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One Tree Hill shoot looks to close Causeway Bridge

There is a road closure coming up at Wrightsville Beach to allow for a One Tree Hill shoot. The town said it is working with producers of the TV show and the DOT to ensure the shoot will not interfere with traffic flow. Show producers want to close down the Causeway Bridge over Banks Channel for five hours the morning of August 31st. We will have more details on detour routes as the shoot approaches.

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Here's a thought for those

Here's a thought for those complaining: Use the other bridge.

Filming For One Tree Hill

Calm down, folks! Have you watched the crowds when they shoot for One Tree Hill and other shows around here? They include tourists from all over America, as well as Europe, Japan, and Australia who come to Wilmington because of the TV shows and movies made here. They spend money here and help promote tourism, which is one of the major engines that feed our local economy.

The Silver Lining...

Instead of hating, I think everyone should take a step back and actually look at the situation. This filming is not making way for people alien to the area, but to a crew, who aside from the actors themselves, are from the Wrightsville Beach and Wilmington area. These are locals, asking for a mere five hours so that they can do their job; much like how construction workers may section off roads so they can do their jobs. Before you roll you eyes and point out the at least construction benefits the community afterward - so does this show! Whether you are a fan of One Tree Hill or not, there is no arguing that it puts a heck of a lot of money into the economy, and opens up a lot of jobs for the local community. Using the bridge to film will come back ten fold by the millions of dollars that are generated into the local economy by the film and television industry. So my final words to you are don't hate, appreciate.


Ok.. I have been in Wilmington my entire life... When I was a kid, we had Firestarter as the first major release filmed here... THAT was a big deal... We ALL lined up at College Road Cinemas accross from UNCW for an hour to see Firestarter. They could have closed down every road in Wilmingotn and no one would have cared. Forward to 2009.. Many years later.... We are sick of roads being closed, sick of our lives being disrupted, sick of the better-than-thou attitudes of the indusrty workers and closing down a bridge to an island where people have to work and go to school, need medical care, and God forbid if there was a major fire, would need other agencies assistance, just to film someone jumping off a bridge... Absurd.. If you want Hollywood.. move to flippin Hollywood... The film industry doesn't bring enough jobs or money to Wilmington to justify ruinging the day to day lives of Wilmibngton's citizens..

Why on a Monday morning?

Why on a Monday morning? Wouldn't a weekend be better? Oh, sorry, that would disrupt the Vacationer traffic - they'd rather anger the locals.


This is absolutely rediculous! The want to close down a BRIDGE to shoot a tv show? I'm sorry but the people that work on this show are as ruse and inconsiderate as can be to begin with, but to destroy the traffic flow during the tourist season onto the beach is just wrong. They need to wake up!

...but...but...this is the FILM industry!

Local officials will gladly sacrifice their firstborn to pucker up and grovel in front of (actually BEHIND) the film industry. No parking for two blocks on Front Street? Too bad for YOU, commoner! We have to have room for the catering trucks. I am reminded of the time they tried to close the ICW while filming that noteworthy contribution to Western culture, "Surface." Eighty year-old shrimpers and fifteen year-old jet-skiers were gaffing (and flipping) them off.


You must remember some people think that "movie stars" cough** cough** are SPECIAL. Though I enjoy the occasional movie there is not one single actor that I would care to meet or even acknowledge if passing on the street. The vast majority of them are narcissistic and arrogant and that is made even worse when city officials cater to their every whim. Waste of space.

^I'm sorry but have you

^I'm sorry but have you actually met any of the actors to call them arrogant and other names? I've met the actors of one tree hill, the show the bridge is closing for, quite a few times and I have to admit, they've all been nothing but down-to-earth and very nice people every time, who actually don't act like they expect star treatment. They're just doing their job which happens to be in Wilmington. And if you ask me, it's a good thing it's in Wilmington, look at the amount of fans that travel and fill up the hotels just to catch a glimpse of one tree hill filming. They're bringing the city a lot of money. Yes I know it'll be a little tough on a Monday morning with the traffic, but it's only 5 hours and we really shouldn't be attacking the actors about it. They don't choose when or where to film.

Dont need too

According to a study, conducted by Drew Pinsky of the Keck School of Medicine and S. Mark Young of USC's Marshall School of Business and the USC Annenberg School for Communication. ....Celebrities have more narcissistic personality traits than the general population, according to the study, which found the self-absorbed tend to be drawn to the entertainment industry, not created by it. Reality television personalities are the most narcissistic. Just thought I would share.