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Officials trying to prevent illegal dumping

READ MORE: Officials trying to prevent illegal dumping
Illegal dumpers beware, Boiling Spring Lakes officials are after you. Area roads and woods are being littered with trash and becoming a real nuisance for residents. It's clear someone is using dirt roads throughout the city as a dumping ground. For the past four months, Boiling Spring Lakes code enforcement officer Ken Riker has been documenting trouble spots and has managed to pin point 75 sites where illegal dumping is a problem. "When somebody does go out and dump it's there for awhile. I can't go down every road, everyday the town is to big." Riker says it's a crime of convenience. People are taking the opportunity to dump bulk trash in a hidden area, instead of paying to take it to the county landfill. Now, warning signs line the dirt roads. In December, the city placed a surveillance camera in the woods to not only capture wildlife, but also offenders in the act. That same month, the camera led to an arrest. Dumping is not only a nuisance but has become a health concern. The city will now have to take on the cost of disposing the trash in hopes the county landfill will waive the fee to take out the trash. You're invited to take advantage of the city's bulk pick up day, taking place on March 20th. It's the only one of the year at the county landfill. Anything that can be recycled is free to dispose. Concrete, asbestos, construction materials are priced by the ton, which can cost up to 49 dollars.

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The focus should not just be on illegal dumping but individual properties as well. I lived in BSL for a couple of years and the main reason I sold my home is because the neighbors were so trashy that mice, snakes and fleas were overunning my property along with their household garbage that never seemed to make into the can or to the street for pick up. I lived on BSL Road and the trash and overgrown yard could be easily seen. Never once was anything done even after numerous complaints. BSL has been a dumping ground for Brunswick County's lower income for decades and until the past few years, no one except those living around the golf course took much pride in property maintenance. Maybe it is time to step up property maintenance ordinances and instill some pride in your community, it is infectious.

If your town looks like a dump....

People may think you are a dump. Boiling Springs always hasn't always been at the forefront of civic pride.


Trash is in the Eye of the Beholder. And it looks like RSIMMONS has always had an Eye Full!!