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ONLY ON 3: Governor wants reason to come back to Wilmington; WWAY gives her one; Office turns us down

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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) - Monday during a visit to UNCW by Governor Bev Perdue, WWAY's Chris Phillips told her that we would love for her to come back to Southeastern North Carolina more often.

Her response was, "I'd love to come. Get me a reason."

Tuesday, we emailed the governor's communications director, Chrissy Pearson, to see exactly what she meant by that.

Pearson wrote back, "The governor was asking for an invitation, basically. Give her a suggestion."

So we did. WWAY News Director Scott Pickey officially invited Gov. Perdue to come back at her earliest convenience to do a Live Q&A with one of our anchors. He even dedicated most of the 5:30 p.m. newscast to her interview. In essence, 30 minutes for the governor to talk with voters of Wilmington and Southeastern North Carolina about local issues and during a time when her party just lost its majority in the legislature for the first time in more than a century.

Pearson replied, "I don’t know if we’ll be able to spend that much time with you, but I thank you for the invitation. We will also host media here in Raleigh soon for end of year stories. I hope you’ll be able to make it then, and I’ll be sure you receive details as soon as they are confirmed."

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Don't Come Back

Governor I would be glad if never came back to this area. You are another example of a dirty politician and a crony of Easley whom is another crooked politician. Eastern North Carolina has had enough of crooked politics and their crooked policies. Your area is Raleigh so stay there, keep your mouth shut, do nothing and do not rerun. You will not be reelected nor do the citizens want you as Governor even now. Enjoy your last two years you lame duck.

Bev and Bad Business

I work for the State of NC and I can tell you for a fact that no one that I work with will vote for her again since she illegally took money from teacher salaries (after they had signed a contract) and froze step increases. My wife has been teaching for almost 3 years and is still on a level one pay-scale. She doesn't deserve this, especially after she had to student teach for 6 months for free (while having to pay rent, food, car, and student loan expenses!) Gov Perdue also constantly pushes down mandates for schools and teachers, but then cuts their pay, and allows blue cross blue shield (NC state health insurance Monopoly) to raise premiums and cut benefits slowly every year. She is sending a clear message, discouraging teachers and future teachers to find a different career path NOT IN EDUCATION. She is probably afraid and ashamed to come to Wilmington because of citizens asking her tough questions.


Boo hoo hoo, someone hurt WWAY feelings! How about go to Raleigh. Is she supposed to have the time to visit every TV station in NC? I bet she just herd of WWAYs pot-stirring, and she doesn't need any of that!

Governor Jim Hunt

It's bad when a former governor, Jim Hunt, even said that was the wrong thing for her to say.


Really Governor? You know,when it comes time to vote for Governor of North Carolina, you DEFINATELY will not get my vote!!!

Give me a reason?

She's kidding right? Give me a reason?!!! Maybe it is because you are the Governor of the State of NC - not just the Governor of Raleigh!

Who are you trying to kid? Your cronies are up there, not down here - except for Mike Easley and well we know what happened there, right? He got caught - maybe she is afraid it is her turn now.

A reason? I'll give you a reason...

because you govern our state and need to be seen and heard about what you are, or aren't, doing for the people of NC. What a waste of a term! McCrory ate her lunch and would've been great for our state. If voters would inform themselves and pay attention, we would have a competent Gov rather than an idiot. As many people as I know and run across who don't like her, I don't know how she managed to get in office.

I am with you

I have been disappointed with her since she took office. I really hope McCrory runs for governor again. He should have won and beats me how Perdue came out on top. I know more people who voted against her than for her. She has been a TRUE disappointment for everyone in North Carolina.

don't worry about getting turned down

she is a loser anyway for saying "give me a reason to come back"

what reason does she need when Wilmington has it all?

This lady and her entourage

This lady and her entourage are toast. Can she possibly put her foot in her mouth anymore? Where is ole common on this article?

Ever met a politician?....

Who did have anything honest to say.

After all, they have to fool 51% of the voters.

Not hard.

51% of voters probably not know who the Lt. Governor is.

I do not.

Do you?

Walter Dalton

chuckles. And therein is a major part of the problem. Too many voters do not take enough interest in the performance of their elected officials to hold them accountable every day or they fear some chowderhead will attack them, as they attack Commonsense and I, every time they point out specific policy failures.

But if you want her to come back, tell her it's a fund raiser for the Re-Elect Bev committee.

Then when she walks in, let her face the cameras and a select panel of questioners such as Commonsence and I. Oh, the door locks as she enters, and her handlers and entourage remain outside.

There's a thought.

Or, get an informant at the airport who will call the day prior to her next out of country working vacation. Have cameras set up as she and her entourage board the plane; and then have a reporter with hand held mini-cam follow her through out her overseas vacation.

Now there is transparency in government.