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One dead after boat capsizes

Memorial Day is known as the unofficial start to summer. And this summer is officially off to a deadly start after a boat capsized in the water off Figure Eight Island last night. Of the two people who were in the boat, only one was able to swim to shore. It is believed that the 22-foot center console boat capsized around 6 p.m. in Rich Inlet. Rescue crews continued to search through the night. Around 1:30 Tuesday morning they found the body of the second boater. It's unclear why the boat capsized. Investigators say they did not get the call to begin their search until the one survivor made it to shore around 10 p.m. A Coast Guard helicopter found the body of the other passenger washed up on shore about three miles down Lee Island. Officials believe the two men are New Hanover County Residents, but don't think they lived on Figure Eight Island.

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Learn drownproofing

Anyone who has spent a lot of time in the ocean will tell you that wind, tides, and currents can turn a pleasant day trip into a nightmare in seconds. I encourage everyone to learn and practice the survival technique known as "drownproofing." Yes, you should always have a PFD handy. If you can't swim, you should be WEARING the PFD. But in the event that you go into the water and rescue isn't close at hand, drownproofing (and the confidence it brings you) can let you survive many, many hours.

the ocean has no pitty

what everyone must remember is the ocean has no feelings, and shows no remorse. when you go out in boat be it a 14 footer or a 50 footer you must know your limitations and the ability of your vessel. To those who have lost a loved one i am sorry. this might serve as a warning to others in the future to think before they proceed. remember our rescue services are great but if mother ocean wants you there is nothing you can do.

Good man

We lost a good man yesterday during an unfortunate boating accident. You will be deeply missed by your extended family here at National Gypsum. I will miss the smell of your cigars

RIch's Inlet

I was asked to help search...running the banks on Nixon and Green and criss-crossing the main body of water and worked my way into the was hard to navigate at night at there was a fairly significant chop. The NHC Rescue and Coast Guard set up a command post at a private residence on the North End of Figure 8. They were patrolling the beach on ATV's etc ad walking the beach. Their collecive efforts were outstanding, compounded with the normal lunacy on a Holiday weekend, they were all spread very thin. Ogden was there, EMTS, Fire & Rescue, NHC Highway Patrol and Sheriff on land and on sea and additonally the US Coast Guard did an outstanding job of communicating to all whilst handling other emergencies in their jurisdiction. Every single person there was doing all they could. One gentleman went out in the inlet in the NHC Zodiac and battled 3 - 5 foot chop with thermal imaging and took a beating but was committed too his efforts in locating the individual. It was a terrible accident and when "backtracked" per se, I am sure a reason will emerge. My heart goes out to the family's of these people.

Thank you

thank you so much for your efforts. It means a lot to all of us who have lost him.

Why didn't anyone see this??

OMG...I was at Rich's Inlet all day on was absolutely come noone saw the boat capsize?? It's just almost unbelievable that anyone in that big of a boat capsizing went unnoticed...


I'd heard that it happened in the breaker line out in the ocean. Most people on Fig. 8 and Hutaff were looking for the opening in their beer can and just about all were faced sound side. Even then, my general impression is that most don't care. I pulled a jet ski in that some guy had been walking down the Intercoastal. He said he'd been out there stuck for over an hour.

Life Preserver

A Life Preserver Only Works When You Wear It..


hind sight is 20/20. Do you think for a minute a comment like this is helping my family any. We are well aware of what a life jacket is worth, we don't need to hear it after losing someone we love very much, thank you though for your concern.

Unbelievable effort

First off I want to commend the folks that worked diligently in the search for the individual. I am fortunate to live on the water in Scott's Hill and at around 11pm was woken by my mother who had heard the news and was calling to check on me. I walked to the door to see several vessels searching in the night and it was dark. I turned on my hand held VHF and listened until they had found the body wondering if there was anything I could have done myself or if only I had seen something happen. I had actually navigated the inlet around the time that the boat supposedly capsized (6:20 approx) and to tell you the truth, there was only a handful of folks remaining on the beach and only one boat that was trolling just outside the breakers for it was the end of the three day weekend so I don't think that the consumption of beer made any difference at least by those on the beach. It is a dangerous inlet especially with the falling tide and the south wind and even those who are seasoned waterman can be surprised by its fury. It has bitten me a few times luckily for me I escaped it with my life. I want to send my regards to the family and friends of the gentleman and I want to salute those who braved the dark in search of the body. The folks from Ogden rescue, the folks from the coast guard and all the others who assisted. For me it hit close to home literally, and to see the effort put into the recovery of this person made me feel great to be a part of this community.

thank you

you have no idea how much this means to us!!

This is the kind of statement...

OH, if only the WWAY staff saw it to interview you. This is the PERFECT rendition of what a journalist looks for every day. Searen, this is the type of info we look for in an article. Your take on this tragedy is the only one that brought me to tears. Good job! I am truly heartbroken at this now that I hear your end of things. Must have been truly heartbreaking to deal with this in your own back yard. Prayers to you!