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ONLY ON 3: Judge Lewis on why she dismissed Oak Island Fire Chief's DWI

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Judge Lewis on why she dismissed Oak Island Fire Chief's DWI

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Slowly but surely we're getting some answers about why a judge threw out a fire chief's DWI charge two weeks ago. Tonight, those answers are coming from the judge who made the ruling.

Brunswick County Superior Court Judge Ola Lewis is bound by judicial standards not to talk about the merits of this or any pending case. But after consulting the state Judicial Standards Commission, she decided she can talk about procedural matters.

Judge Lewis spoke with us on the phone this morning. She said the District Attorney is in charge of the criminal calendar and can change it without the judge's knowledge. But prosecutor Erin Holden left Oak Island Fire Chief John House's case on the calendar June 8 even though Holden was not prepared to move forward.

"There were opportunities afforded to the District Attorney in court and in chambers that she did not take," Lewis said. That led Lewis to dismiss the case.

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Judge Fairly

I think this judge did the only thing that she could in this case. If I were up before a judge and the state had treated my case the way this one had been treated, I'd expect no less.

What I can't understand is why a person who agrees to plead guilty can then turn around and appeal.

Court System

Why can't you just leave Mr. House alone. He has already paid the consequences for what he did and has gone through all the classes and then some. I can't believe that it took 18 months for this to happen. If a person is caught for drunk driving why are they not tried immediately instead of being allowed to still drive on our streets. I sure haven't heard much about the guy that was drunk and killed a person. He did not have a good back ground. Let Mr. House and his family deal with this on their own. They have had to deal with this for over 18 months.

You must not watch or read

You must not watch or read the news, the person that your talking about was charged with murder for killing that for it taking so long, you might was to talk to the people that make the laws to change this cause everyone has the right to get a fair trial..

Mr. House will never be left

Mr. House will never be left alone. He could have killed somebody and then his snotty little attitude after he was freed. How can anybody respect somebody like that. I sincerely hope that someone on Oak Island will make it a point to make sure that the insurance company that covers the town is informed of this. You are right...after he was caught blowing a .14, he should have lost his license right then instead of allowed to "drive on our streets".

The State Bar

should come down and review professional standards with Ms.Holden and her superior, the DA.

Perhaps a suspension of law license privileges is in order.

I am sure the judge acted

I am sure the judge acted within the law, but due to the nature of the offense, I would have hoped that she would have done every thing in her power to make sure this person was convicted. What if it had been a murderer, would she have turned him loose?