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ONLY ON 3: Bus driver, monitor arrested & fired after kicking students off bus

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Bus driver, monitor arrested & fired after kicking students off bus

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- WWAY has learned a bus driver and bus monitor who kicked two students off the bus at 8th and Wooster Streets in Wilmington last month have been arrested. The New Hanover County School Board fired driver Doug Farrow and monitor Angela McIntyre yesterday after deputies charged Farrow with contributing to the deliquency of a minor and neglect and McIntyre with contributing to the deliquency of a minor.

The parents of a 13-year-old girl who was kicked off the bus told WWAY last week the monitor told the driver to stop the bus because their daughter and another student were making fun of the monitor. The children then had to walk more than a mile home.

Farrow had worked for the school district since Sept. 13, 2002. The district hired McIntyre in March 2000. Farrow and McIntyre are both out of jail. They are each schedule to be in court May 25.

Stay tuned to WWAY NewsChannel 3 and for more on this story as this develops.

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I was on the bus when it happened and they didint actually get kicked off, they walked off by themselves. They got the story all wrong.

Neighborhood schools anyone?

One more reason to support schools in your own backyard!


You honestly believe that even with neighborhood schools there wouldn't be instances of kids getting kicked off a mile from home. When I went to school I went to the one that was by far the closest to my home and it was still several miles at least from my home...neighborhood schools has nothing to do with this. This is about some kid who got dropped off in the hood!

Bus driver and monitor fired


Maybe parents should teach

Maybe parents should teach their children to have respect for people in authority positions. I agree the driver and monitor should be held accountable for their actions (suspension), but being fired and arrested is overkill.

There are two sides to every equation, it's a basic principal to life, and everything is balanced. If the kids don't disrespect the monitor they don't get kicked off the bus.

target practice

Bus Drivers are underfire. They get up early every morning to pick up our children. It's up to us as parents to help these drivers by teaching our children to show respect to them and behave while on the Bus. They have our childrens lives in their hands for a short time twice a day from home to school and back again. Shame on you New hanover Board for letting this get out of hand. You need to dig a little deeper to see what REALLY HAPPENED! You are treating these people like criminals and they are NOT! NO LAWS BROKE! How do you think the rest of the Drivers are feeling about your decision, are do you really care! their are GOOD and BAD people in our world today. these Drivers are not bad people , just target practice!!!!!

Excuse me I am a student who

Excuse me I am a student who rides the bus daily and I find your comment completely wrong. My driver constantly swerves, yells at girls and boys for ridiculous reasons. For example today I stepped into the isle after dropping my book. After the school board reviewed the tape and claimed my innocence the driver still issued a weekend detention. Still think they are target practice? Try thinking like the person who has to deal with them daily instead of a snobby adult who thinks that bus drivers are in fact kind people when in 9 years of riding the bus I have never once encountered a kind bus driver.


Ok, i'm not usually a proponent of anything pro-kids, but in this instance I have to side with the parents. Yes, bus drivers get up early and take the kids back and forth, etc.. etc.. but part of their jobs is insuring the safety of the kids they bus around. Kicking a kid off in the hood isn't doing their job...therefore they got fired. Arrested is a bit strong I think, should not happen, but fired...yes. Unless the kid pulled a gun or was threatening another student you deal with it and keep driving. At least till they aren't in ghetto city...thats just common sense.

This is the most ridiculous

This is the most ridiculous crap I have ever heard of in my lifetime. Let them walk a mile, 5 if necessary.


America,we are going down the tube...we are now into the second dumbed down generation of no-good kids and ignorant parents. No one takes responsibility anymore for their actions and their parents don't care. These trouble makers should have been kicked off the bus and the sorry parents should have beat the hell out of them for disrespecting their manners or respect for anything...yes we are failing, and no one is paying attention...just remember i told you so!

agree and disagree

It is my understanding that there are proper procedures for dealing with these situations; and in my opinion they were not followed. It is too dangerous to drop kids off 1 mile from their home and even to drop them off 1000 yard from their home in the world today. Some one could abduct them or worse. I agree the children should be punished and should be taught to respect their elders; however the bus driver and the assistant should be punished for not following rules also. Some people are always looking for a reason to sue and that is what is wrong with our world today the darn lawyers run it.

Did they get let off at a

Did they get let off at a regular stop or just where ever they could stop? It is permissible to dismiss an unrulely child at the next regular stop.

concerning the bus!

Ok yeah its not right to put 2 13 year old kids off the bus even if they were making fun of the monitor,but at least the parents found out what happened.You see,in late 2009 my autistic NON VERBAL grandson was assaulted on the bus!To make things worse,since he can not talk,he could not tell me.I found out by accident 1 month later!The school board never even bothered to let me know!I have a 15 year old that rides a bus and if he even blinks the wrong way,I get a call.Makes me wonder if the reason I did not get notified is because they figured I would never find out because he can not talk!!It's scary!


They went to jail for making 2 misbehaving kids walk, oh poor babies....I have a feeling politics and race was involved

If I read correctly, the

If I read correctly, the driver and monitor have been employed by the school system for several years-Then we have 2 smart talking girls who can get them fired!It would be interesting to see how the parents are going to react in a few years when the disrepectful girls end up in the court room! My guess is this is not the 1st time for the girls and possibly the parents had been notified what would happen if it continued! I guess the bullying rule is just more paper work-not action! This is signed by an educator with an advanced degree and also major in child psy-

Bus Driver and Monitor Arrested and Fired

I agree with the decision of the school board to fire both of these individuals for their actions. I also agree with the charges being file against them. Both of these individuals acted irresponsibly. They put the lives of these children in danger.

