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ONLY ON 3: McCrory considers running for governor one more time

READ MORE: McCrory considers running for governor one more time

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Pat McCrory lost the governor's race to Bev Perdue in 2008, but the political tide has turned. Republicans are riding high in North Carolina.

McCrory talked exclusively with WWAY on Tuesday, but has yet to confirm whether he'll run for governor one more time. He's been watching Perdue closely as she tries to run state government.

"She promised everybody everything; whatever they wanted to hear to get their votes, and sooner or later that catches up to you, and I think that's catching up to her right now," McCrory said.

A passionate but undecided McCrory admits running for governor in 2012 is a decision he won't take lightly. He says it's a choice that requires a lot of dedication, and that's something some may say Perdue lacks.

WWAY caught up with Perdue last month. When asked why she didn't come to Wilmington more often Perdue replied, "I'd love to. Get me a reason."

It's an answer that fails to satisfy McCrory. He may be on the fence on whether he'll again run for governor, but he vows to give it his all if he runs again.

"You have to be willing to go anywhere at anytime and not just because you're asked, but you actually go there without being asked and not for any political reason," he said. "The more you get out and listen and learn, I think the better leader you will be."

The state is currently drowning in red ink with a deficit in the billions. McCrory insists a good governor needs to make sure we don't spend more money than we have and admits it's a tough job. McCrory's confident he'll serve North Carolina well if he makes it to the Governor's Mansion.

"I would do what the private sector has to do right now, and I've been in the private sector for a long time also, and that is to make the tough decisions and realize that if you try to appease everyone you appease no one," he said.

McCrory said if he runs as governor he will return to Wilmington.

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Bev Perdue par for course

One should not be surprised that Gov Beverly Perdue did not accept WAAY's request to visit Southeastern NC. She refused to partcipate in at least one debate during the campaign. That she would dismiss residents in this region after being elected seems par for her course since she dismissed those of us who tuned in to the debate during the campaign. I hope now that WWAY has intervied McCrory, the station also will interview Mike Munger, the Libertarian 2008 gubernatorial candidate.

I like it

He did a great job in Charlotte and I feel very confident in his abilities. This should be a slam dunk. Voted for him last election but I think the straight party ticket is what caused him to lose the last election.

Great job in Charlotte?

It was picked as the ninth "most miserable city" by Forbes Magazine, based upon taxes, crime, commute times, unemployment and weather.

McCrory's response? He felt that the editors at Forbes should be tested for using drugs. The only one of the parameters you could argue about was the weather, because all other measuremnets were based on fact.....but McCrory simply slandered Forbes instead of acknowledging a problem or two.

Under his guidance Charlotte became the highest taxed municipality in the state. The size of local government doubled in ten years.

He is a Giuliani-style Republican who, like Giuliani, has little respect for the Second Amendment. Why do you think that the NRA endorsed the dingbat currently lounging around in Raleigh over McCrory in 2008?

He is the LAST person we need as governor, because he will set us up for another hundred years of Democratic rule.

looing forward to you running this campaign too

first the county commissioners, then McCrory...every week on the big guys getting paid for this political work. No wonder you are after others that run campaigns.

Good luck

If you're the Republican nominee, I'll be voting for the Libertarian.

Talk about a RINO trying to reinvent himself as a conservative!


IF he runs will be another Democrat as Governor...CRAP!