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ONLY ON 3: Man hit by alleged drunk driver talks about crash

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Man hit by alleged drunk driver talks about crash

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- One of the pedestrians hit by an alleged drunk driver on Wrightsville Beach over the Memorial Day weekend speaks out. Marc Miller's leg is in pretty bad shape, but surprisingly, he is in good spirits.

Doctors put had a titanium plate put in Miller's left leg after police say Jedadiah Woodcock hit Miller and Lindsey Casey May 30. Miller says they were walking on the Wrightsville Beach loop after the bars closed to meet up with their designated driver, when they stepped out into the street to let some people go around them. The impact of Woodcock's car sent Casey flying 22 feet through the air and Miller 14 feet.

"When we stepped into the street, I just looked behind me, and I saw that that car was coming, and I tried to move Lindsey out of the way," Miller said. "And when I pushed her out of the way I just remember getting hit head-on by the car, and they say I flipped up, and I remember getting hit by the windshield and then after that I don't really remember anything."

Miller says he has no hard feelings toward Woodcock, who police say blew a .09 on a breathalyzer test, had marijuana in his car and is now charged with his second DWI in less than a year. Police also say they found a partially written text message on the screen of Woodcock's phone. Texting while driving is illegal in North Carolina.

Casey has been transported back to New Hanover Regional Medical Center from a hospital in Chapel Hill. Miller says she is suffering from pelvic fractures and needs extensive knee surgery, but she has no health insurance.

Friends are planning a benefit to help pay for Casey's and Miller's medical bills. It will be at the Sidebar in Downtown Wilmington June 15, starting at 9 p.m.

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Looks like all those pretty MMA shirts they sell can't help you dodge cars, tough guy.


Oh, so it's the victim's fault that he happened to be on the street when some drunken idiot decided to get behind the wheel? Give me a break!

Easy little fella

That was a mere observation about the way he dresses. Get your panty drawers out of your behind. Moron

Yeah but the pimp hat looks

Yeah but the pimp hat looks cool. Reminds me of the kid walking the girl home on Grand Torino.

So what if he had weed and

So what if he had weed and was text messanging.

Whats next, you are not aloud to listen to music while you drive.

If you are so scared and feel that you have to be protected, maybe you should just go hide in a cave somewhere where it would be safe.

People that live in fear like yourself are the reason why other people go to jail unjustified for longer than necessary.

When you have something that is broken, you can't lock it in a cage and expect it to be fixed. It just doesn't make sense. Use your logic people, be skeptical about everything including laws.
two wrongs dont make a right.

OK, let's do this, Ill tell

OK, let's do this, Ill tell you where my little hidden cave is (Fayetteville) or you tell me where yours is and we can discuss which one we will meet at, and then we will see who lives in fear.
If you want an address just let me know playa....

Big Brother

Were you smoking weed when

Were you smoking weed when you wrote ths?

So what if he had weed and

So what if he had weed and was texting while driving? are you serious? for one, the weed isnt a big deal involving the crash, its just illegal, two, texting while driving is illegal for this exact reason. Because idiots dont pay attention to the road. The man was drunk for the 2nd time in a year actually 5 months and was driving without a license. You want us to just let him back out on the street so he can hit you and kill you? or injure you and not have any insurance to cover your medical expences. Dont even reply idiot, i dont care what you have to say neither does anyone in the real world

The last time I checked the

The last time I checked the media, I have not seen/heard of a PSA ( public service announcement for those of you that are smoking "weed") whereby a successful person ( however you define success) is speaking about how "smoking weed"/using other drugs has lead him/her to great successes in life.

With exception of medical use under proper guidelines for pain mitigation, "smoking weed" only serves to make you stupid.

Of course, you can't understand that because the "weed" has already clouded your judgment.

Are you the driver of the car?

Because that's the only reasoning you have for making such an ignorant post. Two rights don't make a wrong!? You're absolutely right! His TWO DWI's are completely WRONG. He needs to go away for a long time. He obviously isn't responsible and doesn't care about anyone elses safety! Maybe you can share a bunk since you have the same thought process. (or lack thereof)

You have got to be kidding.

You have got to be kidding. I really hope so if not it seems you are the one who needs to go live in a cave. It's called civilization and paying for your mistakes, and let us remember that his is not his first DWI. What if he had killed those people??
Your the kind of idiot that needs to go live in a cave so you can make your own laws. We would all be safer.

What a mind!

"So what if he had weed and was text messanging."

Gee, you left out, "So what if he was drunk, too."

Your basic argument clearly indicates that you still possess the immature sense of right and wrong normally found in a three year-old. If you can so easily espouse the fact that breaking two (or three) laws and nearly killing two people isn't really that big a deal, then I can only say that you, too, will in all likelihood eventually wind up in jail...and with much justification. (Of course, since God has a GREAT sense of irony, perhaps he can arrange to get you mowed down by a drunk driver, instead.)

Society does need to be protected from drunks armed with a ton of steel, criminals, and those who sypathize and justify criminality. It's why we HAVE laws and why we pay taxes.

If as you state

2 wrongs do not make a right, what do 2 tickets for DWI make?

What do 2 victims with broken bodies make?

How many must die from the acts of drivers who drink, huff, or do drugs while driving? There were 2 fatalities in Brunswick County within the past 2 or 3 weeks.

What do those lost lives make?

I posted some comments on how the local law enforcement bodies might work in unison to stem the apparent increase in DWI incidents.

How is your post in any way relevant to that?

"So what if he had weed and was text messaging" Add those to the DWI ticket and he has 3 wrongs; right? Then add the 2 injured parties and he has 5 wrongs? Right?

