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ONLY ON 3: Gore admits he helped write pension bill

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Gore admits he helped write pension bill

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- We've learned new information tonight that you'll see ONLY ON 3 regarding a bill Sen. R.C. Soles introduced last week. Today District Attorney and Soles friend Rex Gore admitted to us he helped write the bill, which, if passed, would have directly impacted how much retirement money gore got from the state. Right now to get full retirement you have to be 65 years old and have served for 24 years. The Soles/Gore bill is trying to change that to 62 years old and 20 years of service.

Gore turned 62 last month and has 22 years in. He now says he contacted soles today, and asked that the bill be amended so that it wouldn't go into effect until 2012, which would take him out of play.

You may have heard about the other bill Soles introduced last week that would split the 13th judicial district in two and allow the governor to appoint a new district attorney. That bill has caused quite a bit of concern for local Republicans and Democrats. Now, an e-mail has surfaced from Gore's personal e-mail account, that's sure to add to controversy. Gore sent the e-mail to the chair of the Brunswick County Democratic Party, who forwarded to several prominent Democrats in the district. In it Gore responds to concerns about splitting up the district.

Gore replies: "With all due respect, you need to leave the language alone... it means nothing... not binding on the governor... the less you talk about it the better... you do not need to confront Soles on this bill... it is being introduced to protect Columbus and Bladen... it is not something any committee needs to discuss... the more attention you draw to it, the harder it will be to accomplish... at least this way, you have a chance of getting a Dem appointed if we can defeat (Jon) David... and no, I am not interested in being appointed."

The bill in question was introduced by Soles Thursday,just two weeks after the primary election, in which his longtime political ally Gore lost the Democratic race to keep his seat as District Attorney. The bill proposes splitting the 13th judicial district in two; making Brunswick County its own district, and Columbus and Bladen Counties a separate district.

Jon David, a Republican from Brunswick County, and Butch Pope, a Democrat from Columbus County, are vying to be the DA of the 13th district. If the bill passes, it would let whoever wins the election be the DA of the newly drawn district where he lives. The governor would appoint a district attorney for the other new district. The bill encourages the governor to appoint someone from the opposite political party of the elected DA. That's causing concern for Brunswick County Democrats, who fear the governor would appoint a Republican to their district if Pope wins the DA race.

We asked Gore for comment on the e-mail. He wouldn't elaborate much, basically saying the e-mail spoke for itself.

The chair of the Brunswick County Democratic Party wasn't satisfied with Gore's explanation of the bill. She's called a meeting Thursday night to discuss the ramifications of splitting the judicial district and has asked Soles to come in person to explain himself.

Soles was unavailable for comment.

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What's Next

Hey Mr Gore, So what if you asked RC to take you out of the bill's language. Does that still mean you don't want it? But you still have more cronies who will benefit from it.
Take your medicine and retirement the same way EVERYONE else who retires(if they have any left in this economy) does. When they are truly eligible at 66, not 60 or 62. How dare you or Soles even suggest something in this day and age when many people cannot retire due to the economy.
Hey, I have a suggestion, why don't you go live with RC in his little house and he can pay your retirement.

How can Gore pass judgement

How can Gore pass judgement on anyone in Brunswick,Columbus,and Bladen counties when he is the biggest crook of them all. This is the reason I voted for Jon David four years ago and will do so this year.


These are two crooked individuals and they have got to get out of office now. I think they should resign immediately.


Can you spell ColCor? It is time for the both of them to get out of Dodge. Soles has been in TOO long and too many "goood ole boys" in back pocket.
While splitting the district is probably not a bad idea, the retirement plan STINKS!!!
take your retirement like everyone else Mr. Gore, do you think you are Special?

Beavis & Butt-Head

These 2 clowns have never pulled a punch. From their antics during COLCOR to this very day. Now in the waning days of their "careers" I would expect no less from them for one more play.. just to see what happens...


Politics as usual

Is anyone really suprised? These two are the epitome of why most people don't trust government and the bad news is, they are only the tip of the iceburg.

Does anyone else think...

this stinks to high heaven?


The NC Senate should table and ignore any legislation introduced by Lame Duck Soles, especially legislation pertaining to the office of Lame Duck Gore. Why should the citizens of North Carolina pay for the salary, staff and operating expenses of an additional district attorney when the state is already in a serious budget crisis? Both Gore and Soles have done some good things for the area. But now they will be remembered as political hacks.

It is a known fact that

It is a known fact that these two cons have affected many lifes in very negative ways. It goes back to COLCOR, they did the crimes, others did the time. These two criminals have set SENC back many years from where it should be. If you want a state job or a promotion from one, these two have to have their name on it. If you need to get out of a crime and have the cash, call RC, he'll get it right with Gore. Now he has a former employee set up as a judge, the party is not over. The bad thing about it is that the people put up with it for so long, we could be years ahead. Look at our area now, no jobs, no hope....I just hope that the allegations being investigated by the SBI are true and he gets the rest of his life in one of "his" prisons.

Soles & Gore

If this does not prove to everyone that the general public is way down on the list of priorities nothing will. Politicians and bureaucrates are only looking out for themselves and thier own. At best we rate 5th or worse. 1st is themselves, 2nd Family, 3rd Friends, 4th colueges & lobbiest, then we come in there someplace. All this with our dime, get the BUMS out of our pockets. All we have left is the "Change".

This goes to show - - -

This is a prime example of the corrupt politics that are going on all around us. Also, it shows the evil, underhanded and sometimes illegal damage that can be done by politicians who have been in office WAY too long and are only looking out for themselves and their 'buddies'. Don't vote for an incumbant. Let's clean house and start fresh!!