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ONLY ON 3: Inside the Pender County Health soap opera

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Inside the Pender County Health soap opera

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- With a pending investigation, the Pender County Health Department and Board of Health have come under some heavy criticism. Now there are new allegations including possible HIPAA violations for health director Jack Griffith.

Pender County Commissioners have asked an independent agency to conduct a review of the Health Department. Now a letter from Griffith with comments targeted at one commissioner may have gone too far.

"We don't ask for this," Pender County Commissioner George Brown said. "We don't go out looking for this, but I'm not going to turn my back on folks just because I'm getting the impression it's going to make a department head angry."

Multiple complaints from Pender County Health Department employees led commissioners to ask for an investigation. Last month we spoke with several employees. They asked to remain anonymous for fear of losing their job. Their complaints ranged from endangering patients lives to creating a hostile work environment.

"Management evidently either chose to turn their head or not document it," Brown said.

The Board of Health conducted an investigation to find out if there was any drug use within the Health Department, but because there was no documentation, Griffith said the department did not perform drug tests. Griffith declined an on-camera interview at the advice of the Health Department, but he did say, "There is no Medicaid fraud, no drug use and there is training."

Next, questions arose about several members of the Board of Health. Despite the policy of County commissioners two members of the Board of Health have served more than the 10-year limit. County commissioners made an exception for Roberta Bost and Judy Blanchard because it can be hard to find people to fill the positions, but due to some confusion, there was no advertising around the time the positions were set to open up.

"If the positions were not advertised and there were individuals willing to serve, I think we should take a second look at that," Brown said.

Griffith said trying to unseat members from the Board of Health is just an attempt to remove him from the Health Department.

"If they can get rid of the people that support me, what are they going to do next? Get rid of me?" Griffith said.

Since then we have received letters from Griffith to members of the Board of Health and county commissioners. In one of the letters, Griffith says the Health Department received daily assaults from Brown, but Brown says that's not true. Brown responded to the claims in a letter to the county attorney. In it he says, "I am personally attacked and falsely accused once again by Dr. Griffith. This trend of behavior has greatly concerned me."

"Maybe it's the same type of retaliation that I'm hearing about from some of these employees," Brown said.

Then there was another letter.

"I received a letter from Dr. Griffith that came to my house," Brown said. "It was addressed to several individuals, board members, Board of Health members, county commissioners. And in that letter [Griffith] made a statement in which he, in my opinion, released information about one of my family members."

That information related to treatment a family member received at the Health Department. In the letter Griffith said he met Brown "at the back of the health department."

"The fact that he said he met me at the back door, it is untrue," Brown said. I never even saw Dr. Griffith that day."

Brown said he never received special treatment and was very upset information about his family member was released.

"It was degrading," he said. "It was insulting, and it was embarrassing."

It also may have been against the law. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the privacy law "gives you rights over your health information and sets rules and limits on who can look at and receive your health information."

"I said what I said in the letter," Griffith told WWAY. "I spoke to a person from HIPAA, and they told me there is no violation of confidentiality."

Griffith also told us he has since sent a letter to Brown apologizing for bringing his family into the situation. We called Roberta Bost, chair of the Board of Health, who said she was aware of the letter, but could not make any additional comments.

Also there have been some questions raised about one of the employees who has been out in front of many of these allegations. Viewers and staff have suggested she was only presenting the allegations because she wants Griffith's job. We spoke to that employee Friday. She says she did want the job at one time, but realizes there is no way she could apply for it now. Still, she stands by her original statements. Griffith said at one time he would have given her his recommendation for the position as Health Director.

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THe Burgaw Jokers

The Burgaw Jokers.

George Brown and Jimmy Tate must be idiots. You are now running scared as predicted. Your supporters are now coming after you full force and you have no place to turn. Your only solution now is to find support with the only person that might be able to help you and that is the same person that you personally attacked from the beginning, Dr Jack Griffith. I just hope he refuses to play your game now that he’s winning.

You both have gotten caught with your pants down and you now have no truthful way out. The only way you can find light to escape this mess you created is to continue to lie to the public and the local press.

