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ONLY ON 3: Jurors say prosecutor was unprepared in court

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Jurors say prosecutor was unprepared in court

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- The Brunswick County District Attorney's office has been on our radar for the past few weeks, and in particular assistant DA Erin Holden. Holden's courtroom slip-ups have allowed convicted DWI offenders to walk away scot free. That includes Oak Island's fire chief. Tonight, in a story you'll see ONLY ON 3, court insiders speak out about Holden, and even jurors have wondered why Holden has been unprepared in court.

After days of trying to uncover the truth, we found out last month Holden's failure to subpoena a state trooper forced a judge to throw out a DWI charge against Oak Island Fire Chief John House. Last week we found out Holden may have botched another drunk driving case. Now even jurors are providing a courtroom critique of Holden's job performance.

One man, who we'll call Fred, was a juror for a case Holden prosecuted more than a year ago. He says he still can remember how unprepared holden was during the trial.

"We didn't really have a clear picture," he said. "Not as clear as it should have been. It should have been a slam dunk case."

Fred said a DWI case that should have been cut and dry was difficult for a jury to comprehend.

"My impression was she was not prepared, and maybe this was sitting around for a while and she threw it together at the last minute," Fred said. "That was my impression and the impression of the other jurors."

Fred said the deliberations took two days because Holden's witnesses did not appear to be prepared for their testimony.

"I think she should have at least covered with them what she was going to ask them," Fred said. "They seemed kind of surprised with what she asked them. When you cross examine you want to surprise the witness, but when you're doing a direct and it's your witness, you want to have a clear idea of what you're asking them."

Fred said jurors were so upset by the state's presentation of evidence that they felt it necessary to address the situation to the court about the lack of preparation from the prosecutor.

"We also put a note at the end of the verdict," he said. "A note admonishing the prosecutor that they didn't do a very good job of preparing the case."

WWAY spoke with other jurors who saw Holden in court just last week. They also want to remain anonymous, but based on holden's performance last week, the jurors say they were under the impression she was a rookie in the courtroom for the first time.

Brunswick County DA Rex Gore plans to sit down with WWAY to discuss recent trials.

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Brunswick County

Ok, enough about John House, starting to sound like a broken record...we know the facts, now moving on forward...lets get to the meat of Brunswick County's problem. That is Rex Gore. Just look at his history of poor prosecution, good ole boy treatment and every other word you can use to describe corruption. Erin Holden has only learned from her superiors...I am sure if you do some digging (not too deep) you will find some serious serious issues with all of the Brunswick County Prosecutors. Erin Holden is a case of bad timming that has created the cause for the media outlets to start reporting on something that should have been reported a long time ago. I feel like that once we get a new DA in Brunswick, a lot more will be uncovered in connection with the Rex Gore days of prosecution. You as WWAY have done an in depth job on all this DUI stuff, but lets not dwell on the isolated John House case, lets uncover some BIG stuff here so that accountability can either take place or just move us forward with great lessons learned that can prevent future mess ups that have negative implications on the citizens of Brunswick County.

Where is this "note" Ms. Maeser

Surely the reporters at WWAY would pull this part of the public record to see if it exists. Whatever happened to professionalism and journalistic integrity? Any note would have to be made a permanent part of the file. Sounds like the reporter in this story is cutting corners to grab a quick headline at someone else’s expense.

Brunswick County ADA

Like I said last week, this incompetent person who doesn't care about the people she serves, needs to be sent to the unemployment line.

She can't collect unemployment....

...if she is fired for gross misconduct, such as "incompetence".