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ONLY ON 3: Going to the DMV a day-long ordeal

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Going to the DMV; a day-long ordeal

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- You don't just "drop by" the Division of Motor Vehicles in New Hanover County anymore. A visit could take you anywhere from three hours to most of your day.

It's 6:30 a.m., and people are lining up outside the DMV, hours before it even opens.

"This is my third trip," said Tracie Ange.

Earlier this week Ange was told she couldn't be helped because the office was going to close at 4:30 p.m. She showed up that day at 1 p.m. The office is busy all day. We showed up early this morning and also at noon. We found people struggling to keep a smile on their face.

"I've already been here four hours," said Lynn Dawson. "They've only called five numbers, so I still have about three more hours of standing here!"

The DMV says it's aware of the problem and help is on the way. New employees will be trained and ready to go by May. As for the brave people waiting at the DMV Friday, they're just hoping they don't have to return any time soon.

"You're suppose to have it fast-paced, especially if you want people to have their stuff legal and right. They should probably make their process a little bit faster," Dawson said.

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Make an Appointment

I recently found out that you can make an appointment. You just have to do it months ahead of time. I called in March and the next available was in June.

What kind of chairs are in the DMV?

I mean if I have to wait, can they get some better chairs?? Get some cushion in them or something..but yet they can afford a plasm TV with a subscription to some entertainment network..I went two fridays ago and half the numbers that they called, the people werent even there and yet they give these non shows 3-5 minutes to respond to their numbers..move on to the next number..20% percent of the wait time is listening to the intercom call out no shows!!!

Here's a thought, maybe if

Here's a thought, maybe if you were given the correct information when you called to find out what you need people wouldn't have to wait in line ofr 4 hours just to be turned away. Or have a drop box to return licence plates. Or have sign on the door that they don't take credit cards. Everything is an absolute guessing game there and everyone you talk to tells you something different. They do it on purpose because they hate their lives...


begins at the top. Between budget cuts, budget shortfalls, staff reductions, and furlough days, what should one expect?

If you voted the straight D at the last statewide election, you got what you voted for.

The cuts have to be made somewhere in order to fund all of the state give away programs. Remember where the top is.

On another note, you can always drive to Burgaw or Jacksonville. Short lines most days.

NC DMV has never been convenient or efficient

When I moved to NC in 1994 the DMV was a boondoggle. It seems to only have gotten worse. For one thing your driver's license expires on your birthday...thank you for the birthday present NC...but you can have that one back. You take a number and wait, in fact I figured out how long it was gonna take then went to visit my brother at work, then ate lunch, went home, then came back about 2.5 hours later and still had to wait.

They should privatize it. Just like Mailboxes etc. did for the US post office or the bill payment places do for the city of wilmington and progress energy. Only have the DMV for things that the private sector could not resolve.

I cannot even begin to estimate the amount of productive time people have wasted by having to take off from work to go to the DMV. It is an all day affair and it should at least be a tax write-off for time missed from work.


There are other DMV offices you could go to and not have as long of a wait........

Just wait!

When Obamacare gets on track, this is how the hospitals will be, only 1000 times worse. Electing Obama is like giving me the coaching job at UNCW. I know nothing of basketball.

How many

DMV examiners could be hired if the CFPUA were to be disbanded?

whole day wasted

I took my daughter this morning to DMV for an ID card. We waited from 7:20 until 8:15 before we were given a number. Then I had to call her father to come and sit the rest of the time with her so that I could go to work - who knew this was going to take until 1:15 to complete? Only two men working as hard as they could to take care of all the crowd who was to be served. Then let's also take into this problem of the note on the door that says after 4 p.m. there will be no road tests given and if you are not in line by 4:30 you can be served --- BIG laugh, they close at 4:30.

That DMV office has been

That DMV office has been like that for years. I don't believe for one second they have any real help coming, of course they are going to say that though when pressed about it. Also there is a sign inside that says the workers are not state employees but contractors from an outside company.

When I need to go to the DMV I just go to the Hampstead or Burgaw branches. Last time I went to Hampstead to have the names on my title changed I was in and out within 5 minutes. I went to Burgaw in January for a renewal and wasn't there for more than 10 minutes.

DMV...not NC Tag Agency

Tag agency is busy and there are other branches to visit and times you can get in with no wait. This is why this article is not about is about the drivers license agency...and no, there are no other branches in wilmington you can go to...the only two we have are the same...long waits.