The best thing you can do now is what most politicians do in your position that is to tell the truth by admitting you were wrong from the beginning. Dr Griffith can no longer be the fall guy in your cause. I suggest you find someone in a lesser position to take the blame. I believe it should be the “Rogue Nurse”, Shirley Steele.

George, Ms Steele got you in this predicament to start with, not Dr Griffith. You dragged Jimmy into this because he was scare and wanted to get rid of Dr Griffith’s supporters. Now Ms Steele has left you to fend for yourself and when she is gone you will definitely be left out in the cold.

If you want to stay in office as a Commissioner then be smart with this and do what you have to. Get Shirley Steele fired ASAP and save your butt.

Your constituents would respect you more for your honesty than the continued cover up in your public battle with the Pender County Health Department.

I would also take the time to produce a written statement saying you were misinformed with your initial complaints again Dr Griffith and the Health Department because Ms Steele lied to you.

Jimmy Tate should make the same statement and recuse himself as a member of the Pender County Board of Health.

You both have found yourselves in this legal predicament and my suggestions would be your only way out.

The Pender Eye.

WWAY Coverage

Pooper Scooper:

Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback.

For the record, we have an open invitation to anyone and everyone associated with the Pender County Commissioners, the County Health Department and/or the Board of Health to sit down and talk with us about these issues anytime, day or night.

In fact, Joe Mauceri was in my office on Friday while talking with Dr. Griffith and invited him more than once to go on camera with us to explain his side of the story. He told us the board had requested him not to talk to the media.

I understand the "appearance" of fairness might not be apparent when one side or another doesn't give their side or version - but we can't "force" anyone to talk about something. And if there's anything we take pride in - it's being fair.

Trust me, we're not covering this story in order to be sensational or to help boost our ratings. There are a lot more stories out there more interesting than internal squabbles within a county health department. We cover it because it's important to the people who live in that county - especially those who need and rely on the health department's services.

I hope this addresses your concerns. Anyone associated with this story can email me directly anytime at

Thanks again for taking the time to write - and for watching.


Scott Pickey
News Director

In response to Scott

Every News Broadcast division has a responsibility to its viewer to be fair in their coverage.

Pender County viewers not only deserve intelligent reporting, but we demand it.

I went back and reread all your Pender County Health Department links on your web site and made these points.

The fact that Dr Griffith’s hands are tied by the county is not a license to publish one sided interviews only with the subjects who are willing to talk just to create havoc.

The descriptive unsubstantiated allegations by the interviewees were broadcast by your station to the viewing public and your station ran with it without equal time for the accused or any representation for the accused.

The “hidden faces” of the Health Department employees and the “selected sound bites” of the accusers were by nature a form a tabloid TV.

All questions presented to the interviewees were only for their benefit and not in the best interest of the viewing public.

All the interviews were constantly the same subjects spewing the same allegations about the same people. Pender has a County Attorney, County Manager and other Commissioners whose views were not made known to the public. Jimmy Tate’s and George Brown’s faces have grown old.

The business of making the news then walking away is not in the best interest for the viewing public even if more important stories are now in the mix that are not “internal squabbles”.

I suggest your future your coverage of Pender County should find the angle which best represents the truth and not what your station and others present as the truth. That would be fair to the public.

We have a Health Department in this county and people who are in need of it. That is the most important story here. Not allegations made which have never been formally presented in any written form.

There is the “Freedom of Information Act” in which certain documents are available now and could be obtained which will better inform your viewers of the truth.

This is going to be a long drawn out process and I only hope the reporting improves in time.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

In defense of Pender County

WWAY and its reporting staff have let the Pender County citizens down with its tabloid coverage of the Pender Health Department. The reporting style has been extremely one sided to the point where the station’s management should reprimand the reporters and restrict them from covering any stories out of the New Hanover County boundaries. Creating the news is not journalism nor is it ethical. Your station’s attempts at the ratings game has ripped apart the Pender County Health Department and its dedicated employees who have spent their entire careers helping the under privileged and indigent. The reporters have befriended a few in Pender County who have been willing to talk and whose only purpose is personal gain and not the truth. Thus the coverage has been very narrow minded and does not rate very high on the intelligence scale deserved by the citizens of Pender County.

