilmington International Airport it was a similar scene as plows got ready to go. Marvin Foster, ILM maintenance coordinator, said, “If it starts accumulating on the runways, we'll spread the salts. If that takes care of it we'll lay low. If it starts accumulating more, that's when we put the plows on the runway.” Brunswick County emergency operations officials are urging people to stay off the roads if snow accumulates. “Stay home unless you have to travel. If you do have to travel, travel safely. Know the roads, know that the conditions are not normal conditions that you're traveling in,” said Scott Garner at the Brunswick County Emergency Operations Center. If travel is absolutely necessary the DOT issued a snow checklist for drivers. Clear windows and mirrors; drive slowly and leave space between cars; use caution at bridges and overpasses; and come to a complete stop at intersections where traffic lights are out. Schools are being affected by the weather; you can find the latest delays and closings by clicking on the link at the top of our home page.

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i think new hanover county

i think new hanover county schools should be closed because there is not a difference between pender and new hanover they have the same amount of snow and i think that new hanover county schools should be closed not on a 2 hour delay just to be on the safe side

Brunswick schools already closed

For those who did not know. Brunswick county schools were out on a teacher's workday today anyway. So no good or bad decisions here. They were already closed.

I am a school teacher and

I am a school teacher and would have rather gone to school rather than have to make it up during a break or teacher holiday. I also realize that there are many children in this area who have never seen snow and I think it is a remarkable experience for them. I am glad that the school systems decided to be proactive by cancelling the schools today. If something terrible had happen with our school children on the bus then people would complain about the schools not cancelling. Those who didn't think it was necessary to cancel, do not realize that quite a few students live in rural areas and it is dangerous for any vehicle to pick them up due to road conditions. I think we should be careful about what we say when we make unfair judgments on the decisions made by the local school boards.

school cancelled??

In Brunswick County; schools were already closed due to a teacher workday so what is all the arguing about?

Think a second

For all that are wondering why the schools are closed for a little bit of snow, you need to be thankful instead of complaining about the school boards actions. Those who live here and have always lived in the area know what you transplants here don't, and that is that we don't get snow often and also the drivers of the buses that transport the children are not used to handling 20 plus feet of vehicle that is over 8 feet high in the snow much less dealing with drivers that cut you off because they forget or dont know a bus uses air brakes and slamming on those can be deadly in this weather... there is no training course for them to drive on to practice nor a attachable ice melter for them to melt ice or make the road less slick as they make a tight bottom line for you complainers, either take all the kids to school in your vehicle or be thankful to know your child or children is safe at home and not at risk on the road. I am not a school board member or any of that but I use common sense and value the life of my child as im sure all of you do, and unless it truly safe tomorrow..I would hope they would do the same again.

Maybe they should train said

Maybe they should train said bus drivers here in the north where there is 6 inches and still school!

I just want to take a moment

I just want to take a moment to say that I think using the word "transplant" in regards to people that are not from the area but are currently living here is deragatory. If you are referring to the military families that are temporary residents, then I think you should find a more appropriate term instead of calling us "transplants". If it were not for the military families in this area, Jacksonville would not be what it is today!

School is cancelled...

due to the possibility of snow and not wanting to subject the kids to potential harm due to slick roads. But, every day, school buses transport 1000's of kids to and from school without seat belts.

What a dolt

Can you imagine a school bus in a serious accident and having to rely on one person (the driver) being responsible for getting them out of their seatbelts? For someone who is on here ALL the time correcting people, and pointing out where they supposedly dont think, would you please take some of your own advice and think before you type? You are obviously on the internet - do some research on seatbelts on school buses. But I have to say, you are like most of the southern trash on here - you complain just to complain. If the schools didn't cancel classes, you would have complained also.

As a former bus driver, I

As a former bus driver, I challenge you to do some research on seat belts on school buses. Check on the 'egg carton' design, they are built to protect kids in a collision. Also, ask yourself, would you want to be the one responsible for getting 70 small children out of seat belts and off a burning bus?

Do exactly what we did while growing up

Find that deserted parking lot and practice! Get into a skid, learn how to steer out of it. Fight the urge to hit the brake and USE YOUR TRANSMISSION to downshift. (It's not welded in the "D" position!) Nearly every endeavor in life can be compared to playing the violin: The more you do it, the better you get.


