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FIRST ON 3: Teen killed in Creekwood was charged with murder in 2007



WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) - The investigation into the double shooting Thursday night in Creekwood is continuing today.

The shooting victim who died from his injuries was Teshon Malik Lane, age 19, of Wilmington. The other victim remains hospitalized in stable condition. His name is not being released at this stage in the investigation.

Investigators are emphasizing that information about this case may be submitted anonymously through Text-A-Tip. Enter Tip708 and the information, and send to 274637 (CRIMES).


WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) -- The Wilmington Police Department is investigating a shooting in the Creekwood community. The call was dispatched at 11:50 p.m. on Thursday night.

One man has died and a second male victim is being treated at the New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Investigators currently are canvassing the neighborhood and interviewing potential witnesses.

No additional details can be released at this time, but more information will be made available as the investigation progresses.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the Wilmington Police Department at 910-343-3600. Information may be submitted anonymously through Text-A-Tip. Enter Tip708 and the information, and send to 274637 (CRIMES).

########### story from August 2007:

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police detectives have charged two suspects in connection with a drive-by shooting that left a 17-year-old boy dead. Seventeen-year-old Anthony Jackson of Wilmington and 16-year-old Teshon Malik Lane of Wilmington were charged with homicide late Friday evening. Darius Hassan Green lived within a few blocks of where the shooting took place. He was walking in the 4100 block of Princess Place at about 4:15 p.m. Friday, when he was shot from a moving vehicle. He was pronounced dead at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. The motive for the shooting is still unclear. Detectives are still investigating the incident. An autopsy is scheduled for Saturday.

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Ok all yall ppl talkin bout

Ok all yall ppl talkin bout he was a bad person talkin junk this that and the third yall really needa get a life seriously because everything was not wat it seemed shon actually was a real nice boy just tryna live his life yall are so narrow minded & dumb I was gone say ignorant but yall is really past the point of ignorant bcuz u kno wat ya sayin is wrong & ya hidin behind a computer 2 say so who cares how u feel if u got something bad 2 say kick rocks aint nobody askin for yall 2 say anything because ya presence is not needed & then yall have the audacity 2 talk about the boy family wtf does his history have ta do wit him bein murdered nottin & wway yall should really b ashamed of ya selves did u put up here that he wasn't convicted of the crime did u put up here he apologized for bein n the car did u put up here that he had nottin 2 do wit the murder no ya didn't smdh white ppl I think the police for workin so hard but yall obviously aint doin a good enough job if aint nobody been picked up yet for the murder & its plenty of information that yall have & if anything else bad needs 2 said I suggest yall keep it 2 yaself RIP SHON I miss u so much baby u always told me I was bonnie so now I'm ridin like u was right by side

IF YALL claim he was such a

IF YALL claim he was such a bad guy and a murderer which he was cleared of and that he get what he deserves and you dnt see why he should live you are the devil as wel for juding him and wishing death on people. If you have kids you should make sure they are in the house at all times it could be tyou dead and gone. PS i hope he sees what yall put on it and haunt you every night ;-).

just because yall say knock

just because yall say knock down creekwood it doesnt mean anything. Nesbitt courts and taylor holmes was knocked down. Theres still crimes going on. Well since some of you want to knock down creekwood i hope they come in your neighbor. and give you stray bullets to duck everynight all because you want to ruin the good people that live in creekwood and leave them homeless. BLACK POWER!!!

So cute

That is so cute.


Too cute. The blind lead the blind.

All these negative comments

All these negative comments are coming from white people, but if this was a white kids instead of black there wouldnt be any talk. The news people need to get their stuff together, of course their white and got something NEGATIVE to say about blacks, ALWAys. How bout some good things he did and there are some. People what if this was ur child remember watch what you say something might happen to you or your love ones for passing judgements. People please grow up RIP Shon and Darius

wanna bet

If the kids where white and already been in prison and previously charged with a drive-by there would be plenty of comments. I am curious to know how many white punks do drive-bys in Wilmington, anyone know?


its sad to see alot of people on here that can hide behind these computers and say all this evil stuff about Black People. SMH.. it just shows that Racism is still alive. ima Black Male from tha community and i have plenty of white friends and not one time have they looked at me for my skin color. we are humans too and we have hearts and brains. i do admit some people don't use there brain and think about there actions before they say or do something but we all are not perfect. just saying before you call somebody else ignorant or a N****R think about what you are doing.