“When I tell the truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those that do”.
William Blake

The barrage of criticism

The barrage of criticism against Dr Griffith by a couple of spineless Commissioners and a few others will end up causing Dr Griffith to walk away from the Health Dept out of mere frustration. The citizens of Pender County should be ashamed to have allowed themselves to be led astray by these folks and the local media whom they have befriended.

If we continue to let these attacks take place with immature requests of asking for “drug tests” then we will lose one of the most valuable assets we have in Pender County. THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE USE OF DRUGS AT THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT. THAT WAS A THE "ROGUE NURSE" LIE WHICH THE MEDIA PLAYED UP. THIS IS ALL ABOUT HILLBILLY POLITICS IN PENDER COUNTY.

George Brown, Jimmy Tate, Trey Thurman and the “Rogue Nurse” are on the “offensive” and will not let up until Dr Griffith is gone. That is their only agenda. None of the above has even a hint of intelligence in the proper management of this county, but we have allowed them to waste time and money and continue this phony “Witch Hunt”.

If you have any desire to stop this then you should email the above and let them know that you are tired of this and you want them to stop this NOW.

The truth will soon come out about the George Brown, the “Rogue Nurse” and Jimmy Tate, but it may be too late for Dr Griffith if we don’t act now.

Thank you.

Allow me to introduce you....

Allow me introduce someone to you: A brilliant man that has given the last 50 years of his life to public health. He spent many years with the EPA, the CDC, and now for the last 13 years the Pender County Health Department has been set apart by the leadership of this highly experienced and intelligent epidemiologist. His enthusiasm for helping the low-income and indigent citizens is unsurpassed. This man retired and decided to spend his retirement, not golfing, or beachcombing, or traveling, he elected to spend his retirement helping the low-income and indigent citizens of this county. His goal is a simple one to hope for, but very difficult to achieve: Provide much needed healthcare to the very people that needed it most but it was furthest from their reach. This man had a vision and saw it through: expand a health department to offer healthcare services normally unavailable to the less fortunate: 1) board certified pediatrician-fulltime; 2) board certified internist-fulltime, 3) primary care dentist-fulltime, 4) mobile dentist at the schools-fulltime. All of the citizens of this county now have superior healthcare readily available to them, financially stable or not, because of the vision and fortitude of this man.

This incredible man is Jack Griffith, PhD, Health Director Pender County Health Department. Just the thought of this man doing anything less than professional is absurd and grossly inaccurate. The health department is a building where the vast majority of staff love their jobs and do what it takes to ensure that the public receives the outstanding care and service that they so richly deserve.

Dr. Jack Griffith, I salute you; I appreciate you; I respect you. Thank you for all that you have done for the citizens of Pender County.

Grow Up George!

George, since you are a man of means, I can’t see you sending your family to the health department for general healthcare. The fact that you said, “It was degrading, it was insulting, and it was embarrassing” is a might bit of a stretch, isn’t it? Looking for some public sympathy, George? We don't all fall for the phoniness! Dr. Griffith said that Hippa told him it was not a violation and yet he sent you an apology in writing anyway; apparently you let him know it made you uncomfortable; that says a LOT about this man and his character. It also says a LOT about YOUR character by going to the press about it.

This last interview could possibly the best thing your political opponent could have had happen to him. Keep your eyes on this Freddie Brown!

not necessarily GUG

GUG, being a "man of means" doesn't necessarily mean that you don't go to the health department for healthcare. My parents live in Pender County and they were on a long waiting list at the PC health department last year for flu shots. They already have a doctor, but they go to the health department for flu shots,especially since there was a shortage of them last year. This is always a possibility. Don't pigeon hole anyone, we are seeing too much of that on these posts as it is.

NC Statutes

Is anyone out there interested in facts?  including the media and the commissioners…. Have any of you bothered to look into the state law regarding the boards of health in NC?  Since no one seems to want to do any leg work to find the real truth, I’ll make it easy for you…. These rules are not made by the county commissioners, even though they (commissioners) would like to, they are made by the State of NC.  Enlighten yourself and read the entire section of 130A regarding the Public Health, the section below is simply covering appointment and terms, which seems to be the subject du jour…. 

NC General Statute


§ 130A‑35.  County board of health; appointment; terms.

(a)        A county board of health shall be the policy‑making, rule‑making and adjudicatory body for a county health department.

