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Online universities offer convenience

READ MORE: Online universities offer convenience
There are pros and cons to studying online. The most important thing to consider is an online university you trust will give you a legitimate degree. The biggest draw to online universities is they're convenient. You don't have to uproot your family or lifestyle, there's no commuting to class. You can study at home, or across the world, on your schedule. But online college has a down side too. Jessica Cooper attends the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, an online university that specializes in prenatal and somatic psychology. She weighs out the pros and cons of studying online. “The pros are flexibility and my schedule and the fact that I can study something I'm really interested in. But it's also difficult because I have to be really independent and I don't get the camaraderie of being in class." If you want to apply for an online university, make sure you choose one that's legitimate. You should check the university's accreditation to make sure it's recognized by the US Department of Education. Since you can't visit a campus, make sure you read the school's website thoroughly. If the university says they'll grant a degree in just a few months, or you can pay tuition on a per-degree basis, beware. It could be what's called a "diploma mill", which basically sells worthless degrees. Accredited schools charge by the credit hour, course, or semester. You should also ask the school for alumni contacts, especially those with the same degree, so that you can find out where they are now and how they liked the program. Just like traditional universities, size is important when choosing an online university. The University of Phoenix is well-known online choice. Bernelli University is smaller, and specializes in entrepreneur leadership. It'll likely have more one-on-one attention. Bernelli President, Doctor Cindy Iannarelli, said online universities are as good if not better than traditional schools. She indicated students are typically more self-motivated and technologically equipped. Cooper agreed. "I'm just responsible for getting all my work done and have to be a self-starter all the way through. There's no timeline or lectures that I can be accountable for unless I do it myself." Dr. Iannarelli said after all, it could very well be the future of education. Two good links to check out are and you can read graduate's reviews on

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Teaching online

I have been teaching law and ethics courses online for several years now for Mount Olive College, Kaplan University and Liberty University. I have taught them using a variety of platforms and technologies. My classes have included students of varying ages and experience, from all over the nation and the world. As such they have afforded a level diverse interaction that is difficult to match in an in person environment. It has been my observation that the quality of the curriculum and instruction is comparable to that of in person classes, and in some cases, superior.

Tip for Choosing a Good Online College

Here is a good tip for choosing an online school from someone with experience - choose an online school that has a brick and mortar campus. 95% of the time this assures good accreditation. Plenty of universities like the University of Maryland provide online degrees and are more likely to be taken seriously by employers.

Brick and Mortar's with online schools

Be careful, just because a school is accredited and has a brick and mortar operation does not mean they understand how to deliver quality distance education. Distance Education is a much different education model and what works in the classroom is different than what works online. University of Maryland's, University College - their online school is a very good Maryland's case, University College is its own entity and is not held down by the the admistration or faculty of the brick and mortar UofM, who may not understand all the facets of distance ed. Again, be careful using the brick and mortar tie in - the best thing to do is to look for schools accredited by the DETC (Distance Education and Training Council) - DETC is an institutional accreditor just like the brick and mortar regional accrediting associations and degrees earned at DETC schools carry a lot of value at employers. For more information, go to DETC's website -

brick..mortar..? it is 2009

brick..mortar..? it is 2009 is it? I think it is..We have to start thinking out of the box.

Go Ahead

VC......... Yea go ahead and think outside the box, get a online degree from the University of Tahiti and try to get an employer to take you seriously. After no one will hire you, you can get back in the box and go to a real brick and mortar university.