This is what WWAY Tv news has come to .This is our top story? What happened to humanity, companish,are we so wrapped up in ourselves that we have forgotten . TyShon had a family he was loved and a human being he was not a animal. Tyshon's death was not his choice but GODS TIMING.To Nika and Tyrell my thoughts and prayers are with you. Regardless of what WWAY allow these heartless cruel people to post YOU did what you had to do as parents and everyone thats posting all these negatives comments I hope that you guys are not raising children or grandchildren because one day you will learn that what YOU expect for your child is not always what they choose for themselves. I pray God's peace love and compassion be unto ALL of you because you certaintly need it.Love you MONIKA & TYREL LANE.

WWAY TV3 and all of its employees will answer to GOD one day

I find it DEPLORABLE that WWAY TV3 would allow most of these comments to be published online..I hope to GOD none of you nerds who blog on this website 24/7 and who are sitting in your mom's basement never experience the loss of a child..GOD will find you in your basement and make you and WWAY TV3 answer for what you are doing to a mom and a father and siblings and cousins and friends of Teshon. I hope GOD strikes down this website and everyone who committed me you all will see Teshon again one day while he sits next to GOD who will be judging you insensitive, no life having nerds..I dare WWAY TV3 to publish this for everyone to see..GOD and Teshon will have the last word on yall soul!! I hope the Lane Family sues WWAY and the commenters for defamation!! I hope the judge make all of you nerds who are sitting behind a computer in your drawers show up to court and lose all your money so you cant even afford a modem so you wont be able to blog in your mom's basement!!

How easy some people find it

How easy some people find it to judge others. If you did not know Teshon Lane or his family, you have no absolutely no knowledge of his circumstances. Of course the news is going to give you the negative information, that is what makes them money! The first time I met him, he and his brother were in the bassinet beside my son at the nursery of New Hanover Hospital two days after he was born. His family and mine have been intertwined ever since, playing t-ball, baseball, and Pop Warner football and attending middle school together. As parents we do the best we can for our children and we pray they grow up to make the right choices. Unfortunately that doesn't always happen, I too know this from experience. Regardless, Shon was still someone's son, grandson, nephew, cousin and brother. Instead of focusing on the mistakes he made or might have made while on this earth, put your focus on the pain his family is now going through. If the world practiced a little more compassion and less criticism, it would be a better place.

Sell that one somewhere else!

"If the world practiced a little more compassion and less criticism, it would be a better place."

So what you are saying is, "The hard working, honest and law abiding citizens of this country are supposed to embrace and hold compassion for convicted felons that feel they have the right to lie, steal, cheat, rape, murder and maim others to suit their own just cause and income as a criminal."? Compassion? This article is about a convicted criminal with a worn out path to jail that was killed because of the circles he chose to operate within. HE HAD CHOICES!!! HE MADE CHOICES!!! This article is NOT about someone who helped feed and house the homeless, NOT about someone who served with a Hospice, NOT someone who fought bravely for their country and NOT about someone who pulled children from a burning car. He was simply a criminal and just happens to be someone's relative. They can cry moan and speak of " great of a person he was..." all they want to, but don't expect the honest, working people that lie as an innocent victim to worms like this to have compassion for his untimely death.

Let's rephrase your quote in a manner that makes a little more sense to the average Joe, "If the world practiced a little more at the pistol range, spent less time as helpless victims and treated the criminals as they SHOULD be treated, it would be a better place."
Now, hows that for making the world go around?

And it would be a better place - - -

if we didn't have to worry about walking down the street and being shot by someone in a car out looking for trouble.... if we didn't have to worry about coming out of the mall at night and being attacked.... if we didn't have to worry about drug dealers shooting each other in public and a stray bullet hitting an inocent bystander... now do you understand how it could be a better place???

It can be done...

I would first like to say I'm sorry for the loss of any child regardless of the situation. I would hope my story could motivate at least one person. I lived in public housing for about three years. My children were young and WE (their father and I) were struggling young parents. I knew that's not where I wanted to stay forever but it was what needed to be done at the time. My children's father and I seperated and I knew I could not raise children there seeing the things that were going on. I made the choice to raise my children in a better enviornment so they didn't think that was the normal way to live. I was/am very hard on them because I want better for them. It was very hard and we struggled alot but it was worth it to me. It would have been much easier to stay in public housing and get assistance from DSS but I wanted my children to see me work hard and make something of myself. I have been on my job for 10 years (not flipping burgers),my oldest child is in her second year of college, my son will graduate this year. They have never been in trouble with the law and I am very proud of them. You do have to let them go and hope the things you have taught them stay with them. The moral of this story is it can be done, it may not be easy but this world owes you nothing, YOU owe it to yourself and your children.

Bulldoze Creekwood

Knock down Creekwood, forget about renovating it, it will be destroyed again very shortly. The place is a war zone. It's a disgrace that this is happening at all, not to mention how often! The cycle needs to stop. I'm sorry, but PARENTS need to be held accountable.