(b)        The members of a county board of health shall be appointed by the county board of commissioners. The board shall be composed of 11 members. The composition of the board shall reasonably reflect the population makeup of the county and shall include: one physician licensed to practice medicine in this State, one licensed dentist, one licensed optometrist, one licensed veterinarian, one registered nurse, one licensed pharmacist, one county commissioner, one professional engineer, and three representatives of the general public. Except as otherwise provided in this section, all members shall be residents of the county. If there is not a licensed physician, a licensed dentist, a licensed veterinarian, a registered nurse, a licensed pharmacist, or a professional engineer available for appointment, an additional representative of the general public shall be appointed. If however, one of the designated professions has only one person residing in the county, the county commissioners shall have the option of appointing that person or a member of the general public. In the event a licensed optometrist who is a resident of the county is not available for appointment, then the county commissioners shall have the option of appointing either a licensed optometrist who is a resident of another county or a member of the general public.

(c)        Except as provided in this subsection, members of a county board of health shall serve three‑year terms. No member may serve more than three consecutive three‑year terms unless the member is the only person residing in the county who represents one of the professions designated in subsection (b) of this section. The county commissioner member shall serve only as long as the member is a county commissioner. When a representative of the general public is appointed due to the unavailability of a licensed physician, a licensed dentist, a resident licensed optometrist or a nonresident licensed optometrist as authorized by subsection (b) of this section, a licensed veterinarian, a registered nurse, a licensed pharmacist, or a professional engineer, that member shall serve only until a licensed physician, a licensed dentist, a licensed resident or nonresident optometrist, a licensed veterinarian, a registered nurse, a licensed pharmacist, or a professional engineer becomes available for appointment. In order to establish a uniform staggered term structure for the board, a member may be appointed for less than a three‑year term.

(d)        Vacancies shall be filled for any unexpired portion of a term.

(e)        A chairperson shall be elected annually by a county board of health. The local health director shall serve as secretary to the board.

(f)         A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum.

(g)        A member may be removed from office by the county board of commissioners for:

(1)        Commission of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude;

(2)        Violation of a State law governing conflict of interest;

(3)        Violation of a written policy adopted by the county board of commissioners;

(4)        Habitual failure to attend meetings;

(5)        Conduct that tends to bring the office into disrepute; or

(6)        Failure to maintain qualifications for appointment required under subsection (b) of this section.

A board member may be removed only after the member has been given written notice of the basis for removal and has had the opportunity to respond.

(h)        A member may receive a per diem in an amount established by the county board of commissioners. Reimbursement for subsistence and travel shall be in accordance with a policy set by the county board of commissioners.

(i)         The board shall meet at least quarterly. The chairperson or three of the members may call a special meeting.  



Great Job

of cutting and pasting.

Now, what was your point? How is this relevant to the issues at hand?

I was struck by #-2 concerning conflict of interest. Is there a conflict when a member of the County Commissioners also serves as a member of the Board of Health? Does he represent the General Public or is his judgement impacted by his other position?

SurfCity Tom: Copy and

SurfCity Tom:
Copy and Paste’s Point.

Let me clue you in and draw you a bigger picture.

The Pender Board of Commissioners controls the County Manager and the County Attorney. Their decisions are dictated by the Commissioners.

Two of the County Commissioners, George Brown and Jimmy Tate have attacked Dr. Griffith verbally in the media with no just cause as the “Rogue Nurse” has also done.

Jimmy Tate is the Commissioner who also serves on the Board of Health as mandated by the NC State Statute.

George Brown is under the impression that as a commissioner he can fire and replace whomever he wants on the Board of Health that does not support the “Rogue Nurse” who made the false allegations and has caused all these problems from the get go just because she feels she has to have Dr. Griffith’s job.

George Brown wants to get rid of the “licensed physicians” who are on the Board of Health.

George Brown’s thought is that if he can remove these Doctors off the Board of Health and out of the facility then he can control the Board of Health’s decisions with the help of friends and Board members, Jimmy Tate and Jason Leary.

Jason Leary, a member of the Board of Health, is the representative of the general public. Jason Leary is also the next door neighbor and friends of the “Rogue Nurse”.

