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On-line personal information could cost you a job

READ MORE: On-line personal information could cost you a job
With nearly six thousand people unemployed in New Hanover County alone, getting a job can be difficult. With a complete background check in a matter of clicks, the internet makes hiding personal information even tougher. People spend a lot of time perfecting their resume, but the truth is, the World Wide Web is becoming your new resume, and if you're not careful, it could keep you from securing that job. A simple Google search can land that perfected resume right in the trash can. Type in your name and you'll see your new resume. Embarrassing pictures dancing on a bar, a funny video of you and your friends… these days everything is being documented on the internet for the whole world to see, including potential employers. Career specialist Matthew Thomas said, "If you are trying to present yourself in a professional manner and you want employers to see how hard you work and how responsible you are, then that's the type of stuff that needs to go on to these sites." Walker Biggs, a Joblink manager said, "Employers can go in and look at it and they make a quick judgment about a person based on what they see there." Landing a job is hard enough right now. Don't give employers any more reason to pass you by. Look at what your e-mail address is, and make sure it's professional; instead of 'surfer girl ' or 'loves to dance,’ just stick to your name. Thomas also stated, "One key thing you have to be willing to do, is the whole concept of getting your foot in the door." Then, you can work your way up. While you're searching for work you could also take extra classes to build up your resume. And most importantly, don't lie on your resume. Biggs explained, "The very number one thing is be honest. Do not embellish your resume or application with things you know are not absolutely true." Potential employers can find out for themselves in a matter of clicks.

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You'd want to hire someone that had nothing to hide. Thank God for stupid people who show their activities online. "Sorry, you are not right for the position we have open but you looked very nice hanging upside down drinking from the keg"


Wow, who would've thought all the pictures I posted all over myspace, facebook or any other PUBLIC site could be found??? Just like the brain trusts that post videos of their crimes on YouTube.