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Ogden Santa honored by food drive

READ MORE: Ogden Santa honored by food drive
His name was Dane Hobbs, but most people knew him as the Ogden Santa. Some even thought he was the real thing “When I was younger my mom would always tell me he was Santa. (She would tell me) That he was Santa in disguise and to watch what I did,” said Alexandra Babb. A man who didn't have much, could often be seen in front of store fronts, but the lack of material things didn't get him down. “He was extremely happy, and you could tell that not really having anything didn't really affect him, he was really optimistic,” added Babb. Alexandra Babb decided that she needed to do something in honor of the man so many knew around the community. “As soon as we got back from his memorial, we talked about doing a food drive, and I thought the best way to get the word out was a networking site,” Babb said. Using, the First Annual Ogden Santa Food Drive was organized; an event that's raising food for many organizations, including Good Shepherd - help that is very much needed at this time of year. “It means a lot because without donations some people would actually go hungry. You know, be turned away, because of lack of food,” said Good Shepherd volunteer Cornelius Wallington. “For the community in Wilmington to come together like they have been, it really means a lot.” With all the donations brought in on this day, many more people will be fed in honor of one man who left his mark on this community. “Hopefully people now aren't as hesitant to talk to the homeless around Wilmington, or to help,” said Babb. You can still donate food through Christmas Eve. You can drop off non-perishable goods at the mansion on Market St. in Ogden by 4:00 p.m. each day.

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sweet sweet Dane

I have known Dane ( he liked to be called Alan) for years, he was so sweet, I loved him like he was my grandfather. In the past I begged my dad to let him come stay with us. We used to help him out all the time, we would give him money for food, and all kinds of other stuff. I miss him so much. I wish he would come knock on my door and yell gotcha! <3<3<3

Wrong about Dane

Whoever left the statement about Dane clearly didnt know him.I knew him for years and this person is just wrong. I wonder if your the one who left the "nasty"comment to my 16 year old on the myspace page? UMMMMMMMMMM.There is one of you in every crowd.Merry Christmas

Santa Claus

That's strange. I worked in a store in the Ogden Food Lion shopping center for years, and that guy was always mean as a snake. He'd frequently yell at people who tried to offer him help, and the other homeless people in the area avoided him because of his violent temper. Oh well. Maybe other folks caught him on a good day or something.

sweet sweet Dane

I have known Dane ( he was called Alan by us, that is what he liked to be called) for years, we were very good friends, and my dad and I used to give him money for food, and help him out alot! I am very sad, because he was like a grandfather to me, I miss him so much, when my dad told me he was dead I cried, I loved him like a family member, I begged my dad to let him come stay with us, at our house, he was so nice. He used to always hug me! I miss him so much. I wish he would knock on my door right now and yell gotcha! <3<3<3<3

Dane Was So Sweet

Dane was so sweet. I knew him for years.He didn't like mean or rude people..He didn't like people picking on people.He didn't like people taking advantage of people.Which catagory were you in?