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One-Stop voting still an option

Today was the last day to register to vote for the general election November 4th. If you missed the 5:00 p.m. deadline, there is another option. People trickled into the New Hanover County Board of Elections to get registered throughout the day. If you did not make it out, you can still take advantage of one-stop voting. It begins October 16th, and goes through November 1st. You can register and cast your ballot all at the same time. All you need is a valid ID, and proof of residency. Bonnie Williams of the NHC Board of Elections said, “It's easy. It's fun. Go early during the period, because the longer you wait the longer the lines are going to be. We expect to vote thousands of people during this one-stop voting period.” Some voters WWAY spoke with today were at the elections office picking up absentee request forms. This is an option for registered voters who want to vote before November 4th, or who might be away from their precinct on Election Day. You can pick up those forms through October 28th and they need to be returned to the Board of Elections by November 3rd. New Hanover County has 6 one-stop voting locations. Pender County has 4 and Brunswick County has 8. A list of those locations is below. New Hanover County - Government Center – 230 Government Center Drive-Suite 39, Wilmington - CFCC Main Campus – 805 North 3rd Street, Wilmington - Senior Center – 2222 South College Road, Wilmington - NE Library – 1241 Military Cutoff, Wilmington - Carolina Beach Municipal Building – 1121 Lake Park Boulevard, Carolina Beach - CFCC North Campus – Applied Technology Building – 4500 Blue Clay Road, Castle Hayne Pender County - Pender County Board of Elections – 807 South Walker Street - Topsail Senior Center – 20959 Highway 17, Hampstead - Long Grady Creek Volunteer Fire Department – 227 Scott Road, Rocky Point - Shiloh Volunteer Fire Department – 19170 Highway 421, Williard Brunswick County - Brunswick Board of Elections – 10 Referendum Drive, Bolivia - North Brunswick High School – 114 Scorpion Drive, Leland - Belville Elementary – 575 River Road, Leland - Brunswick Educational Transition Center – 104 Ocean Highway East, Supply - Brunswick Community College Annex – 705 North Lord Street, Southport - Oak Island Recreation Center – 3003 East Oak Island Drive, Oak Island - National Guard Armory – 5050 Main Street, Shallotte - Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School – 251 Pea Landing NW, Ash

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Maybe if we took care of our people, there would be no need for Acorn. We can only ride on the backs of the poor for so long before our moral obligations catch up with us. This is why I will check the box for Obama and not for my life long party. We need to change soemthing...

Do you honestly think

if elected, Obama will do away with all of the entitlement programs? Watch them grow. Where is the money going to come from? Three (3) of his "Senior Economic Advisers" all rode Fannie Mae into the grounds and caused a NINE BILLION DOLLAR write down on Fannie Mae's reserves. These are the guys who are putting his numbers together?? These are the guys who are going to formulate the economic recovery??? That is documented fact. Check the Congressional Records. What moral obligations? It's one thing to look out for the ones who truly and honestly can not work due to disability. No need to worry there is always entitlement for this and future generations who choose not to work and are content to live on the public dole.


...if people took care of themselves, quit breeding children they can't and won't support and quit looking for a handout from taxpayers... Are you saying that ACORN is somehow justified in breaking the law by rigging elections? You can't legislate morality. God help us if Obama gets into office. He probably will because of people voting for skin color alone but conveniently forget the other half.


I'm sure they'll be crawling out from under the bridges, out of the graves and Mexico to vote in this one.

Your sooooo wrong.

They won't have to crawl. ACORN will go and pick them up, buy them some food and alcohol and tell them to vote Obama. Just as they have in the other states.