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Offshore drilling could cause headaches

READ MORE: Offshore drilling could cause headaches

President Obama lifted a ban on offshore drilling from Virginia to Florida. Environmentalists are worried that the oil could pollute North Carolina's fragile ecosystem and one spill could destroy it forever. Experts say the oil supply off North Carolina's coast would be exhausted within five years. And the president's decision to lift the drilling ban goes against his own clean energy initiatives.

Chair of the Cape Fear Sierra Club Janice Wilson says "I'm disappointed that he would on the one hand have new clean car regulations and then on turn around and say we're going to start drilling for more oil and gas because we have to have more gas for our cars". But those who support drilling say it could bring many jobs to our area.

Offshore drilling in our area isn't expected for at least the next ten years. But with the ban lifted, environmentalists say pollution from oil drilling off the coast of Virginia could flow south to our area.

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Too much lost

The oil retained from this drilling will likely be consumed in five years, as an estimation. The jobs generated by Chevron threaten jobs already in place through tourism, and fisheries. It will be tough to harvest fish from polluted waters, and it will be tough to provide in-tact ecosystems drenched in chemical leaks. I think people will pay to eat clean fish. More specifically, people already pay to see what ecosystems we have left.

Yes, it is time to stop depending on other countries for energy. Therefore more wise investments can be made for more innovative, modern energy concepts. Let's face it folks: OPEC has the oil industry on a string. We cannot compete. That is why the oil policy is not as simple as it seems. The truth is we would need to investigate to see where this oil actually goes, because so little of the oil-trade is in our hands.

So maybe off shore drills can provide a temporary solution. But when can we start investing in something that renew/sustains itself for this country? Will this ever be valuable to us? It certainly is not of value if we are willing to risk our ecosystems, beaches, tourism industry and fisheries for the sake of old habits.


Finally the President is doing something right, so please leave it alone. This may never happen again. We need access to our own oil. I believe freedom from countries that want to kill or destroy us is way more important than going "GREEN."

Before the crunch

you could see cargo carriers, carting Japanese made autos, lined up off the coast of Virginia Beach and heading up the Bay. No one seemed to mind.

Once we get over the mind set that the ecological world will end if oil is drilled, we can then move on to the Artic and Alaska and hit some of that untapped crude.

Let OPEC learn a hard lesson. And let us not forget how they stuck it to our economy.

Drilling Off shore of NC

No need to get worked up over this smokescreen. Actually the leasing of the drilling has been delayed further and additional areas have been added to the current no drilling zones. Obama has no intention of approving drilling offshore, he just wants bargaining chips for further promotion of his "cap and trade" tax policy.

Off shore oil drilling

I listened to a couple of folks this morning on TV14 and was so frustrated. I am not an activist and I do care about our waters BUT we need employment and this country needs to support itself with oil and cutoff reliance on other countries. I personally do not think the tourists will care one way or the other. Americans need to stand up and take care of ourselves for a change. These people that are against it obviously are fully employed and have enough money to keep paying the higher gas prices along with all the other high priced needs a family requires. I am not an Obama supporter but I was extremely pleased about this. It is about time.
"oil could pollute North Carolina's fragile ecosystem" Is that different than all the septic systems that dump into our creeks?

More than jobs, it will bring OIL!

We have learned a LOT since Santa Barbara, forty-one years ago. Offshore drilling is safe, clean, and it only makes sense to drill for oil right here at home....or keep dancing to OPEC's tune.

You folks need to accept one very basic fact: Petroleum based fuels are some of the most efficient fuels ever developed, and it will be many, MANY years before alternative fuel sources are ready for market on a scale to equal our gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel distribution networks. Your grandchildren will still be filling up at BP and Exxon.