What happens when you pick

What happens when you pick up a rock with bugs underneath it? The bugs scatter, going anywhere and everywhere. Creekwood is the Rock of the ghetto. Destroy it, and the roaches will scatter to a neighborhood near you.

It's not the property, its the people.

Trash killed by trash

The species will be stronger for it.

(BTW, I'll stop making these cold, hard, factual statements as soon as people stop posting these idiotic "....what a wonderful person ______ was" every time some multiple-felon gets gunned down in the hood.)

Buy a clue - a felon is not a "good person."

this is rude!!! "trash

this is rude!!! "trash killed by trash" yall ignorant people need to watch what yall say yall dont know what people go through and you dont know how they were raised so dont speak on nothin you dont know!!
mind you bizness!! everybody is a CHILD OF GOD!! NO NEED TO REFER TO THEM AS TRASH SMH!

I'll tell you what I do know....

His criminal record.

That says it all. Who cares how he was raised? Lots of people grow up in poverty without resorting to crime. Teshon's fate was dictated by the choices HE made.

Sorry if the truth is so hard to take.....yall!

re: to rude

I hate to tell you this, but not everyone is a child of God. There are those who have sold themselves to the devil and are therefore the son of the Devil. God offers free choice... he doesn't force himself on must choose to become the child of God. It isn't automatically is a choice. When you make the choice to be a child of God, you don't live like the devil.

Thanks TV3

You headline the arrest and charge, but make no mention of the RELEASE, or of him being CLEARED of the murder charge. Great unprejudiced journalism!

It doesn't matter...

... because he WAS convicted of being an accessory after the fact. The man chose the path he took. He was not a good guy, he was a convicted felon. Felons steal, lie, cheat, rape, murder, steal, lie, cheat and steal. THAT is why they are tagged as felons, get it? They are not nice people.

There was nothing predjudiced about this reporting. FACTS ARE FACTS and that is what has been reported.



How Do You Know. . .

That she raised this boy. . are you sure a grandma, aunt or cousin didn't do it? He obviously hasn't had a good environment growing up because he had no values or morals. Remember, last year he murdered someone.


I don't believe anyone forgets the Mother.

You state she did the best she could. I wonder.

When he was 5 or 6, did she instill a sense of responsibility and consideration for the rights of others?

When he became headstrong, a few years later, did she do what was necessary to show him the error of his ways?

Where was the Father? Why was he not in the picture to try and bring some discipline into his son's life? If he was deceased, did she consider the Big Brothers Organization or the Wilmington Boys Club?

Was she working? When one reads of the "success" stories which come out of housing projects, one normally reads about a hard working Mother, assisted by a stern but loving Grandmother, who sets a high level of conduct for the children to adhere to.

If he was running the streets in his teens; if he was involved in a shooting incident in 2007; if as was posted, he was cited 5 times while in custody for agressive, assault type behaviour, then one must assume none of paragraphs 2 or 3 took place.

It's unfortunate that he is gone. Perhaps, though, the young teen female populace, in the projects, will think twice before having a child with a Father who will be gone before the birth and will assume no accountablity for his actions or those of his child down the road.

Perhaps his death can have some positive result through curbing teen age and illegimate child birth. Or 15 to 18 years from now, one may read new, but similar stories.

No problem

One thugs kills another thug. Nobody say nothin' an' nobody saw nothin. All units 10-8.

And the problem is???

And the problem is???

None that I know of

If thugs want to kill other thugs and the people that live there don't want to help stop the violence, don't waste police officer time. All units 10-8.


Why do they even bother to call and report it if NO ONE is willing to step up to the plate when police arrive and help solve and hopefully end these incidents? Unless and until they are willing to HELP with the investigation, STOP CALLING AND ASKING FOR HELP FROM POLICE. You don't get to sit there in silence when the cops YOU called show up and then complain that cops aren't doing anything to stop these kinds of incidents. STEP UP. Tell what you know. Advise what you saw. It WILL lead to arrests. If thugs begin to see that YEP, they WILL be turned in and held accountable, the number of these kinds of crimes will drop dramatically.

If they're NOT willing to cooperate with police, clear the call. Send the coroner. LEO not needed. 10-8.

Stop Snitchin. Rule of the

Stop Snitchin. Rule of the Streets. It is what it is. Break the rule, and you pay the consequences.

Better that a thug dies in the middle of the night and you look the other way, than to speak up and have your home broken into or your property destroyed or your life threatened. You can stand on your soapbox and preach to the mountaintops, but you never have to live in this situation. Put yourself in their shoes, and see how long you last in that neighborhood if you snitch.