ITS SNOWING, ITS SNOWING. I AM SO EXCITED. My Dad took me and taught me to drive in snow when I was 16 in Charlotte in the school parking lot. I have driven in snow too many times to count, no accidents..... Fun times. Slow down, keep your distance.


Why do the school systems cancel on the threat of snow flurries? The morning of your big snow flurry storm nothing but rain. Why the panic over nothing?

Snow confusion

The reason that the schools close is because we do not have the equipment to clear roads and overpasses like our neighbors to the north. Seeming we only get snow about once in a very blue moon.. it would be silly to make those kinds of investments. As for ths schools, put 100,000+ kids on school buses and send them out on the icy roads and see what kind of disaster we have then. Please keep in mind that most of this area is still relateively rural in nature with unpaved roads and non-maintained ditch systems. It is dangerous to open schools when the threat of freezing precipatation is occuring. I for one will be anticipating that schools will be at minimum operating on a delay in the morning due to the ice that is sure to cover our roadways tonight.

Look out your window.

Look out your window. That's why they closed the schools.

why cancel school?

Because our kids don't get to see snow often, so lets relax a bit. It is great to be cautious and wonderful to be out of school on a snow day. You do know it is snowing in Carolina, right? Only happens here every 3 to 4 years if we are lucky. We love to see it come!

confused over school closing

You asked, "Why the panic over nothing?" The school system is protecting our children from what could happen. I give all the County School Boards, Brunswick, Bladen, Columbus, New Hanover, Pender credit for the good judgement call of not putting our children at risk. It sounds like you are from the north, if so go back, please

Tips from Northern transplants

Can any of you up north transplants give us southerners some tips in driving on this stuff? Been about 7 years since we had to drive on this.....

Go slow. Start braking well

Go slow. Start braking well before you think you should. We've had 27.5 inches so far this winter and some of these people up here never learn. Take your time, add a few more car lenghts between you and the person infront of you. Hope that helps. Tarheel in Iowa

Northern Advice for Winter Driving

As an imported Northerner, driving in the snow is easier than driving in the rain. Take corners slowly, do not use your brakes while going over icy areas (by-passes, black ice). Just remember it takes much longer to stop when there is snow or ice on the ground. Tap your brakes slowly when using them & you should be ok. If you start skidding or sliding, steer into the direction of the skid, and it will give you control of the car, no brakes while doing so if possible.

Northern Transplant??

What is a Northern Transplant? Time to get over the Civil War,y'all!

A Northern Transplant

For NY to NC: A Northern Transplant has nothing to do with the Civil War, any more than y'all, makes your comment any more useful than the one stating Northern Transplant. Stop taking offense to everthing, you'ins. Have a chilly day! Consider it a term of endearment. I have been up North, NC to NY, and been called much worse than a Southern Transplant...much worse. So if those words are offensive, do what I did, ignore them, and always know that when you make an issue out of something so insignificant, it is then YOUR issue, if nothing was meant by them to begin with. BTW, welcome to the south! That is more than I got up North.

if you have a manual car

if you have a manual car drive in a lower gear. But not 1st gear

Stay home!

Stay home!


My advice: Take it slow, use the headlights and turn signals, and don't tailgate. I personally don't think it is going to be as bad as it is being made out to be.

Driving with Headlights on

I know that this morning while driving I needed to use my windshield whippers because of the falling snow. Did you know that it is a law in the state of NC that while using your windshield whippers that you are also supposed to have your headlights on? Please turn your headlights on while driving in rainy/snowy/foggy situations, not so much for you to see what is in front of your car but for others on the road to be able to see you!!

driving in snow

Take it for someone who has driven in snow a lot of their life. (already have had about 40" of snow this year) If you must drive in it, leave early, drive slow, allow 10 times the stopping distance you normally take. Use signals (you should all the time, but I know Wilmington drivers). If you should slide sideways, turn the wheel into the direction you are sliding, but don't overstear. Good luck

Don't be fooled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those of us that are real natives remember that all of the crippling snows are always the ones that are either not predicted or down played. So please be careful and make sure you keep up to date on all of the reports. Of course there are always the ones that have to get out and see the Snow with four wheel drives. Those are the ones that wind up in the ditch upside down, hurt.

More than just snow that closed the schools- Inaugeration

Dont forget it Inaugeration Day and alot of parents were not going to send there children to school anyways so why not close them...

Inauguration Day!

Several parents took their children to Washington, and those that did not, probably were going to keep them home.