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ONLY ON 3: With charges dismissed, man says city needs to pay up

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: With charges dismissed, man says city needs to pay up

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New developments tonight in a story you've seen ONLY ON 3. Earlier this year Wilmington Police tried to nab a suspected drug dealer. They had a search warrant. Trouble is they apparently they busted into the wrong house.

That questionable search led to another man charged with having drugs, but when he went to court yesterday, the cops failed to show up. Now the man who once faced charges has a charge of his own for the city.

Back in March police busted down Raymond Davis's door looking for a man who actually lived a block away. Davis says this whole mistake has led to a bogus drug charge and a busted door that the city has yet to fix.

Police were looking for this David Benjamin Alston. The problem, his house is a block away. During the search of Davis's home, though, investigators say they found some marijuana. The allegation led to a drug charge that on Wednesday was thrown out. Now that one problem is done and over, with what about his door?

"After leaving the courtroom I went to Robert Skaggs with the city to report my damage," Davis said. "He said once the charges were dropped the city would be liable. Now that they're liable, I want to know when the city will come fix my door now."

We called Skaggs several times, but with no one picking up all we could do was leave a message. Though the process has drawn out Davis says he's not going to stop until the city makes things right by fixing his door.

"I'm just going to go on with my life," Davis said. "That's all I wanted to do since the beginning. I didn't even want to bring this on the news. When my door gets fixed, I just want to go on with my life."

Until the door gets fixed the damage will remain as a reminder of an incident that Davis just wants to put behind him.

Wilmington Police Deputy Chief David Conklin has stood by the search saying the search of Davis's home was not a mistake. As for the damage, Davis says the door and frame would cost him $2,700.

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Please post a follow up to this story...

I'm on pins and needles not knowing whether the Police will admit wrongdoing and come clean with this man. I can't believe the Police Chief is standing by the raid despite everyone else admitting a mistake was made.

Damaged property

I feel like that if the W.P.D made the damage to this person's door the city should fix the door at the city's expense. Since the city is wasting money on other things this would be a legitimate reason to continue to do what they do best. This would not be a waste of money.

His Loving Hands
1 Peter 2:24
Rev. James Davis


You "feel like." It's not about feelings.