I believe also that these two girls should have been punished for their actions if they did in fact do what they were accused of. The proper punishment is this case would have been to return to the school with the two girls and have their parents contacted for a conference and to pick them up at school. I feel that this course of action would have been more appropriate and would have possibly taught them a lesson (if the parents are the type to take respect of authority seriously).

I have several children of my own and if any of them ever disrespect an adult as these two did, I will make sure they never do it again, However if this happen to my kids, the news media would be the least of the school systems worries.

I want to say I applaud both the parents, school board, and law enforcement in this case, but I do believe the girls need to be punished as well if in fact they were disrespecting the adults on the bus.

Ubi dubium ibi libertas

As a former bus driver i

As a former bus driver i believe his was taken too far! yes these drivers should have been sent home for the rest of the school year without pay but charges? why? Well what happened to the charges for the driver who left the black kids at 3rd and greenfeild two years ago and was only sent home for 3 days without pay huh? not to make this an issue of black and white just stating the facts these girls only walked 6 blocks thats it six blocks! but the black kids walked for 8 blocks to 11th and greenfeild! but did the school board fire that driver NO! were any charges drawn NO! And if these parents think this neighborhood is so crime ridden why do they live in this neighborhood? Why are you having sleepless nights (to the father) when you been sleeping ok this long? Also to the father did that monitor bring charges against you for the threatning you were doing to her that friday afternoon? yea i bet you wont mention that!

Will the little girls be punished too??

If we let these ill mannered children get away with taunting and being disrespectful to the bus driver, what kind of message will that send to the other kids who ride buses? now anytime a bus driver talks to them in the future will be met with a "I will have fired and brought up on charges"..they should be suspended OFF the bus for the rest of the year..even though the means dosent justify the cause, kids need disciplined and their behavior SHOULD NOT go no ways am I condoning the bus driver actions but in no way should they have been brought up on charges..if these had been African American kids with white drivers and got let off in the same area of town, would we even be discussing this story?

Kicked off the Bus!

If the children do not behave on the bus then kick them off. Walking a mile home certainly won't hurt them and it will give them time to think about 'why' they are having to walk home. Stop coddling the heathens!!

I wonder??????

If it would have been a rich neighbor hood.would any of this had been said> things that make you go hmmmmmm.

what were they arrested for!!???

contributing to the deliquency of a minor and neglect!!??

Give me a break!! when I was young whippersnapper, we walked several miles through snow drifts to school! Sounds like those little brats deserved to walk to school for a week!!

those young whippersnappers...

lived only a mile from where they were let off! They are probably related to those same thugs! Why do you think they got kicked off the buss!!?? I say that bus driver and monitor deserved a medal in this politically correct climate where young punks get to mouth off to their heart's delight. Why should low paid employees have to take a bunch of lip from McDonald's munching, spoiled brats all day long!???

P.S. And what'd you think, everyone was a little angel when I was growing up? The ones who weren't shooting up heroin were shaving their heads and beating people up (not just blacks as the media would have you believe),in broad daylight! I'm old yes, that means Alice Cooper was playing on the radio (we still used phrases like "whippersnapper" though ;-).


I don't know how old you are but for you to say whippersnapper I would say you are up in age. This is not the environment that you were use to. My father also walked to school and it was ok but that was many years ago. In the past 2 weeks there has been 2 reported shootings in that same area, the last almost hitting a baby. If you have ever had children would you really want them to walk a mile and a half through some of the worst parts of town? If you do not believe me get off your rear and drive down 8th street to Greenfield street. Then get back with me.


Okay? Good for you, these kids had to walk in the worst part of wilmington. & you just had to walk through snow, not be scared of getting shot or raped.

And I'll bet it was uphill

And I'll bet it was uphill both ways...

How about I drop you off

How about I drop you off downtown and see if you like being in a place you know nothing of, I guess your a little older (in my days we walked to school in snow..) whatever, was the crime rate this bad? How many kids, young women that were walking were being picked up and raped and even worse killed? Dropping kids off im a place like that is asking for trouble!! And it seems the bus driver and bus monitor got what they deserved, if anything they got off easy!!


Have you ever been through 8th & Wooster? This isn't country lane territory. Thugville even in daylight hours! Kudos for taking action. Now if the kids need to be disciplined, so be it. But being forced to walk through drug and crime infested streets is not proper punishment.

Bus incident

I think it is about time for people to stand up for their children and to protect them. We put them in the hands of the school system and our bus drivers to keep safe until they arrive home. Maybe they will think twice before they let another child off. Even if a child demands to be put off at a stop that is not theirs it is the responsiblity of the driver to alert authorities. What they did in this case was to make 2 girls get off for no reason and leaving them to fend for themselves. I applaud the school board for there action.

target practice

Bus Drivers are underfire. They get up early every morning to prepare to pick up our children. It's up to us as parents to help these people by teaching our children to behave and show respect to their Drivers. Their are good and bad people in our world today but, I believe these Drivers are target practice. SHAME ON YOU New hanover for letting this get out of hand and not getting to the bottom of what really happen. PRAYING FOR YOU!

re: Give them a break!!

They were employed for how long???? They must have done something right by taking care of those children for years.. This is ridiculous!!! You take one bus ride with a bus full of children and see how bad they behave and act on buses. These drivers have a hard enough time driving in Wilmington and then to have to put up with bad behavior..They work for low pay and have all the responsibilities that the parents should have and in many cases put their lives at risk.