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ONLY ON 3: Man shot by Soles tells his side of story

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Man shot by Soles tells his side of story

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- It's a story that made national headlines. State Sen. R.C. Soles shot a man outside of his Tabor City house back in August, and was charged with felony assault.

The shooting victim, 22-year-old Kyle Blackburn, was a legal client of Sen. Soles. He refused to cooperate with investigators, and Soles was able to negotiate a plea bargain with prosecutors, getting off with a misdemeanor assault conviction and a one thousand dollar fine.

Blackburn is now telling his side of the story, explaining that he did not talk before now because he feared for his life. Blackburn says the senator has paid him more than $100,000 over the years to keep quiet about what he knows about him.

Blackburn says he wants to set the record straight about what happened on August 23. That was the day he was shot in the back of the leg by Soles. He says it all started when B.J. Wright came to his house that Sunday afternoon.

"B.J. came over and asked me to go to Mr. Soles's house with him," Blackburn said. "But he kept on insisting that I drive him down there because he didn't have a driver license."

Blackburn and Wright were both legal clients of Soles, and Blackburn said they've been to his house hundreds of times over the years.

"They go down there, and he gives them money," Blackburn said when asked why he and others often go to the senator's home. "And he does things with certain people and gives them money."

When asked about what went on, Blackburn would not comment.

On that August afternoon, Blackburn said they were having a hard time getting Soles to come out of his house.

"We knocked on his bedroom window and walked around and went all the way around to the front," Blackburn said. "B.J. got very upset because Mr. Soles wouldn't talk to him or wouldn't come outside. Probably because he was being bothered on Sunday. I don't know. So he says, 'I know how to get him out of the house.' B.J. backs up in his truck, backs into his flower bed, and starts tearing up his grass. I told B.J., I said, 'B.J., Mr. Soles is going to be very upset. We know he's in the house right now, and we know he's called the law because he didn't come outside, so we need to go ahead and let's leave.'

"B.J. started spinning around again. I said, 'Man, I'm telling you, we're both going to jail.'

"(B.J. Said,) "Don't you worry about it. I'm the "Baby Boy." Mr. Soles ain't gonna call the law on "Baby Boy." I can promise you that.'"

When the doughnuts in the yard didn't do the trick, Blackburn says Wright got out of the car, went up to the front door, and did a karate kick, breaking the door open. Blackburn says that's when Soles came out of the house, he had a gun, and he fired it.

"R.C. comes running around the house with a gun in his hand," Blackburn said. "I just turned around, I said, 'Mr. Soles,' and as soon as I said, 'Mr. Soles,' he turned around and pointed the gun at me. I said, 'Oh, whoa, please don't shoot me. I'm leaving.' And I turned around, started to walk away, and then I heard the gunshot."

Blackburn showed us a picture of the bullet wound. It went in the back of his right thigh, just missing a major artery. He says he lost a lot of blood on the way to the hospital in Loris, SC, drifting in and out of consciousness, and says his doctors told him if he had lost much more blood, he could have died.

On the way to the hospital, Blackburn says Wright concocted another story, hoping to keep the senator out of trouble.

"B.J. told me on the way there.He was telling (my girlfriend) Jessica what to say," Blackburn said. "I could hear it, but it's like I really couldn't talk back. Something about, 'I'm at the state line, and just say a black man shot him, and I don't know why.'"

Blackburn said he went along with Wright's story because he thought it was in his best interest.

"You're messing with a very powerful man," he said. "I mean, he got a thousand-dollar fine for shooting someone in the back of the leg. That's a little bit of pull or something. I don't know. He ain't exactly someone you'd want mad at you. I wouldn't want him mad at me, and I think he's pretty upset with me."

Blackburn said that over the years, Soles has paid him more than $100,000 to keep quiet about things he knows. He said it's the senator's m.o. to throw around a lot of money.

"I've seen $20,000, $30,000 walk out the door with one person," Blackburn said. "He don't give that to anybody."

Blackburn said Allen Strickland and Wright get a lot of money because Soles likes them.

A SBI spokeswoman says Soles is currently under investigation relating to claims of sexual impropriety. We asked Blackburn if he'd ever been molested by the senator.

"I haven't had any kind of sexual dealings with Mr. Soles," he said. "You can put that on the air. I wasn't one of those boys."

