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ONLY ON 3: Cremins spoke with UNCW's Mehrtens about Byington

READ MORE: Cremins spoke with UNCW's Mehrtens about Byington

BOLIVIA -- There's a lot of buzz about the possibility of former UNCW basketball player Mark Byington getting the head coaching job at his alma mater. His current boss hopes he gets it.

"It takes guts for an AD or a chancellor to hire someone who has never been a head coach, but Mark Byington could be a diamond in the rough and be a superstar at UNCW," College of Charleston head coach Bobby Cremmins said during a visit to Brunswick Community College for a fundraiser Tuesday morning. Byington is currently the top assistant at Charleston under Cremins, who also coached at Georgia Tech and Appalachian State.

Cremins, who coached Georgia Tech to the 1990 Final Four the same year he won national Coach of the Year honors, said he has talked with UNCW athletic director Kelly Mehrtens about Byington.

"He's got what it takes to be an outstanding head coach," Cremins said about his protege. "You never know, because nothing is a guarantee. Mark is currently sweating out the search process. Hopefully he's a serious candidate, but we're not sure because it tends to change day to day. At the College of Charleston we're really hoping that he gets the job at Wilmington."

WWAY's John Rendleman spoke at length with Cremins after the breakfast. You can see more of that interview tonight on WWAY NewsChannel 3 starting at 5 p.m. and here on Just click on the play video icon to see the interview.

John also interviewed former UNCW AD Mike Capaccio about getting Cremins to come to Brunswick Community College to speak. Capaccio was responsible for getting Cremins to the BCC campus on Tuesday. Capaccio even gave his perspective of the UNCW coaching search.

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I was

looking at the paper when the piece came on air. I had not been paying attention; and my immediate thought was "Holy Cow", they had the best interests of the school at heart and hired Bobby Cremins.

Then reality sunk in.

As long as Ms. Mehrtens is at the helm, it will take a strong Coach to deal with her.

Someone like Bobby Cremmins or Bobby Knight.

Someone like Byington, in his first head coaching gig will not have a chance, and will likely be doomed to failure, as long as Ms. Mehrtens is at the AD helm.

Chancellor, do you hear us yet? Clean the slate; bring in a new AD & give someone like Byington a decent opportunity to succeed.

OR, let this fiasco continue; and you may soon be chatting with the Board of Governors about your career options. Maybe that's what it will take, a clean sweep from top to bottom.

John Rendleman, I cannot

John Rendleman,

I cannot tell you how much I cringed at the thought of you asking Capaccio ANYTHING about UNCW coaching. A part of the administration that ran Brownell away from here and started this disastrous slide that we are now in. A national joke in college basketball. But you know what, Brownell is now coaching in the best conference in America probably making millions of dollars and Capaccio is an unknown at a community college in Brunswick County. Chalk one up for the good guys. KARMA.

It's because of Capaccio

It's because of Capaccio that UNCW basketball is in the pickle it's in. He had it out for Brad Brownell....and it's been downhill since Brad left. Hope Mark is offered the job!!!

Fire Mehrtens , Hire Byington

What a debacle ! Capaccio legacy at UNCW is running off Brad Brownell. Good luck at Clemson ,
Brad .

Did Rountree advise you to

Did Rountree advise you to interview Capaccio? What a waste of air time.
Congratulations to Brad. Go Tigers!!