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Offshore drilling issue settled by House Democrats

The issue of offshore drilling has been settled by House Democrats. After months of battling with the Republicans over this issue, House Democrats have agreed to allow a longtime ban on drilling to expire at the end of this month. The issue still requires a vote in the Senate. Steve Ross, a UNCW research professor said, "Well the lifting of the drilling ban by Congress is moving along very rapidly, and it has all the appearance of being a knee jerk reaction to the publics concern over gas prices and the economy in general. There is quite a lot of production left in the Gulf of Mexico and that would be a good place to continue exploration." If the House bill passes the Senate the offshore drilling moratorium would be temporarily lifted, but a more fixed policy would be determined during the next election year.

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Offshore drilling

With all our education & knowledge of the effects of drilling that they still voted to end the ban on offshore drilling on our coasts. There is fact that this will not lower the cost of fuel today or 10 yrs from now. Let's spend our time & money on creating clean energy & green jobs, that also pay very well. I'll definitely vote for people who oppose this lift on the ban. We are a society addicted to oil, let's make the change now for our future children to not have to face this problem so we can be truly energy independent.

I don't know about you...

...but I fully plan to be buying gasoline and driving ten years from now. What do you propose we put in our tanks in place of gasoline?

Drill Baby Drill

Drill Baby Drill. I can not believe that we are so concerned in NC about loosing tourism dollars and minimum wage jobs and do not want to break away from importing energy from countries that do not like us. Open up the coast of NC to wind, solar and yes oil exploration. We needed to do this years ago and are suffering today with high energy prices because of it.

It's not going to help very much

The fifty mile restriction that Congressional Democrats imposed effectively renders the most promising locations off limits. It still has to be authorized by the state, too. Now in that regard, if the Democrats in Raleigh are convinced that they'll get millions in oil royalties to totally blow, it's a done deal.