Jimmy Tate has other reasons for wanting Dr Griffith out, but is supporting George Brown’s game plan because it seems like a sure thing and if Dr Griffith is gone it also takes away his problem.

If George Brown could pull this off then he could also force Dr. Griffith out and the “Rogue Nurse” into the vacant position.

George Brown wants to control the Director of the Health Dept (Dr. Griffith’s position) because the Director also controls the Environmental Health Services which inspects and heads up permitting for Pender County. (“scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. )

That is what this whole deal at the Pender County Health Dept is all about. It’s all about the control of Dr. Griffith’s position.

Back to your question asking what’s the point of the copy and paste? I believe the contributor was attempting to point out that these Board of Health Statutes are Mandated by the State of North Carolina and not by Pender County. George Brown does understand this. He is doing his best to control the decisions of the Board of Health and he is simply wasting valuable time and money by fighting this battle.

I found the contributor’s post very relevant considering the tunnel vision most contributors have. I think reading the posted Statutes again might be helpful unless one is still so fixated on question the local media asked, “Well, have you considered drug testing?”

Are you trying

to put a dog in the fight?

Go look at the relevant statutes yourself.

While the Board of Health may appoint a candidate for the Director's position, the state Board of Health has to approve that choice.

Also, the Board membership is mandated to have certain professional representatives.

Frankly, no better nail could go in the lying Accusser's coffin then a clear bill of health with all Department employees passing drug tests.

On the other hand, how does one state, after all the furor, that there is not a problem with employee drug use, if some type of drug test is not conducted?

If she lied, why is she still employed?

As I have said consistently, Mr. Tate should give up one of his positions. Clearly there is a conflict of interest when he sits on both seats.

I've also pushed, from day 1, for a posting of positions that some new blood might be appointed to clear out the stagnation. Mr. Tate's seat should be the first filled.

Snoop, maybe you should get your head out of the pound and think like a reasonably thinking person. That's often the measure used to determine right from wrong.

SurfCity Tom. Believe me. I

SurfCity Tom.

Believe me. I am more than familiar than most when it comes to the NC Statutes concerning the Heath Department and the Board of Health.

To answer your point.

Please read the words below that are capitalized and underlined.

“The members of a county board of health shall be appointed by the county board of commissioners. The board shall be composed of 11 members. The composition of the board shall reasonably reflect the population makeup of the county and shall include: one physician licensed to practice medicine in this State, one licensed dentist, one licensed optometrist, one licensed veterinarian, one registered nurse, one licensed pharmacist, ONE COUNTY COMMISSIONER, one professional engineer, and three representatives of the general public”

This is Mandated in the NC Statutes and not considered a conflict of interest. If it’s not Jimmy Tate, then it’s one of the other Commissioners. Please choose one.

To answer your point
Yes, when confronted she admitted that she lied. She is still employed because Dr Griffith’s power to fire her or anyone else in the Dept who followed the mutiny has been denied by the County Attorney which is directly dictated by Commissioners George Brown and Jimmy Tate who the County Attorney works for.

To answer your point
“While the Board of Health may appoint a candidate for the Director's position, the state Board of Health has to approve that choice”. This is a given fact, but George Brown is still trying to create the worst case scenario with lies while being interviewed by the local media so Dr Griffith loses his position by public support which may influence the State Board of Health.

To answer your point
“Also, the Board of Health membership is mandated to have certain professional representatives”. Yes this is mandated, but the “Rogue Nurse” and George Brown both have a beef with the ones on the Board of Health at present and not with who may fill their positions after these are forced out.

To answer your point
“Snoop, maybe you should get your head out of the pound and think like a reasonably thinking person. That's often the measure used to determine right from wrong”.

A famous attorney once told me that there are three sides to every story, your side, their side and the truth. But I later discovered in life that there is a fourth. It’s the side that the media wants to put the spin on and which is never the truth. It’s just for their ratings. It’s unfortunate that too many people watch and believe everything they see and hear in this new tabloid journalistic world we live in these days.

It was the media that suggested the “drug testing” to the public viewers to start with. They have continued to deny the viewers the truth. The longer this lingers, the more fill time they have. I know this first hand.

