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ONLY ON 3: Oak Island's take on their Teen Mom 2 celeb

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3 AT 6 & 11: Oak Island's take on their Teen Mom 2 celeb

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) - One probably wouldn't use Oak Island and MTV in the same sentence very often, but they're coming together tonight as the small community's latest celebrity, Jenelle Evans, debuts in Teen Mom 2. How do residents feel about the spotlight their neck of the woods is getting because of the show? John Rendleman headed down there today to find out.

Teen Mom 2 profiles Jenelle Evans. She's become somewhat of a cult hero for some residents of Brunswick County. Oak Island resident Patricia Hughes finds the MTV show interesting because Patricia used to be a single mom, just like Jenelle Evans. " It's pretty amazing someone from here could be a celebrity", says Hughes. "I never thought that would happen, but I don't think the publicity is necessarily good for her or for the town of Oak Island.

16 year old Tori Thomas of Oak Island knows Janelle Evans. They used to hang out with each before Janelle got pregnant. Thomas says she believes the MTV show is good because people get to learn all about teen pregnancy. As far as the publicity, Thomas says " It's not a bad thing because it show teen pregnancy happens everywhere."

Brunswick County resident Marianna Bates has watched the show. For Bates the show brings back memories. " I hate to see these kids struggle. I was a teen mom myself too. I was 18 when I had my first baby. I was over 6 months pregnant when I graduated from high school." Bates found out this week that there will be a new addition to her family. "My 17 year old boy just got his girlfriend pregnant. He's the one who really needs to watch the show."

Evans not only gained notariety for having a baby so young. She was arrested last October and charged with breaking into a vacant house and having a small amount of marijuana. She was due to appear in court on Monday, but the courthouse was closed due to the winter storm.

Teen Mom 2 premiered Tuesday, January 11th at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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Jenelle's Mom

Her mom needs help just like her! Her mom is no parent! She doesn't need Jace! What if she treats him like Jenelle? It will be just like it is with Jenelle, he will grow up treating people with disrespect because that's all he knows. Barbara needs parenting classes and needs to grow up! She calls her daughter a slut, whore etc. I don't care what my kids do wrong I'll always be there and would never do these things to them! Barbara needs help and so does Jenelle! I can't stand to see people blaming everything on Jenelle cause clearly she is repeating the same things she grew up seeing!

A "Celebrity"?! Really? I

A "Celebrity"?! Really? I would've chosen "teen that got knocked up and a channel that's ran out of ridiculous ideas for shows".

Growing up in a Brunswick County school I was never talked to about birth control, or anything along the lines of sex, besides a couple pictures of herpes. Educate these teens so they don't have to go through this crap and enjoy being a teen.

Baby Mamma Drama

Even though this isn't a justification..I just want everyone to realize we're talking about someone who is still A TEENAGER. In all honesty, at least it was only pot and nothing harder.
But again, that isn't any excuse. I'm a teen mom too, and believe me had my fair share of problems. But once I held my son for the first time, I resolved to be the best I can be for myself and for him. No child deserves to watch the tension that unfolds in Jenelle's house on a daily basis, and I just hope any damage done can be reversed with some good old fashioned LOVE.

Being a teenage mother is hard enough, and I'm sure telling a young girl who probably feels trapped in a small town with her baby that she can be a "star" on MTV is just adding fuel to the fire. At least her mother (who is a textbook enabler!!) stepped up and didn't just throw the kid into the system and make him a ward of the state. I just hope Jenelle and other girls like her can get their priorities straight sooner rather than later.

I only started watching the show, but it seems like the other girls are trying to get it together as best they can. Short of spaying teenage girls, there's no way to completely stop teenage pregnancy, but seeing good role models step up is a good way to stop young girls thinking they can party hardy and still be a mother.

Jenelle Evans - Teen Moms 2

Well I've watched the UTUBE videos, read the stories of this tramp, and read her Myspace page. WOW if MTV is paying this fruit cake They are just as F**ked up as she is. From what I see / read she treats her Mom like crap, wants to party hard, Breaks into places,smoke weed (Dr. said to do it) LOL I bet her favorite color is clear! what a F**king IDIOT... It seems to me she will put anything in her mouth and anywhere else. She's lost her child That should wake her up but I i guess she went and smoked more pot, And then the IDIOTS that support her and buy the drugs for her. I wonder what she does in return for the drugs? I remember the old bumper sticker- ASS, Grass, Or Gas, NO-One rides for free. Well it's ether ASS or Gas. I'm guessing its not gas. Next MTV will air TEEN MOMS on the STREET CORNER. I hope other teens will she what a Stupid Idiot she has turned out to be, Next thing she'll be on Maury Povich show to tell the Boyfriend that shes been sleeping with his best friends brothers friends uncles sisters husband. GIRL GET A LIFE!! You may think you son loves you but he's to young (like you ) to know better!!! You are not a star, Didi it ever cross your POT Smoking brain(what little you have left) That MTV is making fun of you on TV??

