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Oil threat affecting vacation plans

READ MORE: Oil threat affecting vacation plans

TOPSAIL BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- The explosion that caused what could turn out to be the worst oil spill in history is impacting vacationers not just along the Gulf Coast, but here in southeastern North Carolina.

The Walters family from Kentucky was worried the oil spill could affect their Topsail Beach vacation. After the oil ruined her family's plans for a trip to the Gulf Coast, Fawn Walters called Ward Realty in Topsail Beach to see if she could get a refund if the oil spill came here. Walters says Ward assured her of a refund, as long as she got trip insurance.

After paying for half the trip, she called to check again. Walters says Ward said she needed to check with the insurance company, which said oil reaching Topsail would not get her a refund.

"I know the disaster is unavoidable, but I absolutely expect a good company to honor what they tell their customers," Walters said. "This is unethical. This is bad business practices, and we're on a budget, so if we're out this money, there's nothing we can do about it. We'll have to sit in a house with an oil-covered beach, and that's not fair."

Of course, there's no way of knowing if oil from the Gulf will wind up along our coast, but that's beside the point for Walters, who got a full refund on her trip planned for the gulf coast.

The owner of Ward Realty, David Ward, says it was his company's mistake to assure walters she could get a refund. The realtors weren't sure if it was covered until they called the insurance company to find out. The Walters family is now looking for another place to vacation, and they're hoping the third time's the charm.

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I think it is terrible that

I think it is terrible that the walter family would not get a refund- they should get a lawyer!!ward realty was not right!


I can understand being upset about missing a vacation or paying for an overpriced house just to enjoy natures beauty and family time. Yes, there are way more important things to do about this oil spill tracking it, containing it, and just getting rid of it. But if I were to spend a s**t load of money to rent a house for a week or two I would be p**sed if I was promised a refund and didn't get one. Insurance corporations make enough money as it is scamming people just like Mr. Walters. Why can't the insurance corp. make a donation to help clean up this mess?! *laugh* insurance companies spend money when h**l freezes over.

Good grief! WHY did you give

Good grief! WHY did you give these morons a forum? This is idiocy from top to bottom, and perhaps the worst is that you wrote it down and put it on a web site.

oil in nc? Walter's family vaca.

I think the Walters need to go elsewhere. Sound like whiners to me. How did wway become aware of this story? Did the whiner actually call the news here?

This oil spill is unique as are all spills and b!tc}{!ng about the realty company is rather childish. Its not like we have oil spills here on a regular basis and the rental company is up on the rules of oil spill insurance. Geeez.

Stay inland Walters family, we have enough tourists here.

Maybe a staycation

Maybe they need to stay home just to be safe.

No Oil Guaranteed on Beach?!

Are you kidding me? Talk about good will! If he did, the Broker should NOT have given them a refund nor should he have encouraged the owner of the property to refund them. It's too bad his agent implied otherwise. Perhaps an insurance binder that reads "no oil guaranteed on beach", but I doubt such a thing exists, ever has or ever will.

Read your rental agreements tenants, it's what the executed contract stipulates that is enforceable. I ought to know, I'm a Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker. If that broker is lucky he will never hear from them again! Good riddance. These people are bad news...

ward realty is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the walters family nedds a lawyer ward realtiy is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really fee sorry for the

I really fee sorry for the walters family-It is not right that they were told they would not get the money back if the oil spill affected the carolina beaches!!!!!!ward reality should let them come again when the beaches are open if the oil spill closes them and the family is not whiners and has very vaid concerns!!!I would get a lawyer!!!!!!!!