I think we are on the same side, but have different views of how this needs to happen. So I will not fight with you. Just maybe I disagree about some of your views.

I do agree with you that Jimmy Tate needs to be out and I’m also suggesting that George Brown should be voted out when his term expires. Trey Thurman also needs to be fired.

My view is that most of us have gotten lazy and rode the wave during the 70s, 80s and the 90s. We have bypassed our local politics and now it’s out of control. We need to be more involved and take it back.

Speak the truth, please!

About those drug charges at the health department: You are reporting that testing wasn’t done because of lack of documentation. That raises the simple, logical question: How many years ago did this “staff taking drugs” happen? Shirley Steele made it sound like it is happening currently, in which case documentation would be acquired now. Proof would be readily available now. Remember, Steele plainly and clearly stated “TAKING DRUGS” in your station’s on-camera interview. There is no other way to construe that comment except to say that this is currently happening and this is illicit drug use on the job, not in the past, not some other substance abuse problem, simply means: taking drugs at the health department, while on the job, and doing it now. WWAY, did you happen to ask the simple question: When? Did you bother to ask if this person had a job position that “endangers people’s lives” as George and Steele are saying? Did you bother to ask if this was reported when it was happening and who it was reported to? Did you happen to ask Steele or Brown whose life was endangered? Did you happen to at least 2nd guess this public health nurse and question her in depth. That would have been responsible journalism.

Still have not seen

positions posted.

Still have seen no drug tests.

Still have seen no investigation.

There's something called Due Process -- Dr. Griffith has the right to face and question the "annonymous" accusers.

County Commissioners -- get this thing moving forward or start turning in resignations.

Why have there been no postings of Board of Health Director positions?

Why have there been no drug tests?

SurfCity Tom: I also believe

SurfCity Tom:

I also believe Dr. Griffith has the right to face his accuser. I also believe he has the right to fire her, but it seems that the County has tied his hands so this lingers on. This all snowballed from conspired events which included the participants Jason Leary, George Brown, Jimmy Tate and the nurse that made the allegations from the start. Each participant had their own motives.

So now County Attorney Trey Thurman is in the mix attempting to cover the Pender’s butt and sweep this all under the rug. It is now known that the accuser who made the allegation of “drug use” has since admitted that she lied. Trey Thurman refuses to come out with this fact in a simple press statement because of the fear of lawsuits against Pender County and the individuals who have been riding this horse with the local media.

I do not agree with your suggestion of “drug testing” county employees and this is why. If I made the allegation to the cops that you were dealing drugs from your home and then I later admitted that I lied, would you still want the cops come in bust you door down looking for drugs? I wouldn’t think so.

I do not have a problem with random “drug testing” in any organization, but in this instance which is a fabrication and is under a false pretense I do not agree it should take place. This suggestion is a mere diversion.

Testing for mental stability in Pender County is another story and is something which I would agree to. The first in line should be George Brown. Or would someone granting that favor suggest another HIPAA violation?

Please read

my comments again. I called for drug testing of all health department employees as a means of laying this frivilous claim to rest and to strengthen the case against the accusser.

When this is all over, Dr. Jack should sue the dickens out of the accusser and any member of the County Council or Board of Health who contributed to this sharade.

George Brown

George Brown, does the statement you made about Jimmy Tate being on his medication during the last Commissioners meeting violate HIPAA?

George, you sure are fishing on the muddy bottom trying to save your butt after all the shenanigans you been pulling with your “Rogue Nurse” “friend” against the Pender County Health Department and Dr Griffith.

Why did you not state what your charge against Dr Griffith actually was concerning the HIPAA complaint you made. I’m sure that if the public knew the truth, they would feel you are full of BS.

You will be voted out of office for sure next term and I would not be surprised if you are dismissed before then by the NC AG’s office and the SBI. Such a loser!

What is George Brown up to Now?

WWAY is digging in the bottom of the pit by airing any interview with Commissioner George Brown. George is only trying to save his butt and anything he has to say will have no truth.

George Brown realizes that he won't be voted in again as Commissioner next time and is trying his best to push the blame of the false allegations he made toward the Health Dept along with the "Rogue Nurse" on to Dr Jack Griffith by accusing him of misconduct. Well George, you are a loser and in time the truth will come out.