Where is the cave located you crawled out of? Someone might want to take some C-4 and seal the entrance before others of your mind set get out.


Well cupcake if he was texting while driving, that might be a saftey issue. Having drugs in the vehicle may point to another saftey issue. Don't you think? Wow your post makes almost no sense at all. Been hitting that weed a bit?

So you'd rather Woodcock be running free?

Did you have a bad experience w/the police, or are you just an anarchist? News flash: this guy was stupid enough to drive drunk and/or high while texting (which is enough of a distraction in itself), and injured 2 innocent people who are lucky to be alive. As for what jail time would achieve, how about letting Woodcock reflect on his misdeeds and realize that maybe he should've shown better judgement? This clown's lucky his victims aren't out for revenge, that's all I can say...


You wrote "so what if he had weed and was text messaging" as if it doesn't matter; further, the rest of your post implies something about nanny state laws. The real answer to so what if he had weed and was text messaging is that both are illegal.

It doesn't matter what one's personal views are; the two acts are illegal at this time. If you want that changed, work toward it. In the meantime, it's illegal.

Further, it's stupid. a driver doesn't have enough sense to not only be defensive himself, but he endangers others because he wants to be free to smoke and text.

Up his. (and--you're a moron).

That's the real answer.

Well, I agree

and I hope that the next time he is out driving drunk, using weed, and texting, it's YOU he runs over. You my friend are a complete idiot!!!

SEcond DWI in less than a year

for this driver. And it took place in Wrightsville Beach.

Those medical proceedures are not cheap. And the female victim confirms she had no insurance.

Did the driver have insurance? If it was a minimum liability limits policy, both victims are about to be shafted. $25,000 per victim will hardly cover the medical expenses they will incur. Nor will it cover loss of wages and any of the other costs which the 2 victims will face.

Toursim season is upon us Wrightsville Beach. Take lessons from Surf City. They staff up the force on week-ends; and the relatively low number of infractions clearly communicates people in Surf City, including the many young visitors from Camp LeJune, got the message.

Borrow the State's mobile testing lab; set it up for as many week-ends as you can get it; and let folks learn their lesson.

Team up with the Sheriff.

Surf City partners with N Topsail Beach, Topsail Beach, and Holly Ridge officers to run road checks with the portable lab. Onslow and Pender County deputies are present. So are a couple of Troopers. They set them up on the Island and off the Island. They set them up in each of the 4 towns as well as in unincorporated areas of the counties.

Got the message?

DA, it is past time for you to get tough with repeat offenders.

MADD -- you're a joke; get effective leadership or hang your head in shame.

Put this driver is a bright Tee Shirt which says "I Drink; I Drive; I Injure people". Make him wear it every time he goes out and see how many bartenders will serve him.

Accidents and mistakes

Accidents and mistakes happen to everyone! You can be afraid, rely on the police to put people in jail and ruin more peoples lives, live in a cave somewhere where you'll be safe, or you can learn something about life.
Let god be the judge unless you don't have a god!

SELECTIVE Biblical quotes

Every single one of you ENABLERS love to whip out the "don't judge" line. You're all so quick to pick up on one isolated quote to take the heat off the guilty, but disregard that a vast majority of the Bible is about individual responsibility and your duties toward God, your fellow man, and yourself.

"Ye shall know them by their fruits," and Woodcock's fruit is rotten. His conduct clearly indicates that he doesn't care one hoot about himself or his fellow man.

If you want to worry about someone getting right with God, see if you can get through to Woodcock....and pray for his two innocent victims.


So people should not go to jail for DWI? It is not a mistake or accident when it occurs more than once. And you really seem to be obsessed with caves. Getting killed by a drunk driver is not a very healthy way of learing about life.

How is anything

you posted at all relevant to the suggestions made as to how New Hanover County and Wrightsville Beach Police might work together to stem the increasing number of DWI incidents?

Are you puffing the happy weed? Or are you trying to make the DWI driver, who seriously injured 2 and put them both in the hospital, feel warm and fuzzy?

If your post represents your mind set, maybe you could become a late evening crossing gaurd near the Wrightsville Beach bars.

Clearly, you have proven it is better to remain silent and appear foolish than to speak and remove all doubt.

And I now understand why tigers eat the weak in their litters.

This wasn't just "a mistake"... was a serious incident that could've killed the 2 victims involved. Oh, and the police aren't ruining Woodcock's life, he did that himself when he decided it was OK to get behind the wheel after tossing back a few (while texting, I might add) and endangered the lives of 2 innocent people.

You my friend....

...are a f**king idiot! Who cares that he had "weed" in the car? And that he was possibly texting while driving? Not to mention the fact that they are both illegal...but he blew a .09 and hit two people. Live in fear.....hide in a cave? What the f**k are you talking about? Every crime on the planet could be labeled as a "mistake" under your retard rationalization. Its pretty clear that you obviously are a friend of the accused....and this is your ignorant way to try to defend him. Lets just take a deep breath and realize that: 1) you are not very smart 2) logic and reasoning have escaped you 3) your grasp on the law and lack of respect for it is astonishing 4) did I mention youre not very smart?

"let God be the judge" is a f**king morons way of saying "I f**ked up"


No buttwipe, that's not a mistake, that's stupid.

And then you bring god in to do the judging (of those who did not commit crimes by the way). At this time, that's not any better than the the current judges.

And--you're a moron.

is that how you would feel

is that how you would feel if this drunk/drugged loser had hit you and sentenced you to a year of pain, surgeries and unpaid medical bills? Go back to smoking your dope, idiot.