Why is this person being

Why is this person being considered a celebrity? What a poor choice of wording from the author. It sounds like she needs to get her act together. Breaking and entering and drugs? Way to go Teen Mom 2! I'm sure your baby will be proud. Somehow I think her story will end up quite like Teen Mom 1 and the county will be fostering that poor innocent child with someone that can actually take care of it.

OMG this program is so

OMG this program is so negative for the young people of today. It sounds like its a good thing to being a sl** a drug addict and abusive to your parents I would be so embarrassed to have her as a daughter. You need to grow up.........

another dumb dopper

hasn't got the common sense to pour pee out of a boot with the instructions on the heel.

Megan, Megan, Megan

Girl, PLEASE go back to school - your post is so pathetically ignorant. Seriously, don't throw stones. . .

Wow really this is all it

Wow really this is all it takes to be a celeb is to get knocked up at 16 and treat my mom like crap?? She is not a celebrity, she is a loser! Why should we praise and offer shows to people like her?? she treats her mom like crap and doesnt take care of her child!! MTV needs to find something else to make shows about instead of this trash

Hey! It's MTV.....

...what do you really expect? If you want answers, watch the Discovery or Science Channel....

Apparently you like to watch

Apparently you like to watch trash and atleast the discovery and science channels air good shows MTV glorifies teen pregnancy soo its really says alot about the person whos watches it

The season premiere of

The season premiere of Jersey Shore was one of the most watched shows in Cable History...... is every viewer that watched trash?

In short


I wasnt talking about Jersey

I wasnt talking about Jersey Shore was I, I was talking about Teen mom 2, and iam sorry Jersey Shore is right there a bunch of drunks running around acting stupid yeah now thats good tv right?

Really? A celebrity?

Wow, she is a celebrity because she decided to get pregnant as a teen. Yes, we should celebrate her. Does she have a job? Does she have medical insurance (not government funded coverage)? Can she support this child? I would guess she was paid by MTV but if not, how will she foot the bills?

I really hope she gets her

I really hope she gets her act together for the sake of that child. I cannot imagine choosing anything over my child,(drugs, parties, a man... i use that word loosely) which is clearly what is happening here. Hopefully she will realize her mistakes and get the help she needs.

She should learn from her mistakes

She might become an instant celebrity through MTV's show, but apart from other people learning from her mistakes, she should also realize that herself. I suggest MTV will find someone else, who's been a troubled teenage mom but has become responsible for her kid. That would be a great story to watch and learn from.

there should not be nothin

there should not be nothin against oakisland it is a create location to grow up in its jus there is some really unstable people here and jennelle evans is one of them... the only thing she is worried about is partying and doing drugs thats why her mother has her child and is raising her son.. she is to cought up in teenage drama and she never grow up when she became pregnant i have known jennelle for a while and i can tell u now she will not change she will stay the same person untill someone steps up and either sends her to rehab or she looses her son for good


my thoughts on Oak Island have now been CONFIRMED...


Yes, Oak Island really seems to have made an impact on you. Were you educated there? Just curious! Apparently you were asleep in class then they taught how to write a coherent sentence.

I never watched this episode

I never watched this episode or many others until this girl came to my job annoucing to one of my co-workers that she was Jenelle that was on Teen Mom. So... I watched the episode on my computer after she left. I can only say that I hope she is treating her mother better these days. From what I saw on the previews for the new season-it does not look like it. I hope the community is not treating her like a super star for being a teen age mother and treating her mom like crap.

I am not downing her for being a teen age mother- I was one my self (20) years ago. I thank God for helping me to raise my child to be the person she is today. I just have issues with our youth thinking that being a teen age mom on TV and on the front of People is sooooooo cool. It just scares me. My daughter and I do watch this show together on the occassion we are sitting at the same time. Some of it is a learning experience for the young mothers- some of it is not.


I hear everyone saying how Jenelle treats her Mom, but what about the not so good parenting skills of her Mother? I think she is treating her Mom the only way she knows how, with disrespect. Parents should respect their children as well. You have to give respect to get respect. Her Mother is the worst parent I have seen and I use the word parent very loosely! She is not a parent. She calls her daughter names such as whore, slut??? That's not a parent. I don't care what my daughter or sons do, I'll always be there for them and never would I call them names! I think they both need couseling and especially parenting classes for BOTH! If Jenelle had been parented a little better when growing up maybe she would have some decent parenting skills now!