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ONLY ON 3: Officer lauded for DWI citations comes to work under the influence

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Officer lauded for DWI citations comes to work under the influence

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Picked as Officer of the Year then demoted after showing up to work, allegedly reeking of alcohol. He's a former marine and a former sergeant with the UNCW Police Department, but Charles Lindsey was recently demoted to officer, after showing up for work under the influence of alcohol.

Last week Lindsey attended an awards banquet for Justice in Motion, where he was honored for having the most DWI arrests in 2009 for the UNCW Police Department. In April, Lindsey was also chosen by UNCW Police as Officer of the Year. So you may find it ironic that just a few days after receiving that distinction, he was demoted for coming to work under the influence of alcohol.

"I'm sure you can understand it would be inappropriate for me to discuss any specific personnel matter or any specific circumstances," UNCW Police Chief David Donaldson said. "I do, though, have very high expectations of my staff and will hold my staff accountable, and that accountability may be visible in the matter of personnel action or if circumstances warrant a criminal action."

Sources tell WWAY that Lindsey had been out for a big night on the town and still had alcohol in his system when he came to work the next day. We know a supervisor smelled alcohol on his breath, and had him take an alco-sensor test. Several hours after coming to work, Lindsey blew a .05 blood alcohol level followed by a .07. That's under the legal limit, but still against policy for an officer on duty.

It does not appear that Lindsey was out on patrol that morning, and he was not caught breaking any laws, so no criminal charges were filed. But because of the demotion, his salary took a $10,000 hit.

"We have very high standards for our community, and in turn we have very high standards for our staff," Chief Donaldson said. "Our community has very high expectations of us, and in turn we work very hard to provide a professional police force for them."

Lindsey did not respond to our request for an interview. We did speak to Barb Lynch of Justice in Motion, the anti-drunk driving group that recently honored Lindsey for all of his DWI arrests. She tells us his award will stand, because it's based on arrests made before his recent demotion.

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Regardless of what some of

Regardless of what some of you uninformed people may think, Officer Lindsey is NOT a hypocrite. I DO know him personally and he has laid down his life time and again, both as a marine and as an officer of the law for YOUR SAFETY. He is paying the price for his mistake, as is his family! Am I to believe that you people who so quickly bash him have never made a mistake? Or does it just make you feel good to sit on your pedastal and bash an honest hero who made the mistake of having a night out and coming in to work the next day to lay down his life, yet again, to save yours?

Whoever leaked this story to the news should be proud of themselves. Officer Lindsey did not deserve this negative press, because he is a wonderful person.

Get a life, people, and chill out on those who are protecting you. They're not perfect and you can't expect them to be. Officer Lindsey is as close to perfect as anyone I know, and even he makes mistakes.

i just want you to know that

i just want you to know that uncw police officers are wonderful men. he did the wrong thing and was punished....just because he made a mistake does not mean the rest are bad! i love our uncw police department.


While I think your comment of support is great, you might want to pay attention. UNCW employs police and WOMEN and I find your sexism pretty sad in this day and age!