Blackburn wouldn't say if he's received any money from Soles since the shooting.

So what's next? Blackburn said he's left Tabor City, and is laying low out of fear for his own safety. His attorney Scott Dorman said Wright experienced a great deal of pain and suffering from his gunshot wound, and they're looking for compensation from Soles.

"We are considering pursuing a civil action on Mr. Soles on kyle's behalf, but we've made no decisions at this time," Dorman said.

Soles's attorney sent us the following comment this afternoon:

"Mr. Blackburn said he did not believe Sen. Soles wanted to shoot him, and he later swore under oath that he did not want Sen. Soles prosecuted. Mr. Blackburn is now coming full circle back to his initial shameful behavior and dishonesty, making ludicrous allegations about Sen. Soles that blatantly contradict what he told the SBI. He and his personal injury lawyer apparently believe that making these absurd statements to the media will somehow pressure senator soles into paying them enormous amounts of money. Sadly, some media outlets are shamelessly assisting them in that shameful tactic. It will not work. It is time for everyone with any dignity and self-respect to move on."

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Bad Legal Advice

Soles says he shot the boy because he tried to kick his door in. If that were true, why weren't Blackburn and Wright charged with a crime? Why didn't Soles call the police during the attempted break in? Why did Soles let them in his gated driveway? The police and prosecutor's know more about this case than they've released. Soles and his attorneys want to act like Soles is innocent, but why would he plead guilty to something he didn't do? Seems like bad legal advice.



Can you read? Kyle Blackburn

Can you read? Kyle Blackburn just admitted in the interview that BJ kicked the door in...

Okay, Blackburn didn't kick

Okay, Blackburn didn't kick the door in. So why wasn't "the BABY BOY" charged with destruction of property?

If you spin up my yard, kick

If you spin up my yard, kick in my door, etc. I am going to shoot the hell out of you also. That is not boastful but truthful.
I work for what I have and you will not come and destroy or steal it.
I bet you that no one else has been to RC's house trying to get him out anymore or destroy his property.
Why call the law? They are too tied down by liberals and their little laws. I have the right to protect what I have. If you don't like that, then you can kiss my.....

You sir....

Shut up about your "liberal" bull puck. If you can't have an argument without bringing political affiliation into the game, just be quiet. And screw this guy. He's a democrat, one of those so called "lib'ruls". You can't read, clearly, otherwise your brain would've exploded from the hypocrisy.

Now, as to the subject of this article; yeah, if someone violates my home, I'm probably gonna at least try to do something about it (I'm from Texas; we're ideologically trained from birth to shoot home invaders). But it's different when it's someone I know, and it's especially different if it's someone I know that I have lots of shady dealings with. If you can't look past authority and try to dig into an issue, then... well... I just don't have any hope for you at all.

How many bullets does it

How many bullets does it take to 'shoot the hell out of you'? 12? 16? 32?

With my abilities, 1. Most

With my abilities, 1.
Most others vary from 5-15.
Let me shoot you one time and you will not be back. If I can pick one off of a mountain in the Middle East over 600 yds., then I can get you at close range.

By his own admission

they were knocking on his bedroom window.

They chewed up his yard and made doughnuts in the lawn with a truck.

Over a 7 year period, he received $100,000 from the Senator.

Now the check book must be closed or at least not pouring forth the mana from Uncle RC.

In steps the attorney. "...Wright experienced a great deal of pain and suffering from his gunshot wound, and they're looking for compensation from Soles..."

What a sham. I wonder what contingency % Mr. Dorman has agreed to?

Unfortunate the school system is generating so many attorneys.

"R.C. and His Boys" All

"R.C. and His Boys"

All right, all you Wilmington screenwriters, here's the title of your next project.

It's a low-class, tawdry, tabloid story from hell, and so cinematic--can't you just see Blackburn doing doughnuts in Soles' flower bed projected way up there on the silver screen!

Sex! Violence! Politics! Hush-Money! (hush-a-bye-baby) It's got it all! And Tater City is visually ideal for filming (and flimflamming).

Y'all get to work! You hear?

If you were from Tabor City,

If you were from Tabor City, you would know that kid has already signed a book deal. I'm preordering mine from Amazon.