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ONLY ON 3: Close call for weak pelican on busy highway

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Close call for weak pelican on busy highway

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Finally a bird story with a happy ending, but it didn't start out that way. An island is a good spot for a pelican, unless it is the center island on MLK Parkway in Wilmington.

A young pelican found himself stranded today with traffic whizzing by. Finally, wildlife rescuer Jennifer Leonard came to the rescue, but the bird did not seem too fond of Leonard's net.

He tried to fly away, but he did not make it too far. Traffic had to stop short. After dodging some traffic and finally making it to the other side of the road, Leonard finally captured the pelican.

"He's malnourished, so his parents probably left him young, and he didn't figure out how to eat on his own, and I'm going to be able to feed him fish from the freezer, so he doesn't have to fight on catching them," Leonard said.

Leonard said pelicans often are malnourished in the winter, especially young birds. She said he may not know how to fish, it may be too cold for him or he could just be plain lazy.

In any case, Leonard is ready to get him in full flight as soon as possible.

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bird deaths in LA and AK connected to Topsail Pelicans?

I wonder if the pelican deaths are connected to the bird deaths in LA and AK? They may be dropping out of the sky as well, but in Topsail's casse, falling in the ocean and washing up. hummmmmmmm

To Guesty

Only the lowest, most base cad would use such a sad, pathetic platform to (in their mind) further their political agenda. How very sad, Guesty, that you have so little heart, and such bad judgment.

It is sad

Sad that Obama was elected. But don't worry, his time to ruin the country is just about up.


With all them fishing spots on MLK how could it be malnourished.

Too lazy

I would bet the pelican also voted for Obama. Kind of like most welfare recipients, too lazy to work and depend on others to feed them.

reply to Too Lazy

You sound like another Rush Limbaugh Kool Aid drinker.....

Mmmm, Kool Aid

Don't worry, I possess the power of independent thinking. You should try it sometime. I don't listen to Rush anyway.

You have to listen to Rush Limbaugh..... know that about fifteen percent of this country are useless pieces of trash who serve absolutely no purpose in life beyond sucking the tax coffers dry and producing illegitimate offspring that they can't feed?

I thought that was common knowledge.

But Guesty....

...the BIRD can be rehabilitated and become healthy and self-sufficient. He won't be freeloading and demanding to be fed ten years from now.

Of course, in light of the pelicans washing up dead on Topsail, perhaps we should consider Pelican Reparations.

Hey Too Lazy

You sound just like another one of those Rush Lumbaugh Nazis.