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Old building finds new life as surf shop

READ MORE: Old building finds new life as surf shop

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- A 70-year-old building at Wrightsville Beach is getting a facelift and will soon be a surf shop. The old building on South Lumina Ave. has been vacant for 40 years, and it's kind of been an eye sore. Now it's fixed up, and next month the old Glen Restaurant and Hotel will become the South End Surf Shop.

Owner Jeff DeGroote is using the old doors for his dressing rooms. Most of the artifacts found inside are being donated to the Wrightsville Beach Museum for everyone to enjoy.

"Upstairs is pretty much untouched since the '40s, so there are a lot of artifacts, bedding and essentially some really cool items up there, and we've had the Town of Wrightsville Beach Museum up there to check a few items out," DeGroote said. "And our ultimate goal is to make the shop both levels, we're going to clean up upstairs and preserve what history is still up there."

The new owners are still moving stuff in, but they plan to be open for business at the beginning of June.

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I always wanted to check out

I always wanted to check out that building. glad someones done something with it other than destroy it and leave an empty lot for ten years like they did with the Heron St "Hilton". I think he's got a tough road ahead tho with that location, the economy and so much competition.

I think it's great!

I think it's a great place and really applaud this guy for chasing his dream. We needed a surf shop at the south end and I think it will do really well. I think the guy that wrote the negative comment must have went out of business or something. Sorry to see someone be so negative.

South End Surf Shop

What a cool location! Sweet for surfers on the South End. Thanks Guys:-)

It's nice to see someone

It's nice to see someone putting these old buildings that are so full of history to use instead of just tearing them down.

Too bad someone didn't save the Lumina instead of demolishing it.

wow really! do we need

wow really! do we need another surf shop here much less on a 2 mile beach that already has two really good surf shops that carry all the good brands between them...what are they gonna carry besides all the brands that everyone else has turned away....good luck with that one... especially in the winter.......

dude sc**w you... those

dude sc**w you... those brands that they carry are nothing but the industry b/s that I'm sure idiots like you love. In case you and your assumptions didn't know, the shop carry's way more locally shaped boards than sweetwater or surf city therefore definitely something different. So why don't u keep your disrespectful remarks to your self and go back to your body board.