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One-Stop voting begins Thursday

READ MORE: One-Stop voting begins Thursday
While young voters look forward to their first vote, the first votes of this election will be cast Thursday with the start of one-stop voting. There are six one-stop early voting locations in New Hanover County, eight in Brunswick County, and four in Pender County. Election officials expect record high turnouts this year, so expect to wait at the polls. Early voting runs through November 1st. If you have not registered yet, you can do that and cast your ballot all at the same time. All you need is a valid ID and proof of residency. Below is a list of the locations providing one-stop voting. New Hanover County - Government Center – 230 Government Center Drive-Suite 39, Wilmington - CFCC Main Campus – 805 North 3rd Street, Wilmington - Senior Center – 2222 South College Road, Wilmington - NE Library – 1241 Military Cutoff, Wilmington - Carolina Beach Municipal Building – 1121 Lake Park Boulevard, Carolina Beach - CFCC North Campus – Applied Technology Building – 4500 Blue Clay Road, Castle Hayne Pender County - Pender County Board of Elections – 807 South Walker Street - Topsail Senior Center – 20959 Highway 17, Hampstead - Long Grady Creek Volunteer Fire Department – 227 Scott Road, Rocky Point - Shiloh Volunteer Fire Department – 19170 Highway 421, Williard Brunswick County - Brunswick Board of Elections – 10 Referendum Drive, Bolivia - North Brunswick High School – 114 Scorpion Drive, Leland - Belville Elementary – 575 River Road, Leland - Brunswick Educational Transition Center – 104 Ocean Highway East, Supply - Brunswick Community College Annex – 705 North Lord Street, Southport - Oak Island Recreation Center – 3003 East Oak Island Drive, Oak Island - National Guard Armory – 5050 Main Street, Shallotte - Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School – 251 Pea Landing NW, Ash

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I voted MCCain for prez

I voted MCCain for prez however congress needs the real change so I did not vote for DOLE for senator.

I went to vote monday at the

I went to vote monday at the board of elections in Burgaw,(pender county) and i was SHOCKED to see that i was not asked for my ID. I was asked my name and my address then handed the paper and sent to the booth. Anyone could vote under someone elses name! and they wonder why people that have passed away are Voting in some states!. You should have to prove who you are to ensure that there is no "funny" business going on.

Trust me, there's more in

Trust me, there's more in Burgaw (and all over)that you don't need ID for!!!!!


even vote when the system is CORRUPT..that is almost how I feel. ANYONE can just go vote for ANYONE if they have the balls to do it. Have an old neighbor that doesn't get out...walk in and give their name and address...THATS ALL IT TAKES! THAT is a SAD SAD preview of our voting system. I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAIS we NEED to produce some state ID when voting....make ID cards FREE from DMV...ANYTHING because the voting process is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things we have and we act like it doesn't matter that fraud can happen. REQUIRED ID...PERIOD! We should make our elected politicians enact this law...FORCE THEM TO DO IT!


Why? Because we can vote!!!!! Although it is an imperfect system, we should still go out and vote. I agree that there should be a system that INSISTS one show proper ID, and this is coming from a citizen that doesn't have an ID on hand all the time. But please...still go out and vote. And write the senators and representatives to get the law changed.


absolutely no reason you shouldn't have an ID on you at all times

Voting again/no ID required

I am already registered. I meant no ID is required for the actual voting process. I walked into the Library (near WB) gave my name, address, and voted. I could have just as easily gone to the school next and voted for my neighbor. "Just your name and address" is the reply I got. I even had my driver's license in my hand. "Dont need to see it" when I inquired. I was quite astounded. What, we cant spare 4 sec to show someone my ID?? Was told to "write Raleigh" on the way out. Also the ladies working there mentioned a lot of people were asking the same questions. They were very nice, btw.

Two things about voting

They asked to see me ID when I went to vote in a predominantly Democrat area polling station for early voting. But before that, after hearing the DNC saying that they would give anyone a ride to the polls they never came when I called and scheduled. I guess it has something to do with where I live. Never mind that I'm 49, disabled and cannot drive. Therefore, when I did get to the polls I voted for McCain/Palin and didn't make any vote in any of the local races. I think this is mainly a local problem.

Early Voting

I voted this morning at the Armory in Shallotte. I did have to show my driver license which they checked and compared with the information in the computer. There was a lady in front of me who registered with the DMV after moving here 4 months ago and they could not find her in the database, so she had to re-register. So, what I am trying to explain is that they do check your ID, at least at the poll I was at. Why do they not have the same system all over? If they wanted things to be monitored the correct way it would seem that every poll would follow the same process.

Voting again

Since no ID is required, this means you can vote for your neighbors! Just a name and address. Weee!

read all the words

Read all of the words, not just the little ones. Quote from the story: "If you have not registered yet, you can do that and cast your ballot all at the same time. All you need is a valid ID and proof of residency."

Read all of the words, not

Read all of the words, not just the little ones. Quote from the story: "If you have not registered yet, you can do that and cast your ballot all at the same time. All you need is a valid ID and proof of residency."